Friday 19 February 2021

Stitching News

Thank you for the photos Sue.

Sue made this Table Runner as a gift  to be used on Christmas day, 2020. Obviously that didn't happen, but on a positive note, there are no wine stains and no gravy blots, ha ha ha! Which, both sadly and happily means, we get to see it in it's full glory! Made with Sue's vast collection of Makower's Scandi fabrics and a modified pattern. It's fabulous and finished so, Toot toot toot. Let's not forget that there will be another Christmas this year so... really, Sue is ahead of that game!!

A baby gifting quit... isn't it lovely. 
This is a downloadable PDF pattern available by clicking ***here***
Sue was making the quilt for an  unknown colour of baby so this rainbow of Giraffes covered both eventualities. The picture is just the quilt top but I bet it's all finished now... and... It was a girl!!

Saturday 13 February 2021

Stitching News

I have a few photos to share with you. Thank you to all of you for sending them.
I love project pictures.
My Mum is working on a commission job... doesn't that sound grand, it's not really... My brother has requested that she make him, some new cushions and he really likes Autumnal colours, I think Mum hit the brief, spot on.

Our Carol is also working on a family commission job. A memory quilt. There are a lot of memories in this too, Carol has fussy cut lots of the items used, making it even more personal to the new owner, I'm sure Carol will send us a picture when this is finished.

Farmer Lynda had to make her Turtle sandwich on her very own kitchen table. I think lots of customers are missing my Sandwich Saturdays. There are a few waiting at the starting blocks for when we are allowed to take bookings.

Lynda has already started her quilting too. The turtles show up so well on the back. That is wavy water fabric, it's darker than it looks in the picture, I think it got flashed at!

Norma saw those blocks I made in the turquoise fabrics and wanted to have a go. She's finding them rather easy and has decided to make two puppy quilts with them. How cute are those fabrics!!! Hope the new puppy takes note.

Wednesday 3 February 2021

From Quilty Quarters

 Taaa daaah.... My Christmas Orphan is finished...

I'm giving out a Toot toot toot for my very own self, I love a fanfare for a fabulous and finished project. To think I only started this to use up festive scraps, some ugly fabrics and a few experimental units. Now it's my new favourite!!! Well maybe not my favourite but it's up there, ha!

Another project... Mooching around on T'Interweb, I came across this pattern
A free download from Christa Quilts. I thought it would look good in Festive Uglies and it would use up more of them!!! So I downloaded it, printed! and made an experimental... it is super easy...

But... I'm not going to do it, which means... I already have another orphan block!!! That's because I decided not to use festive uglies again... just yet

I have 'uglies' in many different colourways, with an absolute abundance of turquoise, not my favourite colour by a long shot, which is probably why I have still got so much of it, using my detective skills... that's the verdict.
The original plan, I guess it's my second and not original plan, was to make the design with lots of different ugly turquoise fabrics, but that would only have meant one strip of two and a half inches from each fabric... leaving me with most of the same uglies! 
So I did a bit of speed piecing with only two fabrics, that's lots of 2 1/2"strips sewn together rapidinho, then chopping them up....

and lick-etty-split, I'd made this. Used up a good 2 or more metres of two of my ugly fabrics. I've decided to use it as a back for another quilt... which will use up a plethora of green uglies... sounds awful eh? Watch this space, It seems I am getting to like awful!! ha ha ha