Thursday, 9 January 2020

Checking In...

Wow.... what a start...
Happy New Year....
My shop opened up on Monday, just as I said it would.
Customers have missed it being open, which is wonderful.
They are so relieved to be back, especially those who come to class to enjoy time for their very own selves, happily busying away on their stitchy projects.

The delivery man already arrived with huge and heavy boxes of fabrics, bright and inspiring contents they are too!! More is on it's way!

Sunday Funday Sewday, at Checkley Village Hall, bookings for 26th January 9:30 - 4:30pm are open so you need to get your very own self organised if you want to join us for that.
I'll post the menu as soon as chef sends it to me.

British Stitch Village.... Uttoxeter Quilt Show to us, is advertising that it's time for your quilt show entries to be sorted. I do hope you will enter something this year.
My shop will be organising the Quilt Angels again for 2020 and we will be having a demonstration table with inspiration for using up your scraps, left over and 'ugly' fabrics.

Boom... we're off... looks like 2020 has given you all new batteries!!!
Pictures will be taken, soon!

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