Friday, 6 July 2018

Stitching News

Judy's fabulous and finished Festive Bunting Cushion. Toot toot toot
It's ever so slightly different from mine, you know we encourage PMS (Pleasing My Self) This cushion can be made for any occasion by changing the words... It's not rocket science! 

At the very same time Judy has been working on this Gypsy Wife quilt.
Controlling the colour scheme is always an option, and one Judy has really enjoyed 

Monday Sheila made another Zipped Messenger Bag

Monday Sheila made another Zipped Messenger Bag. I'm like a parrot ... like a parrot... Yes, it's true... On Monday, Monday Sheila made both of the zipped Messenger Bags and a third just needed the handles. Good job we are not paying her Piece time rates.

More later... I'm off to my shop now.....

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