Wednesday 4 April 2018

Two Cushions..

Fran Cupcake made a rather splendid cushion for her rocking chair... using my beautiful, new Tapestry fabric, there are 4 designs in stock and this is my personal favourite!... and Fran piped!!! Oh this lady is very talented! Toot toot toot Fran Cupcake your cushion is finished and absolutely fabulous.

A tiny bit of sewing has been done in Quilty Quarters over the long weekend... I am ready for our upcoming cushion bombing now!! Made using my Dresden ruler with fabrics that customers have thrown away!!! Yup... I save all the bits you throw out ladies!!!
So that sees the end of the disruption for Easter break, hopefully we can get down to business again, stitchy business of course.... until all the Bank Holidays in May... I wish we could move one of them to October!
I've had a very busy and emotional time in the Birth, Death and Marriage department and it's about time for things to settle down a little bit.
Perfect Purple Camera.... get yourself charged up and ready!!!

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