Friday, 18 January 2019

Toot Toot Toot

Every single stitch done by hand... Debbi started making hexagons, just that... making hexagons with no real plan, a good idea, but no plan. Some people can do that! There's a lot of 'deep and meaningful' thought gone into the centre of the design, I forget what it was. Those rays of colour  for the sort of border were foundation pieced onto calico, also by hand. All the quilting is Big Stitch style... of course by hand

Now then, my new daylight lights in my shop are mostly wonderful... but they have ruined my picture of the back of Debbi's quilt! You can see all the fancy hand stitching, which is a relief but the lights have stolen the deep colours. darn! Toot toot toot Debbi, it's a truly fabulous and finished gifting quilt. Your Daughter is going to treasure it, I am sure.

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