Thursday, 1 February 2018

Stitching News

We had a wonderful Sunday Sewing Patchwork Party this last weekend. It's such a lot of fun to sew and natter and plot and plan in a large group... and have your lunch prepared for you! I swooshed around the lovely Checkley Village Hall for you, taking a few pictures of what some of the ladies were working on...

Jean Bean was appliqueing letters for her gifting quilt backing

Lynda finished her piano keys and yes we did note how perfectly co-ordinated she dressed!

PM Pam finished one of a set she's making, the new 3-Piece will need new throws

Mrs. Merlot spent her day quilting the fairies

PM Pams blocks for the other sofa throws in the set

Sporty Sue worked on her Split Hour Glass blocks

I started work on a commissioned T-Shirt quilt... dreadful fabrics!!

New Sue made more giant pinwheel blocks

Loulou was making pinwheel blocks too, but smaller

There's always someone working on festive projects, Longport Lynda!

Fran Cupcake loves to make little embellished pouches

Farmer Lynda, two at one time...

Kate's Lynda wrapped a cord ready to make a pot.

Annbacan worked on a family request, a festive table topper

Maggie brought several projects and did a bit on all.

Jenny Barlaston made premature baby quilts and little notebook covers

Queen Jacquie had a lovely day quilting her daisies

All Day Di blanket stitched and quilted her snowman snowflake

Christine continued with her Pineapple blocks

Sue worked on a few things, like this embroidery

Our Carol made a Muppet!
No, I jest... it's a ballerina from the shopping channel.

So that's just a little insite of our projects. Evidently some projects were missed by my perfect purple camera, hey ho....
The next Sunday Sewing Patchwork Party at Checkley Village Hall will be on 22nd April. 9:30am - 4:30pm but we have a long retreat to look forward to before then...
Can we have too much fun?
I will let you know if it ever becomes too much fun!!!

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