Saturday 31 August 2013

Stitching News With Tooting

Friday Quilt Club was full and had a fabulous party atmosphere... the Tuesday's 'usual suspects' had joined us for the day so as not to miss out on their weekly fix.
Lovely Lyn, armed with her new Juki, started a new projet... and here it is. One of our new patterns from the Kids Quilts company with a lovely, bright selection of fabrics. Lyn's using the 'sticky stuff and stitching' method for her appliqué. We shall see the progress next Tuesday.

New Sue needs us to give her a finishing fanfare so... Toot Toot Toot... This fabulous quilt will be gifted as a golden wedding anniversary token for a couple who sail a lot... a very cool quilt to keep on the sofa of your boat... I hope it's a boat and not a little dingy! ha ha ha... I didn't ask.
I hope you can see the Faux Piped Binding? Sometimes it is the perfect finish for a quilt making it work all the fiddling.
Stephanie Iceland popped in to show us what she made with the left overs from her last, and rather spectacular finished quilt... do you remember the butterfly quilt? Toot Toot Toot Stephanie Iceland... to think it's all made from left overs too.

Friday 30 August 2013

Stitching News

Peggy finished adding her inner border with a few tricky moments...
  There's always a way!!
We decided that the corner stones looked great so they were prepared too.
Peggy's next class could involve sandwich time!
Barbara BB finished the front part of her festive cushion.
There are so many ways to make a cushion,
Barbara was quite undecided which one to choose.
It will be gifted during 'Sewing prevention season' ...
which is just around the corder as September's almost here
Jackie Janome is getting used to her new little sewing machine now...
 she even talks to it!
During class she trimmed the crusts off her table runner,
made binding and stitched it on.
Jo made me smile... there were tables to spread out on but she's so used to stitching in a tiny space that I found her snuggled up against the wall,
quite happily walking foot quilting her table runner.
She was telling us all about the new things she's picking up by watching YouTube...
What ever did we do without it? Thank goodness for You Tube.  
Morning Judith popped in to show us her latest finished project.
It's another pattern that she purchased at the Festival Of Quiltls
and measures about 6" x 4"... Post card size...
Judith won't be sending it to anyone but her very own self.

Thursday 29 August 2013

Jenny's Chicken

I knew we would be seeing more of Sheila's Chicken before too long. It's just too cute.
So, here we have one made by Jenny Barlaston. Jenny made this as a last minute gift for a very lucky friend...
It's the knots in the knees that do it for me... and the fun fabric of course... I wonder where that was from? he he he

Wednesday 28 August 2013

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting

So... with all the stuff to order and the deliveries to sort out, I went down to my very own quilt shop this afternoon to sort everything out ready for opening the doors tomorrow, Thursday. My Mum Gwynneth knew I was there so she persuaded my Dad (retired electrician) to come on over to sort out one or two electrical things before my up-coming PAT testing day. While he was busy rewiring two extension leads, My Mum Gwynneth shopped for fabric... 
It was hard making the right decision... but My Dad waited. He dead headed the beautiful flowers in the pots by the entrance... then he waited. He stood in the sun for a while... then he waited. He opened up his car to let the heat out ready for their departure... then he came back in and he waited a bit more.
I think it looks like he had enough of waiting eh... My Mum Gwynneth eventually found the right fabric, wait till you see what she has been working on... Do you think you can wait?

A Day Off??

Just because there are no classes and the shop's closed doesn't mean things stop. Orders have to be made. Deliveries still arrive... I have a great thing going on with the delivery drivers... if the shop is closed they bring stuff to my house... how very convenient!
Some of my newest delivered Art Gallery fabrics, love them!
I have built up a great selection now...
 Love them, love them, love them...
Once again  fully stocked with all King Tut and Rainbow threads with all the necessary Schmetz sewing machine needles. Huge rolls of wadding are expected, even the Hobbs Heirloom fusible wadding that seems to be very popular for bag making. New books, new stuff everywhere!
The second lot of Snowman Collector patterns are nearly ready, the first already have been reserved.... busy busy busy.
What Day Off?

Tuesday 27 August 2013

Lilly's Here...

I've had a visitor for a few days... 

Lilly came to work on my shop's new web page... Do you think it's ready?
Instead, she designed font, in various sizes (fat, thin, curly and chunky) then needed to test it out.
That girl of mine, the one with the First Class Honours Degree, had way too much fun in My Quilty Quarters...

Stitching News

Lyn Scatterpin finished making all the components for her blocks and is now in the process of putting them together. This is one completed block, made up of 4 smaller blocks, can you make them out?
Michelle My Belle finished all of her framed four patch blocks so was able to start making the filler triangle blocks... as you can see, Michelle is using a Jelly Roll...
she loves the pre-cuts!... 
Thank you for helping Michelle!I heard that the shop got extremely busy during the afternoon...
Di Butterfly is quilting her 3D quilt with 'Points and Bellies' which makes a flower shape for each block.
The quilt is lap size and is made with beautiful Batik fabrics...
don't they smell great when you press them!
There's a good selection of Batik fabric available in My Very Own Quilt Shop!
PM Pam finished putting her fabulous Snowman Collector quilt top together.
This is one cute pattern and it's been a pleasure watching it come together.
Pam used brightly coloured fabrics for her appliqué which almost makes me want to make another Snowman quilt for my very own self... almost!
The pattern for the Snowman Collector Quilt, along with others from The Stitch Connection, will be available to purchase from Thursday this week. Do I need to tell you where you can purchase it? OK I will.... 
In Angie's Lovely Patchwork & Quilting  Shop
3 Queen Street 
ST10 1BQ

Monday 26 August 2013

Birte's Stitching News

Toot Toot Toot...
Birte made these Teddy Quads as a commission quilt. The pattern is from the book 'Two From One Jelly Roll Quilts' There are some lovely designs in the book. I bet it will be hard to part with such a cute quilt Birte?
This project is a Work In Progress, also from the same book. Birte says she's making this quilt "Just For Fun", but knowing Birte, someone will ask about it and it will be sold...
What a great floor Birte has for showing off quilts and making sandwiches! he he he

If you would like your very own copy of the  'Two From One Jelly Roll Quilts' book, I have plenty of them in stock... a great purchase as every pattern works! I have a brilliant selection of beautiful books in my very own quilt shop you know... If you prefer not to purchase books for your very own self, I highly recommend you buy them for your very own friends and borrow them as needed! Tut tut tut... Did I really say that?

Sunday 25 August 2013

Stitching News With Tooting

Sporty Sue finished her quilt.. Toot Toot Toot.
There's perfect piecing and fabulous free motion quilting on this Jelly Roll beauty
It's gone to be gifted to a very lucky lady, for sure she will love it!
Morning Judith finished this small and wonderful festive wall hanging.
She had picked up the pattern during her visit to the Festival Of Quilts recently.
Such a simple design and what a lovely result.
This also belongs to Morning Judith, it's a PhD (Project Half Done)
Judith purchased this pattern at the Quilt Village quilt show in Uttoxeter back in April and she's been steadily appliquéing all the blocks... it was great to see them all stitched together and bordered.
And, can you believe it? Morning Judith also made this mini quilt... the binding will be stitched down next... another pattern purchased at the NEC. The tree is made with folded fabrics so it's a 3D design, clever and, apparently, tricky to keep level.
I must look harder when I go to a quilt show... I missed all these lovely things!
Jackie Janome... who just had a 'new to her' fabulous Janome sewing machine'...  so Jackie Janome it is... is quilting her Railfence Table runner quilt by following the zig-zag patchwork design. Learning lots of useful new skills along the way...
As is her quilty chum, Jo, who started classes at the very same time. All shadow quilting completed, Jo tried her hand at Stitching In The Ditch (or  rather ditch hopping as it's come to be known in my world!) I have to say she is very good at it!

Saturday 24 August 2013

My Very Own Quilt Shop

Closed now until Thursday 29th August making a very long, and, in my very own opinion, very much deserved... Bank Holiday Break. It's only two extra bridging days really, Saturday and Tuesday but WOW what a long break it makes... no prizes for guessing what I will be doing with my free time!
I took a few pictures of some of the shelves as I closed the shop door last evening...

I am so very proud of my little Patchwork and Quilting Shop!!!

*update... seems my camera was on the wrong setting, how it changed itself I do not know!!! that's why the pictures are a bit grainy... my Lilly came to visit and has sorted it out, so you should see better quality pics soon.*

Friday 23 August 2013

Susan's Fabulous Bag

Toot toot toot for a finished project... oh yes, we love making bags too...
Susan sent this picture, it's the bag she started to make during her Monday class, the pattern for which is in the book The Bag Making Bible, on the front cover actually.
Susan chose delicious Art Gallery fabrics, a wide selection is available in my very own quilt shop, the latest shipment arrived this morning too so there are 15 more to choose from now, yeeeeha. I love the shape of this tote bag...
I think I have bag envy!

Too Many Choices

Making Scrappy Trip Around The World blocks has kept me busy this week.... 20 blocks in total so far.
I keep moving them around... can't make my mind up which setting I like best.
This setting looks good but... not good enough for me to stitch it together.
I'm going to try switching blocks around...

I'm liking this one a lot now that I see it on screen
I used my phone camera so all the colours are way off.
 If I choose this setting I will be wanting to make 4 more blocks to complete the bottom two diamonds.. don't really want to make any more blocks though... I have something else I want to start now, he he he

Thursday 22 August 2013

Stitching News or Bernina Advert?

Not quite a full blown 'toot toot toot' moment as New Sue's Blue Peter quilt still needs binding but there's not much chance that we will see this lovely quilt again before it is going to be gifted.
I hope you can click to see a closer picture of the great quilting Sue stitched... on her Bernina Aurora 440 QE ... I thought I should mention other machines are available, he he he This is a great design that could easily be made from scraps, as can most Jelly Roll patterns.
When I popped into the shop yesterday, Sue was already making blocks for another new project... Bow Ties, though I don't think, in this case, that it's a Jelly Roll pattern... such luscious fabrics with beautiful designs... not currently available in my very own shop... you are allowed to bring your own fabrics to class... Corkage charges are not too high!!! ha ha ha

PM Pam stitches on a Bernina sewing machine too. It has a most beautiful Blanket stitch available... one of my favourite stitches for the 'sticky stuff' applique method. All three of these snowmen blocks belong to Pam, she's making the Snowman Collector quilt, the pattern for which will be available after the Bank Holiday break, in my very own quilt shop. You can pre-order yours if you would like one. If you pop to this website you can see other patterns that will soon  be in stock too.

Speaking of patterns newly available in my very own patchwork and quilting shop... did you know about the Kids Quilts designs boy are they cute!!

Wednesday 21 August 2013

Stitching News Or Juki Advert?

Lovely Lyn took delivery of her very own, brand new, Juki Exceed sewing machine, top of the range! and wasted no time at all in setting it up and stitching the day away making one of the lovely Makower Advent panels...I've got loads in stock!
Would you like to try out the Juki Exceed f600? you know were to come?

... here's a video with more information... if you can stand the dreadful music!
This is Krafty Karen's Juki Exceed, it's a toddler by now, I bet it's coming up for a second birthday? and still sewing as good as new. See the great light you get with the f600... I'm guessing Lovely Lyn won't be needing her extra little portable light any more?
This is one of Krafty Karen's Jelly Roll pattern blocks. Delicate blue's and white... a beautiful combination every time. It's a traditional block, Rolling Stone I think, adapted for the two and a half inch strip.
Princess Jackie has the Juki HZL 210 another great sewing machine we have available for you to try out Jackie makes beautiful project with hers... as I am sure you will have seen over the months.
It has a great size 'hole'... the same in fact as the Exceed machines actually...
When you're making quilts a larger 'hole' is very desirable.
There's no Caverswall Quilt Cave meeting today, nor next week actually,
it must be our summer holiday break.
I am going to sew, all for my very own self, on my very own Juki...
the Beast... TL98 P... I love it!!!

Monday 19 August 2013

Stitching News

Pictures have been delivered for you, so it's time to blog... Lets polish the trumpets first, toot toot toot

Some quilts are just too big to fit into that little photo taking window on the camera...
Some ladies are too short to hold a big quilt high enough, some rooms are too small  to be able to open a large quilt out enough to take a picture...
Lady Judith had finished her Stargazy Daisiez quilt

Toot toot toot for Lady Judith's finished quilt...
Outside, taller ladies standing on a wall and still it's only just right for this huge quilt
What a beauty it is... A wedding gift for a lucky couple.
Susan finished stitching the binding on her Railfence Table Runner. She does extremely accurate cutting and stitching... a natural talent?... there's surely something going on...
Susan again, this bag finished and another one started... there's no stopping her now.. that's a silly thing to say, why would we want her to stop?
Toot toot toot for two finished projects already Susan!
There was lot's of stitchy action going on when I popped in to visit my very own quilt shop... production like a little sweat shop! Keep up the good work ladies, I'll be back before you miss me...