Sunday, 20 May 2018

Stitching News

Enid marked up her quilting lines before making a small sandwich and cracking on with stitching. This Cross-Hatch design is simple to do and looks great, it also sorted out the ever so slightly poofy centre, which happens sometimes with applique.

New Sue decided to Stitch In The Ditch... she's very good at it too... most of us do a little Ditch Hopping you see. All the quilting was finished by the end of the day.

Jean Bean is having another baby... not her personally of course! The little person will be needing a very special quilt and by george, this is very special quilt... I suspect Beano will not be making the whole thing as in the pattern, there won't be time... Two weeks for one fox so far! ha ha ha

Wooops, Rose asked for help choosing her binding so we decided to teach her the Faux Piped Binding method... Rose likes to do something a little different and wasn't phased at all. The strips were prepared and the hand tacking will be done at home.

Princess Jackie is going to be quilting this Batik beauty by stitching around the detail.... she will have muscles like those of Popeye when she's finished but it will be stunning.

PM Pam just has ends to tie off and the borders to quilt before this Bright and beautiful Rainbow quilt can be gifted. There are so many babies arriving this year, maybe a hundred by the end of the year... which is great news for a little quilt shop!!!

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