Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Festive Baubles, Gifted!

I Loved making this project!!! 
I read through all the instructions. Made quite a lot of changes to almost every bit!!! 
That's because I needed to save fabric. I had 3.20m of my chosen background and the pattern requires about 4.25 yards. Lots of the construction is done by pinning a square to each corner, sew through a diagonal line then chop the remaining triangle shapes off. I mathemised, A LOT, and planned and in the end I saved a whole metre of fabric.
I cut and 'kitted up' ready for our full week September retreat, at the quite wonderful, Alison House Hotel in Cromford. Each Bauble was filed into in a little paper folder with all the fabrics precisely cut and ready to sew... I was amazed at my very own self!! It made the blocks so much easier to work on during our fun retreat week. 
I returned home with all of the Baubles finished and most of the connector blocks done (they were more tricky than I had anticipated) so I continued sewing for quite a few long evenings and a few Sunday afternoons. Several weeks later... I sandwiched!

This picture, of sandwich time, shows the fabrics and colours up quite well. Lots of snatched evening minutes were needed against the ticking clock for the quilting. I wanted to gift the quilt on the 1st of December, Lilly always 'Festivates' her home on the 1st. Not much point receiving a Christmas Quilt on the 25th when you pack it all up a few days later ready for the back to work thing. Anyway, I succeeded!
I have now gifted the quilt... To my Lilly and her little family. She absolutely loves it.... I had forgotten to take a finished picture so she did it for me.

The colours are much more vibrant in real life, the lighting isn't doing a great job... It's quite a large quilt actually, making it very tricky to photograph.

You know how I love to have a co-ordinating back. It was soooo hard to use that amazing, large print, it's been a favourite of mine for a very long time... but use it I did. I think it's a perfect compliment to those Festive Baubles.
I knew from the start that it was going to be risky using a lot of White On White fabric for my background... There's a tiny toddler in the house for goodness sake!
Needless to say, at this point, it has been on the family sofa for 4 weeks so far... there are lots spillages on it already, little rough bits where breakfast Weetabix 'happened' and buttery toast pieces have landed and dried...
But you know what? 
It is being used and loved... 

Let the wearing out commence!! ha ha ha

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