Monday 28 September 2015

Stitching News

Evidence that Christmas crafting good and early will pay off.
Lorna's Merry Christmas wall hanging is not only fabulous... it's finished!... in good time for this Christmas coming... toot toot toot Lorna... I told you no-one would notice it was supposed to have been for last Christmas... it will remain my secret...!

This is also Lorna's, another festive project destined to be ready for this year, as planned! She's creating a family heirloom. The sandwich is done. The thread colours were chosen too... so Lorna spent Sew Simple Saturday quilting this lovely project.
PM Pam made this lovely lovely kiddie quilt top with a Jen Kingwell pattern.
Pam played the PMS game (Pleasing My Self) on some bits...
but you will never know which bits because...
 I won't tell you that she cut the borders a bit short.
Once the Little Star quilt was sandwiched, Pam moved on to a little Big Stitch Quilting with Perle Thread that co-ordinated perfectly..
What a lovely way to spend a Sew Simple Saturday...
A day when you can sew whatever you like with no-one disturbing you...
Except me and my little purple camera! ha ha
I have been doing a little bit of paper tidying lately. I found this pattern on tracing paper. A few years ago the Uttoxeter group all made this little wall hanging and I had forgotten all about it... I might make a cushion... I chose my fabric and started to make it for my very own self... Customers saw it and some are joining me.. it's a very simple and quick festive tree, fabulous! You will see more trees, I am sure of it.
Close of a lovely stitchy day...
Lovely things on my wall and everywhere ready for monday morning...
today! see you later?

Sunday 27 September 2015

Oh My Goodness

I know the pictures are not good... my camera has not performed to it's best
but... Oh my blooming goodness... what a beautiful quilt...
Angela, not me myself but a customer of mine, purchased this pattern booklet when it first came into my quilt shop a few months ago...
It's Green Tea And Sweet Beans 
by Jen Kingwell
It's finished and extreeeeemely fabulous and therefor needs and deserves a very loud toot toot, toot-etty-toot fanfare
I've taken lots of little pictures because there's so much detail to see. Lots of fabrics, a true scrappy quilt... It has many methods, all following the pattern of course, needle turn applique, English Paper Piecing, foundation Paper Piecing, curved piecing... and more All done by hand. It's hand quilted too!!! Hours and hours of work.

Angela has allowed me to hang her beautiful quilt on the wall of my very own classroom so... if you would like a closer look, you may come to visit.
I can promise you that it is even more beautiful and more colourful in real life!!
Thank you for allowing me to display your quilt Angela, I think you can tell that I absolutely LOVE IT!!

Friday 25 September 2015

Stitching News

Brenda Barbara arrived armed with a Charm Pack... It's the Little Black Dress 2 range from Moda... She wanted to make a Lick-etty-Split quilt... and she did. This quilt top was finished by the end of class. Brenda's going to make border decisions next week... 'to border or, not to border'... an often asked question!
Farmer Lynda made two further Ohio Star blocks at home and came to class eager to try a different block... which she did and also chose a third... I think we can say that Lynda is on a block roll... she's enjoying making the blocks too... now that helps!
All Day Di, we can safely say, is now at piece with applique. She has the Stick stuff and blanket stitch method firmly in her head and is making even better, stress free, progress with her Farmer Joe's Quiet Book, phew!
Sister Sue made a second Sawtooth Star block. The No Waste Flying Geese method doesn't look like it will work... until you follow the instructions and then realise it is fabulous... click here and have a go for your very own self... send pictures if you like...
Fran Cupcake has been having a lot of fun with zips... These little pouches have kept her entertained. Some made with leftover Bendy Bag triangles... We had to hide Fran's 12 new zips to stop her playing with them... there's workshop preparation to do...
Jean Bean spent a very industrious day making No Waste Flying Geese for her star blocks... In time you will see that Jean has embarked on the journey of Shakespeare... In The Park, Around The Park or Through The Park...
You never can tell with our Jean Bean!! ha ha
Christabelle has a few projects that need to be finished.
Babies are popping up (out) everywhere!! This particular quilt is having pink stitching added to the sashing and pink stitching added to the blocks... I think it's for a girl!
Definitely for a girl... Carol was influenced by a secret quilt she saw being made in class... Fabric choosing was quite easy, it always is for girls though... Carol sews really quickly and confidently having been a seamstress since forever... Carol is enjoying using new skills, she might not know that yet... but I am sure!!
Just Jan joined the long list of ladies with the Bendy Bag bug... great fabric choice, from my very own little shop and a super zip colour to co-ordinate, there's plenty of choice in my zippy basket though... Jan went home with 10 more zips...
I tell you... this Bendy Bag thing in contagious!!!
Margaret has come to realise that she's going to enjoy Liberated Quilting... At first she stressed a little trying very hard to get everything perfect... Her poor seam ripper was so tired... I explained that Patchwork looks fabulous when lines don't play straight games too!!! and now... she believes me... Onward and upward Margaret!
Tomorrow is a Sew Simple Saturday.
There are tables spare if you have the urge to spend a lovely, undisturbed day stitching in my very inviting classroom...
I could show you my gorgeous fabrics, old and new and patterns too...
I love my little quilt shop!!!
I think you can tell eh?

Sunday 20 September 2015

Stitching News

Let's start with a fabulous and finished fanfare for our very own, Jean Bean... toot toot toot. This quilt has been made as a special request, a commissioned project. Pink, but not too pinky pink, cute and interesting with those beautiful pictures from the About A Girl collection... Lovely quilt Jean... and finished quite lick-etty-split too!
Barbara BEW finally finished her Twister Heart Cushion... This lady has stamina!!! It's easy to get in a muddle with this pattern IF you don't follow top tips and advice from wise people... that's those who have already made it... next time maybe, the top tips will be followed? No matter now... it's a fabulous and finished cushion, with a zip in the back... toot toot toot
Just Jan added the final few Piano Key strips to her sides and conjured up lovely corner stones to tie the sides together. Before sandwich time can be achieved... next comes a huge decision... what to put on the back, hmmm.
PM Pam will be needing us to hold up our polished fanfare trumpets..Yet another fabulous, finished quilt has been hung on my very own classroom wall... I love love love this quilt... as do many other customers... Pam has inspired a lot of people. Although it's a very well known and simple design, Pam used her Jen Kingwell book for all the instructions, once we put them right that is... he he he
Maid Marion got her very own self in a little pickle... she had forgotten how to do sticky stuff applique... forgotten what she had decided to do with the blocks and, forgotten how lovely these Snowman Collector blocks are... we sorted out all those little details so, now she's on a roll and remembers a lot!
There's a lady customer who pops in almost weekly for a bit more blue fabric or a bit more Bella Solid background fabric... Looking at this picture of her work, you could be forgiven for thinking she's Old School... been quilting for years etc... She is a Beginner, this is her first attempt!... She's teaching her very own self to do patchwork!!!! Boy she must be a good teacher!!! ha ha ha either that or she is a very good student to her very own teaching! Beautiful work

Lorna has done a lovely job with her fabulous, festive applique blocks... she's enjoyed  stitching them too. There are a few more borders to be added yet... Even though the pattern tells us the size of the finished project... we are often surprised how big it actually is... Lorna is surprised too... but it's not a problem, there will be more quilt to love!

LouLou decided to have a go at making a bag. For this particular one, which I have made for my very own self, My Mum Gwynneth has made and Lady Judith has almost finished making... the cutting took up more time than we expected... like lots of bag patterns though, once all the pieces are cut... from fabric, wadding and interfacing, the rest is plain sailing... of course that depends which boat you get on!!
It's been a rubbish week for photo taking... I have been so very distracted by lovely ladies and lovely projects and fabric deliveries and pattern deliveries and bag making furniture deliveries... and running my very own shop and my very own classroom and my very own home life... which went pear shaped when the tumble dryer broke... unmendabubble!!! I've only had it for 17 years!!!! ha ha ha
So, a late post today will give you a clue to my schedule... I am behind with all plans.... but, BUT
My shop is super tidy. Temptation trolleys have been filled with lovely and well reduced fabric bolts, yes it had to happen again!!!.

My newly delivered Sew Me Something Patterns are well displayed and... hopefully I will finish this next Kate Tunic Lick-etty-Split because I want to make a Beatrice Pinafore... amongst other things... I would just like to mention... I am using knit fabric for this Kate Tunic... Cotton is soooo much easier to work with, I am struggling!!!
Oh come on weather... dry my washing a bit quicker PLEASE!!!

Tuesday 15 September 2015

More About Bendy Bags

Rachel and Bridget both attended the workshop on Saturday and had a great day... looks like they were bitten by the Bendy Bag Bug alright... these two Bendy Bags were made using scrap strips  and the left over Bendy triangle... (my scrap strips!!! yes, finally I am learning to share! ha ha ha)  can you believe it... after making these bags they still had the triangle left over!!! fun fun fun Fabulous and finished so... toot toot toot.Thanks for sending the picture ladies.
Fran's been making loads of Bendy Bags so had left over triangles too... never one to consider 'waste' she played around and 'invented' this great pocket pouch... Fran has hidden talents as an inventor then eh... This pocket pouch is perfect for keeping Presencia Perle cottons neat and tidy... Phew... its a good job I sell them in my very own shop to help Fran with her collecting... ha ha ha
Bendy Bag patterns can be purchased from my very own shop and we still let you choose a free zip... all for your very own self to make your Bendy Bag... be careful though... they are very addictive!

Stitching News

Jeannette Dilly is one of the lucky few who came to the Bendy Bag workshop on Saturday... when she got home, she found she had a bug! A Bendy Bag Bug, ha ha ha It's contagious you know, once you've made one, you won't be able to stop!!!
Toot toot toot Jeannette, I believe you have fabulous finishes!!

LouLou finished her gifting cushion just in the nick of time.
The pattern is based on the Pineapple Blossom from Bonnie over at Quiltville, I changed the size of the strips and the squares to make 6" blocks for a scrappy 24" cushion and, it seems, lots of ladies now want to make them...
Toot toot toot LouLou... It's your fabulous finished fanfare
Jenny Barlaston worked on yet another Advent Panel... I think I am correct with the number... this is her 16th Advent Quilt Wall Hanging. They haven't all been this Makower Angel though. I think she must be our resident Advent Panel expert by now! Toot toot toot Jen, fabulous and finished!
Sporty Sue is making great progress with her hand quilting... she's doing the Big Stitch quilting using Presencia Perle number 8.... I have the full range of colours in my very own drawers!!! Sue was feeling so relaxed as she stitched... and her very own legs were warmer than anyone elses!!! 
Do you dress to co-ordinate with your project?
Here My Mum Gwynneth not only dressed to co-ordinate, her mug, scissors and nails finished the whole ensemble!! All accidental really.
And then there's Our Kate... matching her very large and extremely thick and tricky bag project... we have her lovely mustard yellow top and my fabulous yellow Lotus chair... anyone would think it was a quilt shop!!! ha ha ha

Monday 14 September 2015

Stitching News

Toot toot toot... Steph showing off her fabulous and finished Batik beauty...
A great sized lap quilt and it's ready for gifting.... and
"Yes... the beautiful Batik fabrics were all from my very own shop"
Can you answer this question? Do you recognised the fabric Merrily used to make her fabulous and finished, Zip n Go tote? (pattern's availabubble in my very own shop by the way) Jenny Barlaston knew the floral-y-fancy immediately... Me, my very own self?... nope, I am too young to remember this, saying that is a rare option these days!! ha ha ha... Toot toot toot Merrily.
Farmer Lynda has had a lot of fun with applique. Now she wants to learn new skills so, she has started making blocks for a Quilt-As-You-Go, sampler quilt... as always happens... how to make an Hour Glass unit really impressed her! An Ohio Star was made, Lynda was happy!
Steph, on the other hand, has seen Lynda and  few others, making applique projects so... she wanted to have a go for her very own self... every day there is inspiration from fellow class members!!! It's just wonderful!

Brenda Barbara almost finished her Miranda Bag... the straps haven't been attached yet as decisions need to be made about the length of them... the bag is to be gifted so Brenda needs to do a little detective work... all fabrics used are from Art Gallery so, as usual, the bag feels very luxurious.
My Rebel Josie won two prizes for her beautiful applique, Batik Flowers quilt.
One First Prize rosette and a cup for the category and Best In Show sustificate!!!
Well done Josie.... you are now famous!!!
The quilt is on display in my very own shop if you would like to pop in for a closer look.

Sunday 13 September 2015

Bendy Bag Workshop

What a fabulous day!!
This has to be one of my favourite workshops.
Lots of 'Top Tips' were enjoyed by everyone

My goodness, Bendy Bags look great from all angles!!!
We have another workshop for Bendy Bags with Top Tips 

on Saturday 21st November...
Just so you know!