Saturday 30 June 2012

Friday Quilt Club

 Barbie was very happy to announce that she had finished quilting her baby quilt. Baby's dad is a Liverpool supporter but you might have guessed that already! he he Barbie cut and stitched the binding on and swiftly moved on to start making this quilt in purples and pinks.
 Chrissy Poppins made up 4 9-Patch blocks to use as corner stones, stitched them to the border fabric and announced that it was sandwich time.  Such a lovely bright picnic quilt. We suggested Chrissie stitch a few French Knots using black thread representing the inevitable wildlife... always a few ants at a picnic eh!
 Helen is straying from the instructions in her Heirloom quilt book once again. This block called for smocking. Not wanting to do that, Helen used some taffeta fabric and pleated it to look just as fabulous, added two strands of lovely ribbon and a little fancy stitching to make a great block, this will be trimmed to 8+ 1/8 inch. Helen needs 3 more blocks like this one.
 Joan The Shop is on a roll with her Stack-n-Whack Kaleidoscope blocks. She made 12 originally, they will be incorporated into a sofa throw, except Joan wants all the sofas to have matching quilts so... she needs 20 more blocks... That delicious green will be the sashing strips with, possibly, that red for the borders.
Late Sue is making a Chunky Churndash lap quilt to give to a friend, lucy lady. Each block will finish to 6" so Sue will need about 30 blocks, or there about. She's been shopping and the backing fabric has been decided, wait 'til she see that... it's absolutely beautiful... from My Very Own Quilt Shop, of course...

Speaking of which... It's SATURDAY SWAP SHOP TODAY... so I better get a move on.....

Friday 29 June 2012

A Poem By Lovely Lyn

Thursday Quilting

Early Sue took up loads of tables first thing in the morning. We sandwiched her large Stack-n-Whack Kaleidoscope quilt... every customer that enters the shop is amazed with each of these quilts... they don't know how easy it is to Stack-n-Whack you see. Sue isn't quilting it just yet, not until she's finished this gorgeous Bento Box quilt. We pondered a few design and decided that free motion hearts with loopy-loops was perfect.
Sue quilted about a quarter of her quilt... it's so much faster than using the walking foot because there's no turning necessary.
Ann finished joining her 6 brand new, antique clown blocks together, it was a little tricky lining up the red sashing but it came right in the end. The borders were eventually added but Ann won't quilt them until she's appliqued brightly coloured balls onto them... they're going to be hand stitched so she'll do it at home ready for next week.
A quiet day in My Very Own Quilt Shop Classroom, good job as these two ladies used all the space there was! ha ha

Have you been rooting ready for Saturday Swap Shop? I haven't had a moment to root yet, tonight could be the nigh... will have to be as it's Tomorrow! I've seen a few of the fabrics that will be in the swap... I 'need' one of them! tee hee

Wednesday 27 June 2012

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Chris The Foot had threatened to make a sandwich during the day but it didn't happen. She wanted to make the Churndash corner stones and needed to get them attached to the rather fabulous border pieces... next week, for sure there will be a sandwich made, good and early so that Chris can start quilting, wooohoo
Foxy Margaret had continued making the braided patchwork that she started last week. She joined two strips together for each place mat and quilted them, 4 times... she didn't quilt them 4 times, I meant... she made 4 of them... She said she only needs 3 but it's never a bad thing to have a spare.
Maggi continued piecing her block parts from the Stack-n-Whack Kaleidoscope workshop last Saturday. She had them all sorted out so was able to chain piece, she's been a professional sewer for ever so this piecing business is second nature to her... don't you love that green fabric! It's a Bella Solid from Moda, I had loads of new colours delivered this week. They look just lovely lined up together...

Wendy also chain pieced her blocks, at one stage she had, what looked like, bunting about half a mile long... by the end of our quilty gathering she had completed 11 Kaleidoscope blocks and don't they look luxurious, there's a creamy pattern on the fabric and it looks very lacy as it whizzes round in the blocks but I don't think you can see it in the picture?
Annie Pie made larger blocks... she had a 9" pattern repeat on her fabric so she decided to make em bigger... she could have opted to divide them in half and have more, smaller blocks... like Late Sue's but she practices PMS (Pleasing My Self)... one advantage is that she has fewer blocks to stitch together so she's almost finished her lap quilt top.

I hope you've remembered to go rooting in your fabrics ready for our Saturday Swap Shop this weekend, details are in the right side bar... right at the top!

Tuesday Stitching

Krafty Karen was just about able to find enough space to make two Clarice Kaleidoscope sandwiches... another good thing about apartment quilting is that the sandwiches are soooo much smaller... therefore, they'll fit on smaller surfaces, quite obvious I know, but I thought I would point it out... Karen's having a little practice of free motion quilting then she'll start on her quilt, very exciting!
Lovely Lyn decided to work on her Roller Coaster quilt... that's what it feels like to me, a Roller Coaster... She was so excited when she started the blocks a few weeks ago only to be disappointed with the way she was piecing... she wanted it more cream-y. A few piecing 'top tips' and, next meeting and Lyn went home excited, at the top of the ride... following week she had decided to stop making it, didn't like it... took a short break while she made her black and white Stack-n-Whack quilt... Yesterday she came to class having made loads more blocks and wanting gold coloured sashing... she went home with red sashing!!! A Roller Coaster... you see it now?

Early Sue's Stack-n-Whack Kaleidoscope quilt top is finished, what a stunner it is too...... once we had all WOW-ed a plenty, we just stood quietly looking... it's such a lovely quilt, bright and crisp. See the little inner border of green fabric? I love how it looks, perfect 'salt & pepper' seasoning to the other fabrics. Sue's chosen a bright pink mottled fabric for the backing, we'll make the sandwich on Thursday at My Very Own Quilt Shop then she can start quilting it... no... wait... that's not what she said, we're going to make this sandwich and then quilt the Bento Box quilt, then finish the purple hearts... then quilt this one... what a lot of PHD's Early Sue has! he he he
Princess Jackie had to wait until the afternoon to make her sandwich, it's a little bigger than Karen's so she needed more space... It's a lovely, bright kiddie play mat... We have to call them play mats now as calling a baby quilt a baby quilt can get us in trouble.... the world's gone bonkers! Jackie needed to piece her wadding first of all, not a problem as we have a cunning method. There's some sticky tape out there for joining wadding but it's expensive... a line of zig-zag stitching is a lot cheaper!

Tuesday 26 June 2012

Morning Judith's Quilt

WOW!!! Toot Toot Toot for Morning Judith, what a stunning quilt. It's been made for her son, I think the colours are for Port Vale football team, I hope I got that right... though I'm sure someone will let me know if I got it wrong. Judith's son is very happy with his new quilt, and who can blame him. It's a little tricky getting quilts right for guys but this one fits the bill perfectly, don't you think?

Monday Classroom

A big Toot, toot, toot... The Kenwood Food Mixer cover is finished and ready to make Cynthia's kitchen look rather stunning... very easy to make really, it's just an upside-down bag. Cynthia was a little worried about the 'Y' seams needed to get the parts all stitched together... she worried for nothing as it was super easy. She's thrilled to bits with it and moved quickly on to purchase fabrics for a 10-Minute block quilt.
 Jean Bean has continued to improve her free motion quilting skills. She's mastered the 'pebble' design very well (I think it's a tricky design too) By the end of the day Jean was drawing butterflies and flowers, hearts and loopy-loops and and and... she's filled this side of her Mat and Ruler Bag panel and almost filled the other side with a larger design... quite arty farty!
Morning Judith chose fabrics for her next project, cut out all the pieces for 12 x 8" blocks and set to with chain piecing them. She had about 6 blocks finished by the end of her day and the others were well on their way to completion... yes, I said 'day', she treated herself to the afternoon session too! Judith brought in her latest finish to show us before she gifted it... I'll show you in the next post...
 Penelope Baskerville  stitched on her pre-prepared binding, had a lesson in turning corners and how to join the ends perfectly. All this followed by hand stitching the binding to the other side, she sews really quickly and almost got round the whole quilt before home time... She's going to start a Mat and Ruler bag next time.
PM Pam also treated herself to a whole day of stitchy fun... She made a sunshine sandwich good and early.. doesn't that bright yellow sashing just light up the quilt? Love it! Pam's shadowing the blocks by stitching 1/4" either side of the sashing then she'll go into each block to stitch her first curved quilting, very exciting eh!

Sunday 24 June 2012

Stack-N-Whack Workshop 2

I think I'm safe in saying that the second Stack-N-Whack, Kaleidoscope Workshop, in my very own classroom at my very own Quilt Shop was another great success... you might be surprised to know just how much noise a small group of ladies can make! We had Pigeon moments galore... oooh, oooh, oooh, oooh. I'll say no more as the pictures say it all

The next Stack-N-Whack, Kaleidoscope Workshop will be on Thursday 19th July... I'm happy to say that it's fully booked. Thursday 9th August will be your next one and there are two placed available as I write this. 
That's it, I'm all caught up, at least with the stitchy news... the chores? that's a whole other story!

Friday quilt Club

I should have known better than to doubt Dotty Maureen would get her wedding quilt finished on time... She spent the day quilting the last of her 9 sections of this double wedding ring quilt... it was an incredible task but it looks like she'll just about make it. In case you were wondering why she had complicated things by using those plaids, the groom is Scottish.

Joan The Shop had me moving furniture around so we could make a 'Fish' quilt sandwich, not a tin of tuna in sight, he he he This is half of the quilt centre and Joan spent her stitchy hours making up more blocks, she needs loads as the borders will be 'fish' blocks too.
Barbie quilted none stop, all day and a bit extra... She was desperate to get this quilt finished, baby's born already and, as they grow so fast, there's been no time to waste!... Quilting was completed leaving only the binding to make and stitch on, that made Barbie very happy indeed. She's making plans for 6 more kiddie quilts.

Thursday Stitching

These blocks belong to Ann, a new Ann. They are, once again, part of a set of brand new antiques... it's looking like quite a few folk have old unfinished projects isn't it... Ann's blocks are only 35 years old. They're hand stitched and hand quilted but they will be finished by machine... apartment style with red sashing which will look very good indeed. Ann had to add a backing fabric, red of course, and re-quilt, just shadowing the clowns so it was easy.

Brenda Barbara apologised for what she was about to pull out of her project bag... he he he It's our old faithful Quick Table Topper!!! Obviously she didn't pull it out of her bag at this stage, it was just a pile of Christmas fabrics... that's what she apologised for, Christmas stuff in June... but I guess we do need to be making a start, that holiday season doesn't half creep up on us!
Sheila set about quilting half of her project on her very own, brand new Juki Exceed 600... She'll do apartment joining, diagonally this time... I don't think I had anyone else joining diagonally before... it shouldn't make any difference though... it'll still work...

It's been an extremely busy week with a full diary for My Very Own Self including a couple of evening shifts! I shall try to catch up with the stitchy news for you... more later

Thursday 21 June 2012

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Early Sue's Kaleidoscope quilt so far... I know you are saying to yourself... "Wow, I want to make one too, it's absolutely stunning" Talk about an eye catching quilt eh??...  There are three more workshops booked and full already... folks see the progress the ladies are making with the work they did at the first workshop and book up a workshop for their very own selves... Sue's border will be of the original fabric, it's always interesting to do that, then folks can see the 'Before we 'Stacked-n-Whacked' it! 
The next workshop will be this coming Saturday, of course it's fully booked, so you can't come... he he he.
 These superb Kaleidoscope blocks belong to Krafty Karen... I sold out of this Clarice Cliffe fabric because 2 ladies come into the shop while Karen was working on her blocks.. they saw how exciting the fabric could be you see... I'm loving the spinning houses and trees... Karen's going to quilt her project in two separate halves, apartment style, the borders will be quilted and added later... they will be just stunning too, we decided to let Mr. Black play that magic trick... bet you can't wait!
Can you remember the chocolate fish blocks, click here to see them ... you'll also see that Joan The Shop started them in January... she's made quite a few quilts since then. Anyway, this is a continuation of the Chocolate Fish project, see Strawberry Fish and Cabbage Fish... are you at all curious what Joan is making here... I can't tell you, I'm not sure I know really, she assures me that there is a real plan though.
Ann came to play, she had emailed ahead to book tables for making a sandwich and got off to a very good start. The backing was taped TNT style, Taut Not Tight, the wadding laid in place followed by the quilt top it's very own self... oh dear... Ann didn't know that borders are supposed to be measured through the centre of the quilt when she added them and they were rather wavy...  after a little discussion, she whippppped them off and did a little fudge stitching and pin faffing... so the sandwich was completed and ready to be quilted by the end of the day.
Foxy Margaret arrived with an antique Jelly Roll, how funny she is... she doesn't remember buying it but says it was many, many years ago and it was about time to use it up... Irene had recently been to a workshop to learn how to make these braids strips and suggested Foxy make table mats with the antique Jelly Roll... so, I left them to it... Foxy had a private tutor all to her very own self all day and produced these lovely strips. I think she said that she would make 4 table place mats, once they are complete she threatened to start a quilt!

Tuesday 19 June 2012

Tuesday Classroom

 Last time Rose came to play we helped her make a quilty sandwich... production then came to a halt so that she could go on her jolly holidays... what a treat to see this quilt again... during the morning great progress was made and most of the quilting done on the centre part. Rose will be stitching in the ditch of the black sashing next time... on a brand new sewing machine, all for her very own self!
 Princess Jackie only started piecing these blocks last week... she's been stitching at home... finished the quilt centre and made 4 long rows of piano keys for the borders. We auditioned a few different fabrics for an inner border and, once again, the black won!... Black is such a clever colour, it knows exactly how to make the other colours pop up to be noticed, don't you agree? Princess Jackie is measuring her quilt through the centre in this picture... it helps keep the edge of the quilt straight.
Fran finished the baby quilt she was working on last time, we don't get to see it as it was gifted immediately...  babies don't like to wait, not when they can arrive early! So, Fran had purchased this Clarice Cliffe fabric from My Very Own Quilt Shop a few weeks ago and today she started to make cushions with it, she needs 10 cushions so there's plenty of work to be done.
 New Sue had been able to take advantage of everyday classes, no need to miss a week if you can change days is there! Sue's making Blackford's Beauty blocks, as you can see in the picture, she's going to set them On-Point... those little red squares will travel into the border fabric.. looking very smart indeed... I'm loving the effect!
Lovely Lyn couldn't get going... she seems to have caught Man Flu! Oh my goodness.. a real bad case indeed... he he he. After a little encouragement she did eventually get out her sewing machine and made up a few of these Judy's Star blocks... they will be added to Lyn's pile of sampler blocks. We'll be back working on her black and white Kaleidoscope quilt next week... it's going to need extra wide borders and they'll need to be quilted before they can be added.