Sunday, 29 October 2017

Tooting Time

First up is Sporty Sue's wonderful Trip Around The World Quilt. A giant of project that Sue has thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish... choosing fabrics, most of which are Beautiful Batiks, all of the piecing and she even thoroughly enjoyed stitching all those quilting trips... round and round and round again

You can see how many times she went round better from the back...
It's so big I couldn't fit it into my picture without shop stuff getting in the shot.
It's an absolutely fabulous finish Sue, toot toot toot-etty-toot

Woop woop-etty-toot-toot for Carol's fabulous finish... A Place For Everything is the pattern and it most certainly has a place for all of Carol's stitching supplies with loads of zipped pockets inside. This is what Carol was making during our recent retreat so there's a good 4-5 long days of sewing needed to make, what could possible be, the cutest little suitcase in the world!!
Luna Twirly never wastes a scrap of fabric... One beautifully quilted and monogrammed place mat made with fabrics left over from making an Advent Calendar and a little Mug Rug (no room for a biscuit though) made from those leftovers! Very thrifty indeed. Toot toot toot Luna

Luna Twirly made another cushion... it's the one we call the Beginner cushion only because it's a small project do-able in one day that teaches good basic skills... we love making these cushions! There's a little Mug Rug to co-ordinate of course...
Only the one Mug Rug... just in case you thought there were two!
This is the back of Luna's cushion, complete with a hidden zip
Toot toot toot Luna Twirly, you have been busy!

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