Saturday, 19 January 2019

Stitching News

Princess Jackie is piecing a Dwight Deer using the most touch-a-bubble and stroke-a-bubble Moda Flannels.

Christabelle started cutting the components of her next, and quite tricky, project. Carefully planned and colour placement all worked out, as always

Gail is quilting the borders on her Princess quilt and already planning her next project from the same book, Happy Quilts. 

New Sue is working on lots of 4-Patch blocks for a commissioned quilt. This will go together quickly, knowing Sue.

Rose started a new project too. This is another beautiful pattern from Elizabeth Hartman, Swan Island. It's one of my very own favourites. Rose has already decided to please her very own self with this project... more as it happens...

PM Pam acquired these pre-cut squares from a family member. They were all the age 20 or so years ago, Laura Ashley? They are all being carefully made into gifting to charity quilts. 

Another Dwight Deer, except he might be a Dougal or a Douglas, as Beano says, we don't really do Dwight in the UK do we? Jean Bean used a thicker, woven deer fabric and it's proving to be a little tricky.

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