Thursday, 21 June 2018

Stitching News

Josie finished her hand quilting. She's done Big Stitch Quilting with the wonderful Presencia #8 Perle cotton thread... I might have mentioned before... It's my favourite!

We're not technically ready for a toot toot toot fanfare, the binding isn't quite finished... almost there though, but I wanted you to see how fabulous the back of Josie's quilt is. All the Hexagon leftovers were used.

This is a toot toot tooter.... or rather hoot hoot hooter!!! ha ha ha
A fabulous and finished, Woven wool fabric owl cushion... take a look at the lovely Hand done Blanket Stitch on Rose's cushion... What a lovely way to finish eh?

Our Carol was pondering whether to have this beauty Long Arm quilted. But now, finally, Carol has decided to do it all by her very own self... good for her!! A sandwich has been made so... now she just has to get on with it... or is she going to wait for my fabulous new and huge Juki demo machine to play on?

Farmer Lynda finished her bias strips so she moved on to cutting out all the birds with their quirky little poses. They got stuck on too, ready for a little Blanket Stitch attention.

Monday Sheila used another of my Angie's Six Packs. 42 x 6" squares all accurately cut for you. Like a Charm Pack but not a Charm Pack! We hadn't thought to put them in an On-Point setting before... Loving this!

Busy days folks... I'm not remembering (which is like forgetting) to take pictures! Sorry-ish
I love it when we are busy!

Little reminder now...
It's a Sunday Sewing Patchwork Party on 1st July so if you are coming you will need to have paid by Saturday as I confirm the numbers for the caterer on Monday. We are up to 26 Stitchers so far!

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