Thursday, 16 January 2020

Stitching News

Just Edna doesn't shy away from a little bit of tricky piecing... she actually embraces the challenge. There are many ways to piece a Hunters Star block and we have covered a few in workshops in the past. Edna is making hers with the assistance of a Die Cutting machine. Each block, when completed, was exactly the right size! But there's a lot of fabric that could be wasted, I say 'could' because 'we' never waste!!

Norma is still enjoying making her blocks. A sampler quilt is a great way to learn lots about cutting accurately, or not. Pressing gently, or not. Piecing accurately, or not. Using pins, or not... and sewing straight lines, or not, bless her!

Jean Bean would like you all to know that she's getting ahead for Sewing Prevention Season 2020. She stitched the binding on her new Festive Table Runner and started the hand stitching, so it will be finished in good time. Have you seen the film, Pinocchio?

Annbacan is working her way through her Annie Downs pattern. Every little detail is so cute. Sometimes Ann makes up a unit then decides it's not quite right so starts it again... There may well be a second quilt made with the orphan units, at very least they will be stitched in the backing.

I took delivery of these Peter Rabbit fabrics last week... definitely not the norm for my very own shop but I have a couple of customers that pestered just enough for me to give in! ha... They are budget base cotton but extremely cute.

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