Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Stitching News Or Juki Advert?

Lovely Lyn took delivery of her very own, brand new, Juki Exceed sewing machine, top of the range! and wasted no time at all in setting it up and stitching the day away making one of the lovely Makower Advent panels...I've got loads in stock!
Would you like to try out the Juki Exceed f600? you know were to come?

... here's a video with more information... if you can stand the dreadful music!
This is Krafty Karen's Juki Exceed, it's a toddler by now, I bet it's coming up for a second birthday? and still sewing as good as new. See the great light you get with the f600... I'm guessing Lovely Lyn won't be needing her extra little portable light any more?
This is one of Krafty Karen's Jelly Roll pattern blocks. Delicate blue's and white... a beautiful combination every time. It's a traditional block, Rolling Stone I think, adapted for the two and a half inch strip.
Princess Jackie has the Juki HZL 210 another great sewing machine we have available for you to try out Jackie makes beautiful project with hers... as I am sure you will have seen over the months.
It has a great size 'hole'... the same in fact as the Exceed machines actually...
When you're making quilts a larger 'hole' is very desirable.
There's no Caverswall Quilt Cave meeting today, nor next week actually,
it must be our summer holiday break.
I am going to sew, all for my very own self, on my very own Juki...
the Beast... TL98 P... I love it!!!

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