Monday, 22 January 2018

Stitching News

Gail started a great new project. Her other quilt, the huge one, will be going to Amanda for a Long Arm treatment... Gail couldn't face it! These blocks will be made into a rather fabulous cushion.

New Sue is making another kiddy quilt. It's a Jelly Roll pattern from a book but Sue's using two and a half inch strips from her very own stash so it will be very lovely.

Fran Cupcake was having fun making this elephant wall hanging... carefully choosing the right colours of threads for the applique and embellishing with fancy stitches

Princess Jackie is making lots of blocks for the borders of her Hidden Wells quilt top... She usually plays with applique so all this piecing is keeping her quiet and concentrated.

Jean Bean's blocks were all done so, lick-etty-split, there was a quilt top. Borders have been selected too... but, I saw Beano move on to choosing other fabrics for another quilt... so we will have to see whether this one gets put to one side.

New Sue was lucky... some ladies had to cancel coming to play with one lurgy and another so Sue had enough space to make a fabulous festive sandwich. This particular quilt caused quite a stir of wows too.

Luna Twerly finished her quilting so got the binding all sorted out. It's a great size for a bed or to use as a sofa throw... it still takes a long time to hand stitch the binding though... always feels like there are 6 sides!! 

New Sue has decided not to add borders to this lovely quilt so the wadding was cut to size and the backing chosen. It's next on her list for sandwiching... It's another quilt from one of the precut books, I think Sue used a Layer Cake.
It's been a bit of a hectic time in these here parts as it was the first full week back in the classroom. There were lots of mathemisms, lots of projects started, lots of fabric choosing and lots of stories to be told about the recent Festive break for sewing prevention season... busy busy busy... and I had an extra day away from the shop for my very own Birthday... I never did it before... taking a day off to spend a luxurious day all to my very own self... shared with Lilly of course... lunch, shopping and the theatre... what a treat!!

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