Thursday, 19 April 2018

Stitching News

Norma is doing her very best to get to grips with the pleasures (?) of Foundation Paper Piecing... It always seems like an impossible task... until the penny drops.

Normas applique project will have those little Foundation Paper Pieced triangles as an inner border, won't it look splendid!!! Come on Norma, you can do it!!!

Lady Judith is back... she has had a terrible lurgy, Bubonic pneumonia ?? oh, I don't remember but it was nearly as bad as Man Flu!!! ha ha ha. She's back stitching now though and is itching to start something new... but other projects need to be finished first.

Our Carol is super chuffed with her latest project... Made with a Free Spirit Layer cake and some of my beautiful Batik fabric.. The pattern is a Layer cake recipe from one of the Lintott books

Annbacan finished the last bits of applique on her trees and then stitched the pointy bits to the ends of this table runner. All ready for sandwiching now at the Sewing Sunday event.

Monday Sheila had already made two tops and then made two quilt sandwiches before she started working on this bag... this woman must have jet fuel for breakfast... we can't keep up!

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