Friday 27 February 2015

Stitching News With Tooting

Fabulous and finished!
PM Pam's Dresden Plate quilt is absolutely beautiful
A traditional favourite design made with the latest funky and modern fabrics... a
ll except the background fabrics are from Art Gallery I love them and I love Pam's Quilt!
This is the back of Pam's quilt. More Art Gallery... rich and silky soft fabrics making for a luxurious finish... toot toot toot Pam, another great success.
PM Pam has decided to make these Hexagon posies as a continuing project.
Very portable hand stitching using left over fabrics to create a wonderful quilt...
well, I'm told that that's the plan!
More from PM Pam, toot toot toot... I feel we will be seeing more 'Handy' cushions over the next few weeks... the ladies in class were thrilled with the idea.
These are Pam's Granddaughters hands... she drew around them to make a template...
What a great idea...
We have quite a selection of cushions being made lately
Instant satisfaction... as they are licketty-split fast to make.
Another fabulous and finished fanfare now for Fruity Rose. Remember I was showing you last week that Rose had no need to add any border with this clever sashing... oh boy are we inspired! Toot toot toot Rose, you trendsetter!
New Sue finished yet another quilt top and, yet again, this one has a time limit for getting it finished... the backing is ready so a sandwich is imminent! A golden wedding anniversary gift, on track to be fabulous and finished.
and, as if New Sue doesn't have enough to do...
she started another project before the end of the day!!
It's going to be a beauty...
A fabulous and finished pillow, from Di Butterfly this time...
once she sorted out her puffs it didn't take long at all...
beautiful hand stitching in variegated thread.
Toot toot toot Di, just lovely.
We're planning a workshop for this little project.
Paula's turn... toot toot toot for a fabulous finish
Another great kiddie quilt made with an alphabet panel by Makower
This has been a very popular panel too.
Diane finished another of our easy peasy cushions. I originally made up these cushions to use for the Saturday Basics For Beginners workshops... seems everyone loves them, which is great... they can be made in a couple of hours... well... maybe that's only once you have made a practice one
Sheila is continuing on her quest to use up all of her 'why did I buy that fabric' stash... As we collect fabrics over the years, our tastes may change, it's normal...
but they will still need to be used!
Multi fabric quilts, scrappy quilts... whatever you call them, are beautiful to me. 
An ever lasting favourite in my very own little quilting classroom...
the Quick Table Topper. Paula is enjoying making hers in Christmas fabrics... getting ahead and making me think about getting started too... just thinking mind! ha ha
I've lost count how many Quick Table Toppers Brenda Duck has made but
toot toot toot, here's another!

Monday 23 February 2015

The Happiest Of Days

They had a beautiful wedding. It was perfect and exactly how they had planned it to be... "HAPPY" was the focus word.... they just wanted everyone to be happy, and happy we were,
We had a fantastic wedding day. 
Thank you for all of the very lovely messages and cards for Lilly and Gareth.
The Dress was beautiful.
The Bridesmaids, fabulous
The Men, extremely smart.
Ceremony, beautiful.
Food wonderful, and hot!
Drinks, plentiful.
Speeches, deep, light, very, very funny!
Dancing, dancing, dancing...
Feet? ouch! ha ha ha

Saturday 21 February 2015

Stitching News

PM Pam finished her Twist And Turn panel cushion...
A fabulous and finished fanfare is in order then, Toot toot toot Pam.
It's fun using variegated threads for fancy machine stitches... and did you know that I stock loads of them, including the full range of King Tut and Metler
This is the back of PM Pam's fabulous cushion...
Now, tell me those self covered buttons don't look extremely luxurious!!!
Pam did sew them on straight, it's my setting up of the photo that makes them look unevenly placed! and, if you're wondering... I do sell buttons for covering with your very own fabric, hopefully purchased from my fabulous stock?

Lady Judith spent a few hours quilting her lovely Lone Star project... it's a huge quilt so, once Judith had sufficiently achy shoulders, she switched projects... always a good idea to have a few projects on the go at the very same time...
Fruity Rose has us all thinking we want to make kiddy play mats now...
No borders are needed if we sash the last row of blocks... tempting eh! That binding looks fun, I love dotty fabrics for binding...
Toot toot toot! A fabulous and finished, quirky quilt from Merrily.
I hope you click on the picture to take a closer look at the original quilting... using a super selection of fancy machine embroidery stitches. The pattern for the centre of the quilt was wall hanging size... now it's a lap quilt!
Di Butterfly has conquered her Puffs!
She didn't use a Suffolk Puff / Yo-Yo maker, even though they do help a lot to get accuracy... Di made hers the original way...
and she's, quite openly, very proud of her puffs!
This is Di's fabulous finish... that new little Grand baby is going to be forever wrapped in quilts if his Nana has anything to do with it! Lucky little fellow eh.
Toot toot toot Diane.
Brenda Barbara didn't feel like concentrating too much during her class so she made a few more of the denim circle blocks... easy and fun. Once there's enough, Brenda will be making a picnic quilt... Denim is a great fabric for tough, rough and tumble use... does it ever wear out? Maybe in time but hey... she can patch it!!
Our Sheila is  playing with scraps... she found a gazillion different fabrics in her stash at home that she doesn't necessarily like any more so decided to get them used up... I wonder how many designs she can come up with using HST's (Half Square Triangles)
Michelle My Bell is working on a commission quilt at the moment... The sandwich was made during class and the quilting commenced... It seems that these colours are the in-thing at the moment... I'm selling trendy fabrics!! ha ha ha
Peggy is also making a kiddie play mat... like a quilt. She also made a sandwich and started the quilting... diagonal lines for a change...There's one lucky little girl who will soon be receiving a beautiful gift

I shall now go... I need to shower and beautify my very own self... 
It's my Mother Of The Bride Day!!! 
Ooooooer, however did she get to be old enough to get married?

Wednesday 18 February 2015

I Almost Forgot...

Yesterday was the anniversary of my lovely little Patchwork And Quilting Shop!!!
The official opening date was 10th March but... once I had the keys in my hand, I couldn't wait to open up shop and get started... so I did. 17th February 2012... feels sort of like yesterday yet 100 years ago at the same time. I went to look at the pictures on this page
Why don't you click on the link to see how much it has changed in just 3 years!
Like Royalty does... I shall mention the official date too, well, that's if I remember on 10th March, there might even be cake?... two anniversaries every year, how very dare I!!

Stitching News

There must be something in the air in these here parts... seems everyone wants to try Patchwork... This very simple design, a cushion sized project, is a great introduction. 
How to use the rotary cutting equipment safely and effectively with top tips to help with any difficulties. We work with the scant quarter inch seam... not all machine want us to sew smaller seams I can tell you... but we have ways! Then there are the pressing tips, the pinning for accuracy tips... the chop it all up again tips!!! Oh what fun... here are the fruits from last Saturdays taster day.

Monday 16 February 2015

Sandwiching News!

Sandwich Saturdays are proving popular... how very lucky we are that I have such useful days in my very own quilt shop!! ha With lovely tables and a choice of widths of wonderful waddings.... why would you get down on your hands and knees at home?
Bookings are made from 10am to 2pm... just so you know... but sometimes we run over time when so many sandwiches need to be made, like last Saturday...
Christabelle was first in... this is a huge quilt 
This is the back of one of Lovely Lyn's sandwiches
One quilt sandwich, it's a truly double sided project.
Lovely Lyn also sandwiched her owls... how very cute!
New Sue brought her jet lag to help her make a quilt sandwich!
My Rebel Josie was last in to make her very scrappy sandwich.
Such a busy day!

Sunday 15 February 2015

Stitching New

Diane wanted to make something quick... that's what a lot of people want to do after making an important project... something to calm the crafty spirit whilst it plans the next move. These cushions are proving very popular... easy, relatively fast from start to finish and extremely satisfying to boot.
Paula spent her day quilting... pre printed panels offer light relief too... not too much to think about in planning and, once again, quick to make and extremely satisfying to the crafty soul

Brenda Duck is taking a little break from making the Quick Table Toppers that her friends are continually requesting... the next table topper needs to match/co-ordinate with this curtain fabric... and after much pondering of design choices and fabric selection, Brenda got started.
Brenda Barbara has been doing homework... sandwiching! This meant that she could spend her day happily quilting her lovely gifting quilt... free motion meandering mixed with a little ditch hopping.... perfect!

Saturday 14 February 2015

Stitching News With Advertising!

Giggly Gillian finished her fabulous and extremely cute Teddy Bear quilt.... pattern from the Kids Quilts company... available in my very own, rather scrumptious, little, but very well stocked, quilt shop... wooops... back to the moment...
Toot toot toot Gillian, your quilt is lovely, which is why you are keeping it eh!
Rose added borders, made a sandwich and spent the day, merrily chatting and stitching... who needs a spa when you can luxuriate in a day with like minded ladies participating in this, most wonderful, art form...
Thank goodness for Patchwork And Quilting!
Packs to make this lovely Eye Spy style quilt, available in my wonderful shop!
Gail decided to make her terrific Twister Heart block into a luxurious cushion...
with a zip!... cushion zips of 20" in length are available in my very own shop at the extortionate price of 25 pence... and I even show you how to sew it in... we give fantastic customer service in my very own, little 
but very well stocked, quilt shop. 
Jolly Jo came to play. This is number two cushion. After making and fiddling with the turned applique for this second one, Jo decided that our 'sticky stuff and machine stitching' method will remain her favourite... You might like to know that I sell three different kinds of sticky stuff/fusibubble bonding stuff? not to mention a plethora of interfacings and tear aways! 
Princess Jackie is working on another amazing applique project. This time she is designing it all by her very own self... with a little help from photos she's been inspired by on t'interweb... such a great source for 'seeds of ideas'... 
Especially those on my blog eh!!!

Friday 13 February 2015

Stitching News

Christabelle has her wonky blocks all stitched together... this design looks simple, and it could be, though with the pattern/method Chris used it was a little tricky
BUT there were no bias seams... and that's a good thing.
I don't think anyone has ever been happier with a new sewing machine than Fruity Rose... she's still stroking it and telling it how wonderful it is!
Thank goodness for Juki! Rose's baby play mat is coming along a treat...
no border needed here as careful sashing covered that job.
Just Jan finished her Twister Heart bed runner...
just in time for the weekend of romance coming soon.
Toot toot toot Just Jan... a fabulous finish
Short and sweet... It's a very busy time in the Whiston world... just one week to go!

Thursday 12 February 2015

Memories Can Be Beautiful...

Annbacan made this delightful cushion cover as part of a gift.
Toot toot toot as it is finished and fabulous.
It's a stand alone cushion if the lady prefers but it was intended to house this...
A beautiful quilt with a very sad but beautiful story and I don't think Ann will mind me sharing it with you. Ann's sister chose the design and purchased the fabrics for the blocks many years ago. Ann was doing the appliqué when her sister was killed in a tragic accident. This left Ann not wanting to finish the quilt, understandably... for a very long time the blocks stayed packed away... Ann brought the blocks to show to us, of course we encouraged her to quilt them and to finish the quilt. It was going to be a large quilt, as you can see by the size of the blocks. Ann's sister has two, now adult daughters... both are going to be given a lovely sofa throw/lap quilt, designed and chosen by their very own mum, to snuggle up to on the sofa... or so sit on the sofa as a cushion if they prefer, The second quilt is almost finished too... what a lovely Auntie Annbacan they have, toot toot toot Ann, it's beautiful... the story and the quilt!