Friday 30 September 2011

Annie Pie's Bargello Quilt

Annie Pie proudly held up her Bargello quilt for us and we all said exactly the same thing ... "Wow!"
Annie hadn't intended for it to be a wall hanging, she doesn't usually plan what things are going to be, what size they will finish at... she makes it up as she goes along...  PMS (Pleasing My Self)
Most Bargello quilts are visually stunning... (not sure we can say that but, to me, that's exactly how Bargello quilts are) Annie's is definitely stunning! She's decided to add a hanging sleeve and to try it out on a wall... bet she leaves it there!
I often have my Bargello Garden quilt on the wall because I want to see it all the time...  there's a hanging pole on the wall directly opposite our bathroom door you see, I change the quilt often... this may be too much information for you, hey ho... if I don't shut my loo door... I get to enjoy my wall hangings for a few minutes every day... don't worry... I only do it when no-ones home! ha ha ha

Thursday 29 September 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Wendy started her day with the making of sandwiches, two of them... after coffee and chatter that is, there's always a lot of chatter first thing in the morning (later in the morning, during lunch and all afternoon... ha ha ha). Ladies get out their projects to show each other what they've been up to since last time they met, only a week ago... it's a great way to start any day and, no matter what mood we arrive with, after this bit of the day, we're all buzzing and raring to get going....

Wendy eventually fitted her walking foot and started quilting this quilt... which was a pile of unfinished, problematic blocks only last week. She had solved the problem of the inaccurate templates by not adding the final borders to the blocks therefore not needing the 'blooming' templates at all... that'll do it! As you can see, Wendy added applique flowers to the  sashing which looks lovely.
Shirley Lerly always brings her blocks wrapped in foil... all her blocks stay very flat and in the correct order... what a great idea! We pack sandwiches in foil to protect them and keep them fresh... why not patchwork blocks... Shirley's blocks look very fresh and she doesn't get 'cocking up' corners either, quite brilliant. The pretty coloured blocks at the top of the Hour Glass blocks belong to another project... more on that as it happens.
Chris finished stabilizing her baby girl quilt at home so was able to connect her BSR (Bernina Stitch Regulator) first thing to get cracking on the free motion quilting. She practised for a little while on tiny sandwiches, it's always a good idea to practice a little bit, it helps you to find your 'flow'... if you know what I mean. Chris does use gloves whilst free motion-ing, she was just adjusting things when I took my picture. The baby should be arriving next week so, once again Chris is quilting against the clock.

Lizi came to play, it's been a while since she was able to but she's remembered everything... all the little fudging tricks, pressing with her fingers to prevent warping etc.. she's making very accurate Log Cabin blocks and, I have to say... in absolutely gorgeous colours! Lizi is using  Judy Martin's Log Cabin book for this project and it will be stunning.
There were lots of other things going on too, as usual.

All the ladies are getting quite excited about our upcoming Invisible Machine Appliqué workshop with Dawn Cameron Dick. They're gathering the bits and bobs on the needs list, which is quite simple and mostly what we use all the time any way. YLI Invisible Nylon thread is a must for this workshop, available at all meetings, of course.
More new fabrics have arrived for the Table Top Shop, wadding under the table, along with more threads, new rulers in different sizes, new mats, new pins, new needles... everything you could possibly need!

Monday 26 September 2011

Quilty Quarters, Gone Weeding...

Last week I told you about my trimming these Bonus Half Square Triangles.... I changed my mind about what to do with them, more than once!! ha ha ha... PMS (Pleasing My Self) I played around with the trimmed blocks and, eventually, decided to join them as you see in the picture... I'm just wondering...
"Do You Know What It Is Yet??"
Mother Nature has been a bit mean... a cool rainy week followed by warm sunshine week... blooming weeds think it's time to multiply! darn it, that's my sewing time chopped in half!.. I'd better get out there, right now....

Saturday 24 September 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Lynda finished quilting diagonally through the centre of her quilt and made a start on her borders. After stabilizing them with black thread she's going to have a go at stitching uneven zig-zags... the beauty of uneven is that they can all be different heights and widths... much, much easier than trying to get them all exactly the same which would need more planning and probably need drawing and calculating... oh yes... Liberated Quilting is so much easier!!!

Sue (Late Sue) finished her Mat & Ruler bag at home and arrived with it loaded up and perfectly positioned over her shoulder... looking very stylish I must say. So, she's now making a Big Quilted Panel Bag to match... rather chic! It takes a bit of time to cut out all the pieces, to bag and quilt them, but after that it comes together very quickly.
As predicted, Chris The Foot was able to make a sandwich with her baby quilt so she spent the day quilting... she got a lot of the basic stabilizing done so now she can decide how to quilt the rest, a few hearts, a few kisses, a few wiggly lines and curly whirly bits, maybe a daisy or two... Chris's going to do pencil doodles first to see what will look good.
Shirley Lerly was undecided what to make last week. She wasn't enjoying making the complicated blocks she had been working on, I must admit I find piecing with templates rather tedious too. The few blocks Shirley did make will be incorporated in the back of her new quilt. She's really enjoying the new idea for the top... 9-Patch framed with Hour Glass blocks... I had thought the aqua stars would be very noticeable but in this picture it looks like the gorgeous pink fabrics will be taking that job... it's looking quite stunning so far.
Early Sue made the decision to buy a new sewing machine, how very exciting!!! These Juki machines are wonderful. Sue set the Juki up and plugged it in for the first time and had a quick starter lesson... you know the way it is... how to prepare the bobbin, how to thread the machine, where's the 1/4", what the knee lift does... I Love the knee lift!!!! She's very happy with her new purchase... Marvellous... that's the word Sue used! She's making small pieced blocks to frame her Railfence quilt, more on that next time.
Dotty Maureen must have been rooting at home and found this PhD (Project Half Done) Tumbling Blocks... she bought a piece of fabric big enough to appliqué the quilt top to. She had told me she needed three tables but she wasn't making a sandwich... she taped the fabric to the tables leaving me quite confused... why tape the fabric to the table if it's not going to be a sandwich? Aha!! The background fabric needed to be taut so that Dotty could pin the quilt to it, stabilizing it ready for the applique... I hope you follow that... I guess you had to be there!
Maid Marion sat like a kiddy at play school all day... She had to draw the shapes, stick fabrics to them, cut them out following the lines, place the tiny little bits onto the prepared background... in the correct order etc etc... she told us that she found it all rather enjoyable actually. She was keeping her beady eye on Helen, directly opposite.... Marion was storing all the tips ready for the next blocks of the...
... Heirloom Quilt..... This is Helen's trapunto and stuffing, cording and fancy stitch corner block... what a fantastic job she made of it.... everything was perfect and she was very pleased how it turned out... 3 more to go! Dotty reads the Heirloom Quilt book, makes a sample piece, passes on all the tips to Helen who makes one too, she then passes all the tips and info on to Maid Marion.... it's all rather perfect isn't it! very happy ladies!
That's all the pictures for this time.
We meet again next Wednesday 28th and Friday 30th September. 10am to 3pm. If you want to join us, pack up a lovely lunch, bring a favourite mug and 'come on over'!! You will be made very welcome... don't forget Annie Pie will be bringing her home made jams and marmalades for the now famous Jam Stall and Gilly will be close by with fresh free range eggs (so fresh... they might still be warm!)... Lots of very lovely new fabrics arrived for the Table Top Shop, wadding under the table!

Thursday 22 September 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

As you can see Annie Pie was quilting her Bargello. I described how I had quilted my own project and Annie decided she liked the idea... done deal! Beautiful King Tut thread was loaded up on Annie's machine and she was set up for the day... we might have to re-name... "Annie Pie Supreme Jam Maker"... I think it's bit long but it describes our Annie perfectly. Once again we had a home made jam stall... delicious. She's bringing her jars of jam to sell next Wednesday too, if you would like some...
Wendy continued to work on her very complex blocks. I have to say that Wendy held her tongue very well at the Quilt Cave... there were many moments when she could, quite easily, have turned the air blue, but she didn't! She will not be beaten by a £1 book!!! ha ha ha. Some of the templates are not the right size, some of the fabrics are not playing nicely... but Wendy will do it... come on Wendy... remember how much you love the pattern!!! I remembered another fudging tip that might help you...

Dotty Maureen has been Twiddling and Fiddling on My Jennie Rayment block again... Look what lovely Twiddling she did to the borders... such a simple idea and so very effective.
Dotty is doing little bits of work for everyone it seems. She's making a bag for Joan The Shop. Helping Helen with her Heirloom blocks, Twiddling for me, knitting gloves for someone else... advising everyone with colour and patchwork... busy, busy, busy... just the way she likes it.

Irene has the two borders added to her centre cat pictures and will soon be ready to trim them to look 'Wonky'... it's very easy, you just put your ruler on the block at an angle that you like and trim away. When the blocks are stitched together they will look even more wonky, fun and very eye catching.

Helen rushed in to our Quilt Cave really early... she wanted to make sure she could sit next to Dotty Maureen because she needed help with her Heirloom project. The next block is made with a triangle shaped background... It's quite funny actually... you only have to mention 'triangles' to Helen and she comes over all funny... Triangle Phobia... it's as ridiculous and my Bag Phobia!! ha ha ha. This block has Trapunto and stuffed piping... all new to Helen and Dotty's done it before!

My Mum Gwynneth made more of the North Wind blocks. The design looks good eh... Now... "To make more blocks or, not to make more blocks"... this is the question! I'm liking these kind of questions, they sound easy but there are dilemmas! Large quilts look fabulous but they make for a lot of pushing and pulling on your shoulders whilst quilting them... Mum's pondering the idea of doing "Apartment Quilting" (It's Mum's Birthday today, Happy Birthday Mother Duck!!) 

After a few of us played with block placements, for quite a while... thinking we were helping!!... Chris The Foot was able to sew the blocks together, after marking them all with numbers and rows of course... after all that time spent jiggling the blocks she didn't want to mix things up and have us all "help" again... he he he. This quilt will not have borders added.. we auditioned a few and decided it looked better without... PMS (Please My Self), just the ticket. Missing this step means Chris will be making a sandwich on Friday!

Jolly Jo finished her Split 9-Patch blocks. She decided they didn't look as she had anticipated... so she changed her plan... more PMS, fantastic!!!
Now the quilt is going to be Jo's very own design that she made up all by her very own self... which makes it all the more special doesn't it? She could call herself a Quilt Designer and we would believe her... it's not finished yet, she's doing a little more inventing to make the quilt longer... we'll see what happens next week... exciting eh?

We meet again on Friday 23rd September, 10am - 3pm. Once again it looks like being a busy day, especially in the sandwiching department!
Remember... If you need to make a quilt sandwich on our Quilt Cave tables, you can... refreshments included. All we ask is that you pay £5 towards the room rent, small price to pay when you consider the other 'floor' option, ha ha ha

Maggie's Quilt

Maggie has been working on this quilt for over two years.
Each sampler block was made while Maggie was attending patchwork classes, I forget where they were, I think she said Newcastle College but I'm not sure, it doesn't matter, anyway... She's thrilled to see the end in sight... after a little instruction, she carefully trimmed the excess backing and wadding then made the binding. Maggie  has done a LOT of dress making over the years and she's quite surprised, happily surprised I might add, at how many new things she's actually learned of late...
Maggie spend a good deal of time piecing the backing for her quilt, and it shows doesn't it... Love it!
It's a shame you can't see more detail... I've been informed that you can no longer click on my pictures to see them in more detail, sorry about that ... I can assure you it was Blogger making the changes not me, myself... Maggie still has loads of ends to tie off and thread through, she says it's a good job to do while she watches 'The Box'.

Wednesday 21 September 2011

Uttoxeter Quilt Class

Marisabel made a sandwich first thing in the morning, even before coffee! We needed to get it done before the other ladies arrived with their machines and projects as we don't have the luxury of space and tables like Caverswall Village Hall. She spent the day quilting her gorgeous Bargello wall hanging by following the 'whoooshes' up and the 'whoooshes' down... not a need for much more than that really... Simple and Stunning... ooooh that's a good name for it!

Jenni's first twin baby quilt...  a rubbish picture but you can see enough... Jenni added the borders after adding only one more row of Railfence blocks. This quilt has a thin inner border in the yellow fabric that Jenni will use for twin baby quilt number 2... and that quilt will have an inner border of this minty green... so both twins will have a quilt that is the same ... but different!

Messy Maureen finished the 4 blocks she's been working on, stitched them together and added a white border. In no time at all, she had cut the backing and made a sandwich all by her very own self. She made good progress with her quilting too, changing thread colours as she stitched because this table topper needs to be crisp... Red, White and Blue.

Lizzy has completed 21 Churndash blocks so far. Each one is very accurate. Lizzy takes great care with her Prrrrressing and pinning you see, and it pays off! I think Lizzy needs 20 or so more of these blocks before she can decide on the sashing... "to sash or not to sash"... this is the question! he he he... I think there will be sashing as Lizzy wants to quilt this large project in 4 quarters before joining them, like Giggly Gillian did with this one.
Lovely Lyn finished her Log Cabin quilt, I must ask her to bring it in so we can see it then I'll take a picture for you. Lyn wanted to make a small quilt next... "a table runner, including red"... This might be the most popular table runner ever. Once we figured out the colour scheme and fabrics, cut out all the pieces, it only took about an hour to stitch together. If you take a look back on this blog at this time last year, you'll see lots of different colour combinations of this same runner, some ladies made more than 10 each!! fast and easy...

We meet again on October 11th at The Bank House Hotel in Uttoxeter. 10am to 3pm and the class is fully booked, sorry... actually, not sorry at all... very Happy!!!!

Tuesday 20 September 2011

Quilty Quarters

I've started trimming these bonus HST's (Half Square Triangles) they were made whilst making Lilly's "Pink But Not Too Pinky Pink" quilt. I'm thinking they will make Saw Tooth Star blocks, each block will need 8 HST's so I've used a binding clip on each little pile of 8... this will make the final count much faster... clever idea eh!

Monday 19 September 2011

Joan The Shop

 Our Joan The Shop is still in hospital... She's improved a lot and has been moved to Cheadle Hospital for rehabilitation. That means she's now only 5 minutes from my house. She's still got the horrendous ulcers on her legs, she's in tremendous pain but apart from that she's very much better than she was... I'm pleased to report that Joan has finished the hexagons for the bag she was working on, I brought them home yesterday to quilt them for her, by machine... I'll deliver them back to Joan later today.
Not much else has been achieved in My Quilty Quarters over the weekend... it's very clean though and all evidence of "Rooting" has been cleared up and put away... leaving an enormous temptation to start a new project... can I resist???

Friday 16 September 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

I told you we expected to be busy!! We had a great day, as usual...
Brenda Barbara was working on her Jennie Rayment Twiddle and Tweak project. I can't begin to describe how happy she is with her work... she loves the colours she chose, she loves the fabrics she chose, she's loves the design... she's loving everything about it... she's going to make the first pieced border blocks next... and she loves them too!!!
My Mum (Gwynneth) has started something new. This block, in our 500 blocks book, is called North Wind. I'd seen a photo somewhere on T'Internet of a finished quilt made with this block using only two colours, quite spectacular it was... I mentioned it to Mum, we found the pattern... on Wednesday she got her fabric, at home on Thursday she made lots of HST's (Half Square Triangles) and today she cracked on with loads of blocks... you do remember that she's not a quilter don't you!!!!

Ann came to play, she wanted to make a sandwich but the top needed a little more doing to it. After a good long think... we decided that it needed a little border between the main part and the binding, so a little work ended up being a bit more work... never mind, she had fun and enjoyed the day... Ann ran out of time to make the sandwich, so she's going to come again.
You can come along just to make your sandwich if you like, you don't HAVE to stay all day... and you can still have a cup of tea!
Barbie had finished quilting her brown and cream Pineapple Blossom quilt at home so, we trimmed it, made the binding and stitched it on. The hand stitching will be done at home so it was instantly packed away so that Barbie could start her next quilt... another Pineapple Blossom!! This time in creams with red triangles... stunning!! Here she's trying to figure out something technical on her machine, something to do with tension... also, Barbie has misplaced her 1/4" foot so we were trying to move the needle a bit to the right, she sorted out, eventually.

And that's all the photos I took, very sorry to say it but...
Hey Ho... we had much fun being busy and productive, talking and laughing, learning and cursing (oh yes, we do get a little cursing from time to time, he he he) prrrresing, stitching and "un-stitching" etc etc. No-one remembered the camera... these few photos were taken right at the end of our day in a little panic as I remembered the blog, when half of the ladies had already packed up and were ferrying their stuff to their vehicles.
I've said it before and I will say it again... if you don't want to miss anything, you'll just have to come along for your very own self and see it live!!! ha ha ha

We meet again next week, Wednesday 21st and Friday 23rd, 10am - 3pm... I expect it will be fun and busy once again! The ladies don't book they just shout "See You Next Week" as they leave our lovely Quilt Cave, smiling contently!

Thursday 15 September 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Another fun and productive stitchy day at Caverswall Village Hall, affectionately known as Caverswall Quilt Cave. My Mum (Gwynneth) is back from her travels so we were treated, once again, to a fabulous display of some of her quilts, seen here as the background scenery for Chatty Cathy's Railfence Table Runner. Cathy added the inner borders using all of her new skills and fudging tips. The main border was will be added at home. It's a long and slender quilt, made to measure!
Art Beryl had us all speechless once again. What a stunning quilt this is! Beryl was inspired by Annie Pie's borders on her Square Dance quilt. This design is made in the same way we make the Bargello quilts, one of the few methods that Beryl enjoys working with, she usually prefers more Liberated piecing... which is what she went back to as soon as this sandwich was made... he he he
Chris The Good Foot is making a baby girl quilt. It's sort of randomly pieced... to the un-knowing eye that is... it actually takes a lot of brain cells to get the fabrics in the right places, to not have the same fabrics touching and still to show the piecing design... Chris has good healthy brain cells, evidently!
Sue (Early Sue) stitched all of her blocks together quite accurately... just the way she intends to continue! You want to be accurate with 'pointy points', 'matching corners and junctions'... I can share all my fudging tricks with you, I have a lot!!! You want to piece in a more Liberated fashion? Good for you... so long as you enjoy what you're doing, I'm happy! Sue will have three borders on this small quilt.
Fudging tricks have been very helpful to Jolly Jo... 'prrrrrressing in place of ironing', coping strips to make borders fit, pinning from the outside in, measuring borders through the centre of your quilt... and more!
Jo is very happy to be finishing this quilt now, she had almost given up on it.. oh but it's gorgeous!
Wendy is taxing her brain cells again. This design is another from an extremely cheap patchwork book that she bought a while ago... we now know why it was cheap! The instructions are not too clear... Wendy has figured this design now though, very clever lady!! The blocks look almost woven, don't you think? Great colours and fabrics too.
Dotty continued to make her New York Beauty arcs. This could be a long term project for her as she's been working on it for at least 4 weeks, ha ha ha, she usually finished quilts in less time... she's seriously addicted to stitching!!... In the centre of each of the arcs there will be white fabric, I think she said the outer edges will be dark blue, maybe they will be the blue fabric she placed the blocks on to for this picture?

We meet again on Friday, tomorrow, 10am - 3pm and, from all the bookings, it looks like it will be a busy, fun day once again.
New fabrics arrived for Table Top Shop, they are gorgeous!! No extra space was needed as we emptied a few bolts recently, perfect timing then eh!

Wednesday 14 September 2011

Uttoxeter Quilt Class

Our room and the Bank House Hotel in Uttoxeter was full to bursting... it's only a small room with 6 tables so with 7 ladies ... we burst! Actually, the seventh lady stayed only to investigate what we get up to.. of course now she wants to play, we'll fit her in somehow but she'll start off at Caverswall Quilt Cave, plenty of room there.
OK, this picture is showing the progress made by Giggly Gillian. She's made 92 HST's (Half Square Triangles) each measuring, I think, 7" and she wanted to  sew some of them together to see how things are looking... looking pretty good, don't you think? This will be a double bed quilt so another 92 HST's should be about right.
Lizzy has been doing a lot of stitching at home and continued producing blocks in class... These Churndash blocks are lovely. Lizzy was worried that there might not be enough contrast in her fabric choices but, they turned out wonderful. Delicate, we don't always have to choose bright colours or dramatic contrast, what we do have to do though... is practice Pleasing My Self (PMS)... Lizzy is going to quilt this large quilt in four quarters and join it with sashing later.
This picture is a very funny angle for you... Lovely Lyn finished he quilting last week and so needed to trim off all the excess batting/wadding and fabric... using the patchwork design to straighten up by. Some people don't trim until the binding is stitched on but this way we can do a little fudging to get the quilt good and square... and hopefully flat. Lyn chose the centre triangle fabric for the binding... perfect!
Marisabel added the final 2 borders to her Bargello wall hanging. This quilt design never fails to look stunning. It seems that no matter which fabrics we choose, and the ladies have tried many different colour schemes, the design gives a WOW... I really mean a "WOW"... that's exactly what everyone says once they see the finished quilts... Marisabel had a good 6" wide strip of her strip set tube left over so we added into the backing... looks wonderful!
Messy Maureen, if you remember, is making a Red, White and Blue table runner to be raffled off in the Diamond Jubilee year, so the blocks will be set on point in the quilt... to represent the diamonds you see, lovely idea eh! There will be three of these blocks in the centre and the rest hasn't been invented yet.. we're making it up as we go along, he he he. Poor Maureen kept forgetting to press the first triangle open before adding the second... won't work that way! Never mind, she's extremely patient and quite a nifty un-picker!
Jenny started work on quilts for twin baby boys that have just arrived in her family, she'll enjoy working on smaller projects for a while, then go back to the large red and cream one that's almost finished.
We're going to meet next week, 20th September and the class is booked up... room full, once again.

Monday 12 September 2011

Quilty Quarters

Not much time spent in my Quilty Quarters this weekend. In the few hours I did go in there, production was at a maximum. I set up the Juki Beast, titivated and oiled it, I hope you are cleaning and oiling your machines regularly too? I do mine most weekends... I had just enough time to quilt this little lap quilt. It's got loopy swirls and all sizes of hearts... mainly because I couldn't get them all the same size, repeat and call it the pattern!!!
I rooted and rooted and found a rather lovely binding fabric... I've been up hours so the chores are almost done, I'm waiting for the various machines to finish their cycles... guess where I will spend the rest of the day? This quilt will be finished very soon, binding by machine is soooo fast!

Saturday 10 September 2011

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Toot, Toot, Toot ... nothing wrong in blowing your own trumpet, Krafty Karen finished her animal quilt top, fantastic. This is only Karen's second quilt and it's a big one measuring 60" x 84". It's her very own PMS design (Please My Self). The centre blocks are varying sizes of framed squares, each block finished at 10". For the backing Karen chose a paw print fabric from Table Top Shop which was quite perfect, though these animals would have left much larger paw/foot prints  ha ha ha. It was 2:20pm by the time the sandwich was started, which is a bit late for a big quilt so the 'All hands on deck' call was put out and the 400 plus pins were all in place by 3pm... finished in only 30 minutes, brilliant!
Dotty Maureen has been working on these New York Beauty arcs for several weeks, she always managed to get them packed up before I could snap a picture for you... don't they look fabulous. Most of them have been done with foundation piecing but a good few have been done with templates. See the top of the picture? Maureen was the lucky recipient of My Jennie Rayment project, the one I don't want to finish... can you believe that  it's exactly a year since we had Jennie do our workshop, doesn't time fly!

Jenny (Jenny Barlaston not Jennie Rayment) came to play again. She was working in a very organized way as you can see here... which is a good idea when the order of the strips is so important to your pattern We all keep popping over to see how things are coming along on her project... because lots of us have this Clarice Cliff inspired fabric you see, we're looking for inspiration!

Another Toot, Toot, Toot moment... Brenda finished her free motion quilting on the 10 Minute Block quilt. As soon as she did though, she went off shopping at "Table Top Shop, wadding under the other tables" she was on a mission... she's also decided that it's time to finish her Jennie Rayment flower... Inspired by Kate's quilt, Brenda will turn her flower block into a lap throw, and for this she needed a little more fabric.

More Toot, Toot, Toot... this time for Gilly. This is the centre of her quilt top, Garden Twist. It's time to add borders. There will be a 1" green fabric first, to frame the centre perfectly, then Gilly might add a wide border of the floral curtain fabric... on the other hand, she might add a thin strip of floral first followed by another, very thin green strip and then add a wide floral... lots of choices really... So Gilly will add the first green strips to begin with then we will play the auditioning game again. We call all the ladies over to ask their opinions, they fly round the room (The opinions, not the ladies!), then Gilly can take all the comments on board and either throw them out or... go with them... works great!

Barbie quilted the borders of her Pineapple Blossom. Each of those Half Square Triangles (HST's) has been stitched to make it phooophy up a bit. This is one great looking quilt!
Barbie brought Maddie and Sylvia along to play too. Sylvia was doing her cross stitch and Maddie was making a giant Sun Bonnet Sue appliqué pattern...
she got black ink all over herself, like you do at play-school!!!... now that was a noisy table, the one where Dotty and Brenda were sitting too! ha ha ha. Lovely Lyn finished quilting her Log Cabin quilt and Marisabel  was adding the borders to her Bargello wall hanging, no pictures this time. They'll be at Uttoxeter on Tuesday next week though.
We had two lovely new ladies join us, can you believe that they are both named Sue, we called them 'Early Sue' and 'Late Sue' just for the day but were going to have to do better than that for future meetings, he he he.
We had a few visitors too, just popping in to see what the ladies are up to. It's reading about the beautiful and inspiring projects on this blog that brings the ladies in... that and The Table Top Shop of course.
They said they would be back to play... the Quilt Cave meetings are so much fun. Seeing that you can work on UFO's (unfinished objects) which I prefer to call PhD's (Projects Half Done) rather than starting something new was very appealing!
We meet again next week on Wednesday 14th and Friday 16th September 10am - 3pm.. 5 hours of fun!!!