Monday, 20 July 2020

Good Morning!

Good Morning to you all.
Obviously it might not be the morning when you get round to reading this, but it's a sunny morning for me right now. This is a long over due blogpost but I have been busying with other things for a very long time.
Since the lockdown happened, some customers have continued to sew and have sent pictorial evidence to me via Whatsapp, I love Whatsapp, it's helped us all keep in touch.
Here are a few of the pictures to give you a little inspiration.

Nuttie has done loads of sewing and in between other projects, like dressmaking, she has continued working on her Crumbs and Mile-A-Minute blocks. All individually quilted and joined together apartment-ly

Jean Hill made a baby quilt.
I suspect it is finished now, it looks like there was just binding to be added.
Baby already arrived safe and well too.

Pam has really enjoyed making more gifting quilts for the hospital.
She's made many now and has quite a big pile.
Pam does love to make smaller projects.

Louise Merlot sent this picture.
The quilt top has been made with two of my Batik Six Packs
 48 carefully cut 6" squares, all ready to be stitched.

This is another of Pam's hospital quilt tops.
The design is one Pam has used many times, like a favourite!

Princess Jackie!! Wowser... She sent picture this to show that she had to make a quilt sandwich on her floor... Not too tricksy, until you try to get back up!!! Absolutely beautiful work, as always with Jackie.

Rose has started a new project and this is one of the blocks.
Isn't it clever how the placement of the fabrics makes it look woven... 

I have a tricky diary day today and all the available appointment slots are taken, but tomorrow... that's Tuesday 21st July, I will be in my shop from 10am until 2pm if you need anything to keep you sewing. Please call ahead if you plan to pop over for shopping, 07807530441... I'll have preparing to do, I need to keep you safe in my shop.

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