Wednesday 31 May 2023

Quilty Quarters

I've already packed what I want to work on next week. I've never been so organised!
The problem with that is, planning the 'What If I run out of sewing?' sewing.

Remember this picture? 
I've used up lots of those fabrics now. 
Made 10 background blocks
Not the brightest fabrics but they are perfect for the backgrounds of flower blocks...
Tracing off all the flower shapes took a long time.
They are all a good size so I cut out the centres of each sticky stuff shape, to keep the quilt softer. The pencil shows the size of one leaf.

Oooh look how lovely 
Ooooooh look how lovely

Oh my, looooook how lovely!

And another lovely, lovely block. 
This is proving to be a great stash reducing quilt. So far it's slowly using up a big box of bits. BUT, but, but, there's huge temptation to cut into lovely fabrics, which will be defeating the whole point, ha! 

Wednesday 24 May 2023

Stitching News

A quiet shop week so far, this sunshine keeps everyone outside and in their gardens.
It's the same scenario every year but it's a good chance to tidy up a few loose ends. A FEW? Who am I kidding, ha!

Our Norma's Beautiful Batik blocks are almost all finished. On Sunday at Checkley this weekend, she will be using the tables to lay the blocks out for the choosing of the sashing colours. The blocks are 18 inches each so this quilt has grown pretty quickly.

Judy's taking a short break from her 'Judy's Christmas' projects. She was itching to get started on a new bed scarf/bed runner quilt, they are both the same thing really. Star blocks that will make a fabulous secondary design, we love a secondary design. You'll see it soon.
Just Jan popped in to show off her Log Cabin gifting quilt. She's very pleased with it, obviously she is, and it was made lick-etty-split to boot. Less than two weeks I think.  It's ready for a toot toot toot fanfare as it is, fabulous and finished and,

A few left over blocks have been made into a fabulous cushion complete with piping. 
What a wonderful gift for a birthday! all co-ordinated too. more tooting!

Oh My Goodness, how extremely cute is Gail's sandwich? There's such a lot of cute detail on this quilt, The characters' expressions say it all, even the bees!! There's a few hours of quilting to be done next.

Oh dear, she who should not be starting any new projects until she has quilted her big Pickled Fish quilt, has been very naughty, she pleased her very own self and... sorted out the background fabrics needed for the next one!! 

Sunday 21 May 2023

Stitching News

 As you can probably tell, I've been messing about with my blog and I still don't know how to change things, ha! That picture of my Churndash quilt is too huge, hey ho.

We had such a lovely week in my classroom. It just happifies the soul to have a bit of dry, gloriously sunny weather doesn't it.

Our Carol doesn't get much time to sew for her very own self as she is busy sewing professionally. This half Square Triangle project is coming along though, 10 minute sewing sessions can achieve great things. It's easy to pick up and start without wondering what you were doing last time. he he

and a whole Sewing Saturday session got more blocks are stitched. 
The fabrics are all from Tilda.

Deb played with the layout for ages. Just changing the location of a few blocks can change everything. She had decided to make a few more pink-y coloured houses but after we switched blocks about again, it was clear they weren't really needed. Big decision made and the rows were soon stitched together.

This fabric makes for a lovely backing.

This large block was an unfinished shop sample for ages. Hanging there looking fabulous. I decided to bring it home to get it quilted. Only I forgot to attach the walking foot feed arm on the UX8 so it's all puckery. too late now, I will use it to point out why we do need to use a walking foot! I'll say I did it on purpose, ha! Don't tell will you.

Next Sunday is a Funday Sewday at Checkley. 9.30am - 3.30pm. 
Not too many coming this time, with it being a big bank holiday weekend, so we will have extra tables to spread out on, and spread out we will! You know what quilters are like.
Obviously there's still time to book if you want to come and join us.
£20 booked and paid in advance (by Wednesday 24th please) and £25.00 to pay on the day.

I'm continuing with working on the retreat plans too. We just might get one sorted for November this year, watch this space.

Tuesday 16 May 2023

Very Important Shop News

My lovely shop opened in February 2012 .
My business plan was:-
* Make quilts. 
* Help others make their quilts.
* Encourage this addiction! 
* Pay the bills.
I've had to learn a lot and I think I've done it, and I will continue to do it.

Now, it's time to make a few small changes, in the interest of my "work / life balance". 
At the moment it's not at all balanced. 

My shop will be closed from Monday 5th June for the whole week. 
I am going on holiday!

After that I will be re-opening my shop on Tuesday 13th of June.
Going forward my shop will be closed on Mondays. Every Monday.

From June 13th shop hours will be:-
Tuesday 9.30am - 4pm
Thursday 9.30am - 5pm
Friday 9.30am - 4pm
Saturday 9.30am - 4pm

As I always like to offer great customer service, out of hours shopping appointment are available. If you are in the area on a 'closed' day, just contact me and I'll do my best to accommodate your needs.

07807530441 for calling and WhatsApp.

Tuesday 9 May 2023

Stitching News

My shop will be open today, as normal and this coming Thursday 11th May, 9:30am to 4pm.

I am happy to try to accommodate out of hours shopping appointments too.

Hope you all enjoyed the holiday weekend, I certainly needed it.

Just before the bank holiday Shirley came to make a Sausage Dog In Jumpers sandwich.

Josie just needed to add the embroidered smiles to her bees before making her stacked farm animal sandwich. 
Animal sandwiches? 
I wonder what the Google search will make of that?

Thursday 4 May 2023

Stitching News

Please note:- 
My shop will be closed on Saturday 6th and on Monday 8th
Also Closed on Friday 12th May and Saturday 13th

Pam found her missing Gypsy Wife quilt.  She didn't know it was lost to be fair! Pam had moved house and packed the quilt away back in 2016. One of those memory things popped up on my Facebook feed so I asked Pam about the quilt. She was happily pleased to find it only needed binding too.

Bev has decided that her Penguins are reproducing in between her quilting sessions. Just when she thinks she has the last one stitched, she finds another! I'm sure we all know that scenario!

Shirley works in a very organised and methodical way. A very organised table is not the norm in my classroom, most of us spread over every available surface, even if it's your space! This Autumnal quilt will perfectly partner with Shirley's recently finished, 10-Minute Block quilt.

And speaking of the 10-Minute Block quilt (see what I did there!!) Janis spent a luxurious afternoon hand stitching the binding on to the beautiful back of her very own 10 Minute Block quilt.

Judy's Christmas. 
Not Kirsty's Christmas, this is much better, according to Judy!
What a lovely quilt this is turning in to!