Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Stitching News

Rose has almost finished quilting this lovely nautical quilt.
We were having a little look to see whether any areas needed a few more stitches... it's good to anchor all areas with a similar amount you see... just a few faux seagulls (tick shapes) in the sky will do the trick.

Also almost finished by Rose...The Tortoise(s) and The Hare(s) gifting Quilt... Baby's name and birth details will be added to the clock in the middle What a lovely idea!

Pam is ready for a Toot toot toot fanfare for her fabulous and finished baby gifting quilt. British countryside and earthy colours was the brief and I think Pam's got it spot on...  Pam is on a roll finished all quilty orders rather licketty -split.

Even the back... we love to play with fabrics on our backings.
toot toot toot Pam.

This is a project made with jeans. It amazes me how they can shrink in between wears! Made from plate circles, I thoroughly enjoyed making it many years ago and I decided you might like it too. So I have scheduled a workshop for Saturday 16th June.

You just need some jeans... old is good, a small, round plate. A marking tool (pen) and a metre or more in total of lovely fabric cut into squares... great for scraps... though for my project I used luxurious silk!

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