Wednesday 15 April 2020

Have You Checked Your Bottom!

Unless you're one of those avid gardening types (my neighbours are but I am not... and they are making my garden look really neglected!) you have probably found time for a good amount of machine stitching... hoooorah! but...
Have you thought to care for your machine? I think you will be surprised by how mucky it is... Cleaning your bobbin area, and lifting out out the bobbin casing to clean underneath it, should be a very frequent job. I would say for every other bobbin re-fill. Keep the top working parts as clean as you can. 
All of the customers who come to my classes and workshops know how to do this, I even do it for a lot of them, I think it's a lovely maintenance job and the machines usually sound so much better after a good clean up.
You're probably aware than the majority of my classroom customers own Juki sewing machines. Recently we decided that it was time for many of them to be sent back to Franklins for a full service, this is a great thing to do, a little costly but your machine will come home with a full 12 months further guarantee, brilliant.
Alas we were all stopped from sending our machines for the service, due to the current situation. 
That's not news is it!!!
Now, back to before we were locked up...
Farmer Lynda keeps her Juki lovely and clean. Usually giving a good doing the day before she comes for class so that she doesn't get accused of being a mucky pup, ha ha ha. With the bobbin case out, she accidentally dropped her cotton-bud and it fell through the workings and couldn't be reached. She was worried then, so she came to my shop for help. I tried but couldn't reach it either, I couldn't even see it.

See these two screws?... I very tentatively unscrewed them, I don't like to mess too much with the machine workings... but all was good. I found Lynda's cotton bud right there on the bottom and she was very relieved... But... oh my goodness did we find a lot of fluff, threads and lint... it was really terrible, and that's with Lynda regularly cleaning her bobbin area!
After that I encouraged all the ladies to look at their bottoms... All ladies, without exception, were really surprised to see such a fluff-itty-ness. Whilst on our retreat we all helped each other clean our bottoms. and best of all... The Jukis love it.

Don't scroll down if you are tickle stomached!!!

Click on the picture for a closer inspection of this!!!
This is not Lynda's Juki, this one belongs to another customer. I'm not going to say who's this is, that would not be fair... She does a lot of beautiful quilting though. She messaged me to say her Juki sounded a bit noisy, so I walked her through what to do... Tip the machine over carefully... where the two screws are etc WOW!!! what a dirty machine... poor Juki!!!

Much better in this picture but still quite a bit of fluff to get out. If you use a cotton bud, carefully and don't drop it of course, and twist it like a miniature candy-floss stick, it will pull out more linty-stuff. Be careful not to mop up any grease, that needs to be there, just get rid of the fluff. Christabelle says her Juki is sewing a lot smoother now! ha ha ha
So remember, clean your sewing machines !!!
Feel free to send me pictures of your Juki bottoms, before and after! ha ha ha

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