Monday 24 September 2018

It's Retreat Week!!

Just a little reminder...
My shop will be closed on Thursday the 27th of September, that's this coming Thursday.
Two retreats are organised for this entire week and Thursday is change over day... sorry if this inconveniences you at all but... hey... it is what it is!
A girl's just gotta have fun!
All of the other days (except Wednesday but I am always closed on Wednesdays) the shop will be open as normal... and will be full of stock and amazing, as usual! ha ha ha
So... retreating?
To Sew?
Who would have thought that so many people would want to go on holiday to sew all day from sunrise until after, well after, the sun sets... but it is true, that's what we are going to do.

The weather is predicted by the BBC to be fine and quite lovely... which is a relief, last time we went on a retreat to Alison House, we had to battle through 'The Beast From The East' to get there but we still managed it and it was such a great time.

I'll be back to report when all the fun is done and dusted.
Cheerio xx

Saturday 15 September 2018

Stitching News

Fran Cupcake's Dog In Sweater, another pattern from the popular Elizabeth Hartman designs Isn't he a smart fellow!! Fran might have almost (not quite) bitten off the end of her tongue makine him but she loves him now! 

Wooly Woven fabric feels so warm and soft and luxurious but can be very tricky to patchwork with... so why not complicate your job by working with curves and bias joining??!! That's what Queen Jacquie did...
Wow! what a fabulous and finished triumph it is!

Even circular quilting to enhance the shapes... The light blobs are on my camera lense not the quilt! Toot toot toot-etty-toot Queenie, you did a great job and your knees may never be cold again.

Keep your trumpets up... Toot toot toot again for our Queenie... another fabulous and finished project. This one a wall hanging made of beautiful Batik fabrics... Jacquie has plans to make this one again.

And one more toot toot fanfare with Queenie... for a third fabulous and finished quilt. This one was started a while ago and is full of sentiment and memories, Queen Jacquie is so happy to have it finished.

A lovely cushion all finished and fabulous... Toot toot toot!
Gail has made two of them, complete with "hidden under flap" zips.
That tiny red inner border looks great doesn't it!

A big reveal now... Baby came and now that baby received his special quilt, you get to see it too. It's been kept off limits for you ready for the big day... as the big day came 4 weeks early, Jean Bean had a bit of a race on... just the way she likes it! An absolutely wonderful quilt made with so much thought, love and happiness...

New baby is Leo,  very lucky as that's what Jean put on the back... ha ha ha
I've got evidence that baby Leo can roar like a lion too.
Toot toot toot Jean Bean... A an absolutely fabulous and finished quilt.

PM Pam is using her pattern to make a few blocks to turn into cushions, to see whether she might make a whole quilt in the future. She's having fun choosing all the beautiful Batiks...

Fran Cupcake started another Dog In Sweater block and tried really hard not to mix up all the bits this time, she needs the end of her tongue!... Labels have their place, everything needs a label .... Ask Fran! The quilt will be adora-bubble x

Tuesday 11 September 2018

Stitching News

Carol finished her Rainbow Unicorn wall hanging. She used an elongated diamond decorative stitch for the mane and fabulous Free-Motion doodle stitching for her background...

A lovely bit of stitching in the horn thing too... Are they called horns?
Anyway, it's a fabulous and finished project so you know what is expected.... Toot toot toot Carol.

Woop woop... we will have a whole heard of Unicorns at this rate.... such a popular pattern. This magical creature is another of PM Pam's. The quilted stars just add a bit more magic don't they. Pam also quilted the mane with a decorative stitch, but she chose a whirly-whirl stitch.

A cushion this time, complete with a magical flap covering a rather ordinary, but excellent value, 22" zip! Toot toot toot Pam.... another fabulous finish.

Blimey... another one!!! ha ha ha This Rainbow Unicorn, obviously, is still a work in progress and belongs to Farmer Lynda... who is feeling very proud of herself for getting this far!!! There were squeals of excitement when the horn bit worked!

Beryl declared that all of her star blocks were complete...
"What now?" she asked...
Well.... we played with a few settings as will be a festive table runner and after a bit of pondering, we hatched a great plan... watch this space!

Christie changed jobs, again!.. just so that she could have a sewing day! First day back and she decided that she needs a 'going to class' sewing supplies bag. A big Quilted Panel Bag would be perfect... with the addition of a Bargello lesson.

Enid loves to play with applique. This will be a most lovely cushion with little houses running
along the top of that flower filled field.... ahhhh!

A note to jot down now....

It's almost retreat time.... (What do you mean AGAIN???)
Please note that my wonderful, and extremely well stocked (a bit like bursting at the seams!!!) Patchwork and Quilting shop... with it's fabulous selection of fabrics, threads, waddings and notions... 
will be closed on Thursday 27th September.
Thanks for reading xx

Tuesday 4 September 2018

Stitching News

Alison's first Quilt Sandwich... A huge two and a half metres square!
 This started off as a bed runner but enthusiasm took over!

New Sue's beautiful Batik flowers.... Sue had sandwiched this before and had started the quilting but she wasn't happy with the way it was quilting so she  patiently (?) unpicked all the stitches and started all over again. Dedicated!

PM Pams Rainbow horse...
It's the Unicorn pattern without the pointy horn bit!
What a great idea

The back of Pam's cushion complete with a rainbow and a hidden zip...
 making it a totally toot toot tootable fabulous finish

All Day Di's Bunting Cushion...
Please don't let it snow just yet though...
Toot toot toot Di, a fabulous finish.

Katie has been watching Youtube and learning lots about piecing.
Using leftover fabrics, she plans to make a lovely little quilt top.

New Sue's Penguins! all sandwiched and ready to go.
A pattern from the very popular Elizabeth Hartman collection.

Monday 3 September 2018

Beginner Cushions

Another successful Beginner workshop...
Ladies went home happy with their new skills, and more fabric to make another cushion!
The Next beginner cushion workshop will be on Saturday 6th October... just after our Retreat!!!