Saturday, 9 June 2018

Stitching News

Sporty Sue left her sewing machine at home... She spent her Friday Quilt Club time hand piecing Hexagons for a gifting project

Kate has another 47 or so 10" Orange Peel blocks to applique... we are all watching with great interest as this project comes together. It's all for a giant gifting project.

We have a few quilters making this Twisted Heart cushion now... isn't it great how we inspire each other with what goes on in classes... Whether it's a design or a fabulous collection of fabrics or the wonderful colour combinations. This particular Twister Heart is Princess Jackie's. 

Woven wool, I think... A few ladies purchased small kits to play with this luxurious fabric. There were many birds to choose from and the most popular was the Owl. This owl is Rose's. He's about to be pooooophed... with wadding.

Queen Jacquie is ever so chuffed with her blanket stitching now... She's been collecting top tips and practicing with them to see which ones work for her... I am smugly happy to say that my 'top tip' about grazing your knees worked very well!

PM Pam finished all the block components with her beautiful Batik fabrics and has now started to stitch them together in to large blocks. These colours are all scrumptious aren't they.

Sadly (for you, not me) the perfect purple camera had no other pictures.
It's been another busy ol' week in my little classroom... Lots of folks needing help and guidance with their stitching and cutting and planning and plotting so I quite forget about taking photos. You will just have to pop in more often to see what's going on... if you live close enough of course.... I am aware of how many of you are just too far away.
Thank you for reading my blog by the way... I'm not sure blogs are all that popular now what with all the other means of sharing our stitching pictures. Personally, I love a quilty project blog.

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