Friday, 14 December 2018

Catching Up?

I'm meeting myself coming backwards!!! 
What on earth does that mean? Isn't language fun... but it's how I feel
This happened...
Yesterday I received delivery... after delivery... and even more deliveries... 
Just when my shop was looking organised and tidy ready for a long break during the upcoming Sewing Prevention Season.
25+ bolts of Batik Beauties... ordered back in August/September and forgotten about ha ha.
Many more bolts of excellent, great value, traditional Christmassy design fabrics, measuring 140cm width...
Extra wide festive fabric is very handy and I will be making my very own festive
tablecloth with one of them... soon, possibly this year!

Several fabulous Art Gallery fabric bolts, including 100% cotton, jersey stretchy! 
More Elizabeth Hartman patterns arrived... The new one with the bees called Beehive came too.
Lots of King Tut threads, completing my recent part order so I am fully stocked with all the lovely colours. I decided to fully stock up when I got a note saying the prices were rising, thrifty me couldn't help it as they are actually my favourite quilting threads.
And to top off all the delivery madness... my new shop daylight lights arrived, ready for Sewing Prevention Season's, shop improvements... My landlady has an electrician booked. I am quite excited about the new lights. They should save me a bit of money in the long run (I'll be able to order more fabric!) We can never have too much light can we? 
Who would have thought that fabric could suck light up? It does when the shop owner keeps adding more, taller shelves and filling them up with fabrics!
Today I'll have to play fabric solitaire trying to find space for new fabrics. It gets a little bit messy in the middle of the process... if you pop in today, you will see it... it's always a fun game...

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