Sunday 23 January 2022

Stitching News

This first quilt has been in the making process for a very long time. Jean Bean heard of a newly planted baby seed and got straight onto designing a quilt. She quite often starts her design ideas with a JellyCat purchase,  how cute is this Mr Badger, Riverside Rambler!

 There's a fox too. Jean called him Ferdinand Fox

here's Mr Badger as a work in progress

The finished quilt has now been delivered, of course Baby was delivered too, ha!
It's not he best photo of the quilt but we might get a better one soon. Toot toot toot Jean Bean, a finally finished fabulous woodland quilt, a simply splendid specimen it is too!

Farmer Lynda sent this picture of her latest fabulous and finished gifting quilt for yet another newly arrived little baby. Lynda is getting very good use out of her Scandinavian Tomte Pattern, this is just using one corner... what a great idea, we can do that with our very own patterns! Toot toot toot Lynda

Pam has been commissioned to make a quilt for new little baby boy. Pam's made quite a number of baby quilts lately and they were mostly unisex or girly ones. She's really enjoying making this space pattern, and yes, I know girls go to space too.
Pam always carefully chooses her matching threads... 
She had quite a selection to choose from too!
We can watch the progress as it happens, If I remember to take pictures!

Cheryl Cheryl has finished her wonderful quilt top. 
She has really embraced and enjoyed the Organic applique. It's sandwich time now.

Farmer Lynda made the Cats On The Fence quilt 'TOP' with a kit she purchased from my very good self,  to sew on our last retreat. The top was completed on the retreat and this new top was conjured up for the back using all the left overs and a few more fabrics besides... as you can see... the top is now the back and the back is now the front... now that's PMS!!!!

Bev now has enough blocks made to start joining them together. 
She will be a Half Square Triangle making expert after this quilt. Log Cabin blocks are great practice for the "Scant Quarter Inch Seam"

Do you remember my Ugly Bird House Quilt
Suzie has started to make one for her very own self. This is the start, a garden wall... but she's using beautiful fabrics. I so wish I had made notes to write up a pattern for this quilt as I've had so many requests for it... Suzie is making it up for her very own self, guided by my very ugly one.
A beginner cushion.... 
We haven't really had one of these for  a while have we?
Lyn was absolutely delighted with everything she had learned during her day... she's coming again, I did warn her that we live on the dark side... she jumped on board!

A zipped cushion back too, it always impresses folk. 
Toot toot toot Lyn, you did a great job!

Just a footnote to remind you that there's a Sunday Funday Sewday next weekend. 30th January. I have a few tables available should you decide you NEED to come play!

Sunday 9 January 2022

Normal-est Normal?

Welcome to 2022, hopefully another Great Quilting Year!
That little break whizzed by much faster than I wanted/needed it to. Either that or my "things I want to do" list was a bit over ambitious? Ha! It's a tradition isn't it? Sewing Prevention Season doesn't stop us making long sewing lists.
Classes resume on Monday 10th, tomorrow and, from the messages I've received, folk are happy about that.

Hilary, a shop customer, very kindly, sent these photos to show me what she had made with my fabrics... well, they were my fabrics but I very kindly let her buy some, like a real shop does!

Dragon Flies, beautiful Batik fabrics were used on this project and don't they look fabulous!! It's amazing how many different colours you can cut from just a few fabrics...
Toot toot toot, for this fabulous finish Hilary.

Like the Stack-n-Whack Kaleidoscope quilts and the Bargello method, Convergence Quilts  have been around for years and are still amazing. The book, by Ricky Timms, has been around for ages. I know I made my Convergence quilt wall hanging back in 2003... I have the book in my shop, just saying!
All of these fabrics came from my very own shop and don't they look great sewn up, chopped up, turned around and sewn back together, which is sort of what you do for this method.
Another fabulous finish for our new year toot toot tooting.

I hope you all managed at least a little planning time if not to have actually sewn anything... we need to get back to the things that keep us sane and happy don't we!

Tuesday 4 January 2022

Janet's Quilts

Here we are on the other side of Sewing Prevention Season... 
I hope you enjoyed your festive season.

Janet got these two Christmassy quilts ready in time for the holidays and she loved them so much that she wanted to show them off!
This top, Janet says, was completed in only a couple of hours and she points out that the blue fabric, the very important blue fabric as it pulls all the panel-ly bits together, was from my very own shop! I have my uses.... don't be coming for any though... Janet finished the bolt to get her 10 percent discount.

This quilt is a pattern from Cosy Quilts and is called Strip Tube Tannenbaum though Janet watched the video from Jordan Fabrics, and she says it's one of her favourite ever Festive quilts... that's quite a statement as Janet has made about 3000 Christmas quilts, Ha!

 Both of the quilts were Long Arm quilted by Amanda in Stone

Toot toot toot-etty-toot Janet. 2 Fabulous and festive finishes. Thank you for the photos.