Thursday 28 January 2021

A Christmas Quilt Story

A few weeks ago, I wasted spent a bit of time watching stuff on YouTube, as you do... It's like 'jumping down a rabbit hole' really. I came across this video and decided to make a practice block or 5 as the tutorial suggests. 
I dug out a few ancient festive uglies from my 'get this used up' fabric box and made 5 wonky trees. The fabrics were way to busy really but that was fine, they were just to have a go. 
The method wasted larger bits of fabric than I like (even though I don't like the fabric, I cannot waste it... there's no hope for me!!" I decided to make 6 more Wonky Tree blocks, with smaller rectangles to start with, I was much happier with those.  
So, now I had 11 wonky tree blocks.

 Remember I told you I can't waste fabric!! 
While I was digging about in my festive stash, I came across a few Orphan blocks that were also made to test out a block design or method, and also a plastic box of festive fabric scraps, mostly left over from the Festive Bauble quilt I made last, last year (2019) Eeeek, I was now going to make an Ugly Orphan Christmas Lap Quilt, how did that happen?

Scraps got sorted into sizes... and block book came out. 
I had to choose blocks with small bits...
All the units cut ready, traditional piecing, I love it!!
That centre unit is from a strip I cut wrong in my shop, you will see quite a few of them.

there you go, and it measured exactly the right size, 8 and a half inches, boom! 

Another... really busy fabrics and another little picture...

Too dark really but we will run with it, I don't do waste!!

I have to cover the sizes on either size as I keep getting muxed ip!

Triangles galore

And again, a perfect size... sometimes I do amaze my very own self!! With so many tiny units it's easy for the block to turn out a tad smaller than it should.

A log Cabin. A few Flying Geese units. Those pinwheels were already made from left over Half Square Triangles and there are lots of them...

I taped my Clover Design Sheet to my Quilty Quarters' wall (the baton is still waiting to be drilled up) and I started to play with what blocks and units I had at this point. I obviously need loads more...

days later... not the final lay out but getting there...

Lots of the units and blocks are sewn together here. It's tricky maths but the beauty of a scrappy project is you can add a little strip of fabric here and there to reach the right size for joining...

Top complete! I love it now.
Back was made using more stash fabric

Pinned ready for quilting...

Arty Farty shot of quilt sandwich.

Another arty farty Quilt Sandwich picture.

 You can see I was living very dangerously with that wadding/batting... I had joined two pieces together, remember the exercise was to use up stuff... it was really too small but I will deal with any issues later, if they crop up. Lots of pins will help.
The angle making legs look very thin!! I love that too, ha ha ha

Tiny strips added to get this cute picture up to the right size

Very simple Walking Foot quilting, done Lick-etty-Split. 
Quilt  crusts all trimmed up ready for the binding.

This is the quilting design. Very randomly done... 
Done is better than perfect!!!

The binding machine stitched on.
 I am now in the process of hand stitching it.
I'll post a finished picture soon.

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