Friday 8 January 2021

2 Baby Gifting Quilts

Both baby gifting quilts are finished. Both made with pre-printed panels with both alphabet and numbers, they will be smart kids!!! Fully machine washable and machine dryable, as most cotton is, they can now, hopefully be used to death!! There's nothing quite like seeing a worn out, from good use, quilt a few years down the line is there.

One requested not to be too bright...

Beige bubbles fabric for the back.
For me that covers the 'neutral tone' requirement, ha!

This one turned out a bit longer so I could use up the picture squares.

Improvised piecing, but baby will notice neither my skill nor my cunning!

Balloon fabric squares? Well now, this was on the back of the Bunting I pulled apart to make the first quilt. So, both quilts are related, as are the dads and the little lads.
I'm quite please with how they turned out.
Toot toot toot to me for my fabulous and finished, cunningly thrifty, Gifting Quilts.
Let the wearing out begin!

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