Thursday 24 January 2019

Stitching News

We have another Jean!!! She came to play with a Jelly Roll from her very own stash. After browsing through two books of inspiring ideas, a decision was soon made. She chopped up the Jelly strips as per the pattern and proceeded to get a few blocks made up. 

Nuttie wanted to make a Bargello Quilt, like the one hanging on my shop wall.... she chose the fabrics months ago and every week since, she's asked me what size to cut the strips... yes, I really mean EVERY week. It's great to see she has now not only cut them into 1 1/2" strips but she's carried on and made very good progress too.

Longport Lynda makes so many things for charity. In fact She and Monday Sheila are almost full time charity stitchers for one cause and another... how very kind they are. Just at the moment, Lynda is making blocks ready for quilting individually, all for her very own self... We're going to be doing Apartment Joining...

Norma is using up her rather large collection of Batik fabrics. The blocks started off being in the style of Courthouse Steps, but now Norma has invented a new and quite different idea... When the quilt is finished it could quite easily be called Liberated Lanterns... She's having fun and really... that's all that matters.

Lesley had started piecing these diamonds units into rows but  stopped for a while.... she decided something was not quite jelling for her... she came to class for inspiration (and fun) and after choosing four or so new fabrics to add to the diamonds, she was much happier.

Kate had a lot of strangely shaped fabrics left over after making her Giant Orange Peel Quilt. She's decided to crazy piece them together, quite randomly, so not an inch will be wasted... and a new quilt will be made... fabulous, I love to see leftovers being used up.

Ugly fabrics, collected over 20+ years. I've always saved bits of fabric... especially those from the waste that other people didn't want to keep, some rescued from the fabric bins. Most of these squares are rescues. My mum Gwynneth needed a project so she got given a box of 3½” pre-cuts to make into 9-Patches. We have added Snowball blocks... more on this soon.

Karen arrived with a lovely bunch of fabrics. She wanted to make 6 cushions, big ones... but she had no plan. How about we do this for one, a Bargello style?... If you like it you can repeat for another cushion... if you don't, you make another design... a very liberated approach and Karen was game!
This quilt's story could be classed as a rescued mystery... Someone had left it in Gail's Garage. It's all sandwiched and even has most of the stabilising stitching done around all of the blocks, Stitched In The Ditch... so there's not a lot left to be done, well.... about half as much again... Anyway Gail has rescued it and can't quite remember why she didn't finish it in the first place... wooops, I let the cat out of the bag, now you know it was Gail, her very on self, who she put it in the garage a few years ago no less! ha ha ha

Wednesday 23 January 2019

Fabulous And Finished

Isn't this quilt just adorable! It's Gails Princess quilt and she has thoroughly enjoyed making it. Right from choosing all the fabrics and the pattern. Can you see the embellishments on the crowns and tiaras? Rubies and Sapphires, Diamonds and Pearls... all real, Of course!

This is the back and you can just about make out (ha ha) that the very lucky little Girl will be Ava and I bet she will absolutely love it. Toot toot toot Gail, it is an absolutely fabulous and finished Gifting quilt.

Our Carol was commissioned to make this little wall hanging. It's from the book Winsome Baby by the wonderful Art To Heart Company... Can you see it says "We Made A Wish And You Came True" just beautiful! It's a fabulous and finished project, toot toot toot

New Sue is very relieved to have finished this beautiful Batik Flower quilt. She had had one or two problems with the original quilting, we're not sure why but... trooping on she undid all of the quilting, re-pressed the top and back, re-sandwiched and started the quilting over again!! Dedication! And now it is a truly fabulous and finished quilt, toot toot toot-etty-toot Sue

Monday 21 January 2019

Stitching News

Princes Jackie has made this table runner before but in another colourway. This time it's a Christmas 2019 table runner and Jackie's making it for gifting. With the sandwich already made, there's a good chance it will be finished in time.

All Day Di has been working on this very lovely apron for a while. She put it on hold while she got her festive stitching finished for 2018 Christmas. It's almost finished now and Di is delighted with it, frills and all.

Farmer Lynda has finished the applique work on her quilt centre and is now making thousands of brightly coloured 9-Patch units which are going to be used for the border.

Fiona Too made this Hedgehog... he's another pattern from the Elizabeth Hartman selection... Hedgehog will be made into a quilted cushion, you might have guessed that by the carefully placed in the picture, cushion back .. with covered zip!

Saturday 19 January 2019

Stitching News

Princess Jackie is piecing a Dwight Deer using the most touch-a-bubble and stroke-a-bubble Moda Flannels.

Christabelle started cutting the components of her next, and quite tricky, project. Carefully planned and colour placement all worked out, as always

Gail is quilting the borders on her Princess quilt and already planning her next project from the same book, Happy Quilts. 

New Sue is working on lots of 4-Patch blocks for a commissioned quilt. This will go together quickly, knowing Sue.

Rose started a new project too. This is another beautiful pattern from Elizabeth Hartman, Swan Island. It's one of my very own favourites. Rose has already decided to please her very own self with this project... more as it happens...

PM Pam acquired these pre-cut squares from a family member. They were all the age 20 or so years ago, Laura Ashley? They are all being carefully made into gifting to charity quilts. 

Another Dwight Deer, except he might be a Dougal or a Douglas, as Beano says, we don't really do Dwight in the UK do we? Jean Bean used a thicker, woven deer fabric and it's proving to be a little tricky.

Friday 18 January 2019

Toot Toot Toot

Every single stitch done by hand... Debbi started making hexagons, just that... making hexagons with no real plan, a good idea, but no plan. Some people can do that! There's a lot of 'deep and meaningful' thought gone into the centre of the design, I forget what it was. Those rays of colour  for the sort of border were foundation pieced onto calico, also by hand. All the quilting is Big Stitch style... of course by hand

Now then, my new daylight lights in my shop are mostly wonderful... but they have ruined my picture of the back of Debbi's quilt! You can see all the fancy hand stitching, which is a relief but the lights have stolen the deep colours. darn! Toot toot toot Debbi, it's a truly fabulous and finished gifting quilt. Your Daughter is going to treasure it, I am sure.

Patch Pocket Apron

I've had many requests for sewing that doesn't involve Patchwork or Quilting, though why people wouldn't want to patch and quilt is amazing to me!! ha ha ha... 
Seriously though, I do understand. 
Whether you are new to sewing with a sewing machine or picking it up after years of avoiding it, this apron will be a great project to get you in the groove.
Patch Pocket Apron Workshop 
Saturday 16th February 10am - 3pm
The fabric choosing. Just one metre is all it takes... unless you want your pocket patch to be made in a co-ordination fabric, then you would need an additional Fat Quarter.
Carol trimmed her patch pocket with a little bobble/popom tape, you could too.
So.. cut out the pattern
Make straps. Install D rings for adjustable neck size.
Finish the hem and edges.
Pleat the Boobage (I hope you noticed the boobage bit!)
Make pocket. Sew on pocket.
Simple and a lot will have been tackled/learned.

Friday 11 January 2019

Upcoming Sunday Funday

On Sunday 27th January there's another wonderful Sunday, Funday, One Day, Full Day, Sewing Retreat... Can I get that to be any longer!! 
It's at Checkley Village Hall (Checkley Community Centre) 

On our menu this month we have:-
Tea / Coffee available all day.

Breakfast Bars
Hot Chocolate + Rum (optional!) 

Chicken, Mushroom and Tarragon Casserole with Filo 
Roast Potatoes and Greens

Orange Polenta Cake with Creme Fraiche

Our chef this month is Chris Cohen of Feast With Friends
Sunday Funday starts at 9:30am and we pack up at 4 - 4:30pm.
£20.00 per person.  Payment on booking.

Not all retreats need to involve overnight stays do they!

Monday 7 January 2019

Happy New Sewing Year!

Can you see the light? I see the light,!! Open today 9:30am until 4:30pm