Monday, 13 July 2020

It's All Over!

Just a quick update, 
What a palava it is, moving home!!
You THINK you have everything in hand for a smooooooth transition! 
Oh yes!!!! Really??? Pfffft!
It's done now. I've moved home. 
I still have lots of stuff to find a place for / or to decide whether I really need to keep it.

At least I am back online. Computer wires have been located! 
Phone charger found too... Who put it in a bread crock with the kettle?
Quilty Quarters is looking rather bumble-sale-esque, ha ha ha.

I'm still taking bookings for shop visiting appointments.
Short notice is fine... If I am in the shop and no-one else is choosing or shopping, you can call me to book a quick 'pop in' appointment.

See you soon. x

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