Tuesday 21 July 2009

A Sewing Room?

It's taking ages to get sorted out... The charity shop must be ready to burst by now... he he he. When we were moving countries I kept absolutely everything, every time, but for this move we had to downsize. My sewing room has been left until last-ish... I knew there was nothing to get rid of in there, you know I NEEEED everything, don't I. My Dad came over to put up shelves, my idea was to put a load of smaller cuts of fabric up there but the walls won't take the weight. So I have re-designed my lovely big cutting table, on paper, so that it can be made  to fit... (that's some of the wood in the window) I have no clue when it will get made though... so, for now, fabric will have to stay in our bedroom, and the hall... and the spare room... he he he, but there's none in the kitchen! 

I joined the Quilters' Guild of the British Isles, this is the Journal they sent, I'm a bit spooked by those eyes.... it looks interesting but I haven't read much yet, no lights up in the lounge yet, ha ha ha, I'm really hoping to find some quilty chums soon.... I figured this Guild could be a good place to start.... A note for the ladies in Portugal... Remember Ladies... none of my blog pictures are staged... everything is natural! ha ha ha

Thursday 16 July 2009

Progress? Baby Steps

I can see the floor in my sewing room!
All corners of the house are filled with boxes of fabrics and plastic drawer units though.. he he he I had to move everything out of the room so that I could start over.... it was like trying to play solitaire otherwise..... more soon!

Tuesday 14 July 2009

Ronny's Memory Quilt

This is the small quilt that Ronny made for her friends' anniversary, Ronny wrote...
"It‘s called: 'das Lebensmauerchen' or 'the small brick wall of life'. The black figures are things that were very important in their lives.
She was a baker's daughter and always sat in front of the delivery-bike, she worked her whole career for justice, she is a painter, in her very early years she worked for a sweets-factory.
He worked with Fokker (the airplane-company) in his very early years he picked strawberries, he sings, he is always working in and around the house.
Their initials and the sign of the city, Breda, and the red hearts of course belong to the couple, the small blue hearts are their two sons and the small white heart is the first grandson that will be born one of these days..."

What a lovely idea!

Monday 13 July 2009

Birte Dyed!!

Birte sent pictures to show she had great fun using procion dyes, 7 metres of fabric and some plastic bags..... it looks like it was a perfect dying day....

I love these wild hand dyes, this way is far less structured than making the colour wheel.... I wonder whether Birte will make anything with them... I find it really hard to cut into my hand dyed lovlies!
Thanks for sending the pictures Birte!

Friday 10 July 2009

Therese sent pictures!

A cosy group of 4 ladies met yesterday in the Quilt Bar, what with holidays and visitors and those of us who have left... that being myself, Jutta and Anneliese. This is Jackie with Maya and Ursula, looks like Jackie had to return the Bernina Artista.... back to basic!
Not so for Therese, her Aurora is a keeper, I see she is practicing her free motion skills with her new BSR....note she is keeping that foot pedal in good range, he he he
Therese finished her Wonky Squares quilt on her new Bernina...

This is the back, It is lovely Therese, well done!

Thanks for taking the photos Irene!

Tuesday 7 July 2009

Quilted T-Shirt Floor Cushion

Just before I left Portugal I was able to deliver the floor cushion to my marathon running chum. I made and quilted the top and Paula made it into this cushion for me, I had run out of time...anyway..... the foam inside is bed quality so this should last and last....

Monday 6 July 2009

My New Sewing Quarters

I'm here! this is (will be) my new sewing room!
I have no spare time yet but there is light at the end of the tunnel... I just need to remember which box the tunnel's in??... he he he