Monday, 31 December 2018

Toot Toot Tooting

 This fabulous and finished quilt was made by New Sue and is another from the Elizabeth Hartman selection of patterns. Most people look at the patterns and presume they are Foundation Paper Pieced but they are not. It's all done with traditional piecing. Toot toot toot Sue

This foxy Reading Pillow, another Elizabeth Hartman pattern, was made by New Sue and is also for gifting... She does a lot of gifting doesn't she?

Sue added the pocket on the back of the standard cushion, which is very handy for book storage... and that's why we call them Reading Pillows! and of course made even more fabulous with a concealed zip, toot toot toot Sue

Rose completed both of her lovely quilted gifting cushions in good time for sewing prevention season. She's really enjoyed making them, quilting and all....

This is the second lovely cushion of the pair, it could be the After The Party Feather!!!
One is smooth and sleek and the other is slightly wild and windswept... not Rose's plan at all... I am interpret-ating (I know, I made it up!) the art!!
Toot-toot-etty-toot Rose.

Did you read this blog post? I wrote it on the 13th of November... I am very chuffed to report that the quilt was most definitely hand quilted, at breakneck speed (or rather sore finger speed, Linda showed me the "poor finger" evidence!) and was finished a week before it was needed (Just before Christmas but nothing to do with Christmas) It was a special gift made for a Diamond Wedding Anniversary. Toot Toot Toot-etty-Toot Linda, and a toot on top!

This toot toot toot fanfare belongs to Stephanie Iceland.... Inspired by a wall hanging on display in my very own shop... I had the brilliant idea (yes, I say so myself) of making the wall hanging into a personalised present sack!!! It is a brilliant idea.... Let's all make Santa Sacks now!!! ha ha ha

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