Wednesday 19 August 2020

Temptation Trolley or Rooting Rack

In between giving excellent customer service and keeping things as safe as I possibly can with my one person at a time virtual queuing system, I've been sorting. You know what that means don't you...
I can't find things!
The shelves are looking might tidy though it has to be said. Lots of the cardboard bolts had only a short piece of fabric on them so they have been added to the temptation trolley, except were so many that my little trolley was quite overwhelmed. I purchased an old fashioned rack, you know, for drying and airing clothes, it was just perfect, so I now have A Rooting Rack, I know, very cool and I should have remembered to take a picture for you eh!

I'm trialling bubbles in my shop. That means that IF you are from the same household or you have been bubbling with a friend or family member and you both wish to shop, two people can come in at the very same time. Please only do this if you are both shopping though... that doesn't sound good but the fewer people that do actually enter my shop, the safer we will all be.

There are a few items out on the tables with reduced prices, like quilt hangers. Just to clear a few little spaces.

It's time to be working on your Festive projects  (that's like Christmas stuff, but I was trying not to use the C word!!) I have had a good sort out in Christmas Corner. There are lots of festive panels for you to choose from, including Advent Calendars, large stocking panels and the ever popular, mini advent bunting stockings. 
Now it sounds like a shop advert so I'll stop... I will let you see for your very own self when you pop in.

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