Sunday 29 April 2018

Stitching News

Jean Bean finished another baby play mat. The design is Attic Windows and we find it ever so clever how the 3D effect is achieved. Just two fabrics of different value and a thin sashing, which can be any colour at all.

You can guess from this little, traditional ditty that the quilt will be gifted to a little fellow once he pops into the world... this is the back of Jean's play mat.Toot toot toot Jean Beano, It's a fabulous, fun finish.

PM Pam took a little creativity from our Beano and decided to make her baby play mat double sided too... these two fronts were made into a double 'A' side sandwich so Pam's probably quilting as I write this blogpost.

Although Pam could be quilting this one... yup... she made two quilt sandwiches and both were for double sided projects... This great rainbow of colour was inspired by the fabric with the little rainbows on it.

Our Carol was able to used a few of the large tables during Sewing Sunday... On-Point settings are always easier to follow if we see them spread out... and a bright and purple-y beauty it is indeed. I believe this top is now ready to be made into a sandwich. 
Not a great amount of pictures this time as we have been super busy in the shop... on top of that, there were over 40 new fabrics delivered and I had to fit it all in somewhere... so time was spent re-arranging... we can't find anything again now! ha ha ha

Tuesday 24 April 2018

Stitching News

Beryl proudly held up her lap quilt top. She declared her love for the simple colour combination... Blue and white... a timeless classic! She made a quilt sandwich too.

Brenda Barbara also finished her lovely quilt top. It's Bonnie's Pineapple Blossom pattern, a big favourite in my lovely shop! Brenda is making this project for gifting.

My Mum Gwynneth finished the centre of her beautiful Batik quilt top and added the inner border. It's the Railfence design, a great classic that remains very popular and looks fabulous in every colour combination. 

Krafty Karen has a new project on the go, it's a recent new pattern purchase and it's so darned cute that lots of ladies went to order it too! I forgot to get the details though...

Can you guess what Princess Jackie planned to do in front of the TV? She is the only lady I know, or ever met, that loves to tie off and thread through... she even shows signs of excitement at the thought of doing it!

New Sue has an urgent request to sort out. A quilt she had gifted to a friend a few years ago went up in smoke in an unfortunate accident and said friend requested a replacement.... Sue is on the case!

This is Sue's beautiful Batik, applique quilt top, almost finished but it's had to be put to one side while the gifting quilt get's made. It's probably almost finished by now though... in fact, they might both be done knowing how Sue works eh!

We had a fabulous day on Sunday 22nd April with our Sunday Sewing Patchwork Party. 26 ladies came this time... 
All day stitching together is proving to be a very popular tiny treat retreat. 
Lovely ladies spending a fun day together.... 
Complete with all day refreshments and a fabulous feast for lunch, a perfect recipe for a great day. Our next Sunday Sewing Patchwork Party will be on 1st July.

Thursday 19 April 2018

Stitching News

Norma is doing her very best to get to grips with the pleasures (?) of Foundation Paper Piecing... It always seems like an impossible task... until the penny drops.

Normas applique project will have those little Foundation Paper Pieced triangles as an inner border, won't it look splendid!!! Come on Norma, you can do it!!!

Lady Judith is back... she has had a terrible lurgy, Bubonic pneumonia ?? oh, I don't remember but it was nearly as bad as Man Flu!!! ha ha ha. She's back stitching now though and is itching to start something new... but other projects need to be finished first.

Our Carol is super chuffed with her latest project... Made with a Free Spirit Layer cake and some of my beautiful Batik fabric.. The pattern is a Layer cake recipe from one of the Lintott books

Annbacan finished the last bits of applique on her trees and then stitched the pointy bits to the ends of this table runner. All ready for sandwiching now at the Sewing Sunday event.

Monday Sheila had already made two tops and then made two quilt sandwiches before she started working on this bag... this woman must have jet fuel for breakfast... we can't keep up!

Sunday 15 April 2018

Stitching News With Tooting

Susan was in between projects recently and couldn't decide what to make next. Jean Bean reminded her that the Project Linus team have requested Rail Fence quilts this year. Susan got all inspired... using colours suitable for teenage boy maybe... and now it's a Fabulous and totally toot toot tootable finished quilt.

This is the back so you can see the great quilting. Some young chap is going to love this quilt. Thank you Susan for giving your stitchy time to such a great cause...
Are you tempted to make a Rail Fence quilt? Here are some more ideas to inspire you

Queen Jacqui proudly held up her totally tootable Daisy quilt, she thoroughly enjoyed making this project... and no wonder eh? There's a lovely story to accompany the making, such a big smile from Jacqui when she tells it. Special moments can be captured in quilt making... but you knew that didn't you. A fabulous and finished fanfare is well deserved! Toot Toot Toot

Christal popped in to show us her Fabulous and finished gifting quilt.
This is her first large project and she's super proud of it. There's quilting around each heart and each goose... all done with the darning foot!!!
Free Motion straight lines??? Wow eh!!!!
Toot toot toot Christal, a fabulous and finished gifting quilt.

Princess Jackie finished her absolutely wonderful applique cushion... I've been showing you the various cushions the ladies have been making for our upcoming, and top secret! Cushion Bombing thing... we are all rolling our eyes now... Jackie raised the bar!!!! ha ha ha

Even fabulous applique detailing on her zip flap... such a talented lady!
Toot toot toot Jackie, it is another absolutely fabulous finish... I'm so excited about the bombing now... it will look so good with all the different cushions on those ugly chairs!!
LouLou finished her quilt top and she's delighted with it. It all started off with a very pretty Charm Pack from Moda ... and this project might even get finished!!! Lou Lou threatened to finish it anyway!!! ha ha ha

Susan purchased a new book and, rather Licketty-Split-ly ran up this lovely wall hanging... There's more Blanket stitching to be done... isn't it spring-y!!! You have to love sticky stuff applique... it's so quick and gives instant gratification!

PM Pam has had a few Baby quilt requests. Choosing the fabric for each one is fun as she knows the people well so they can be even more personal. British countryside animals were in the brief and I had just the right fabric for Pam.... I do aim to please...

Monday 9 April 2018

Stitching News

Kate's making giant Melon Peel blocks... 108 needed for this giant gifting project... we came up with a rather cunning way to save sticky stuff waste... only the edged need to be stuck down you see, we haven't cut the middles out... top secret thriftiness?

 Lynda had a photo of a quilt she wanted to make, also for gifting. It was a good starting point.... Got to love a picture! We played with cutting mathemisms until all was good with the block sizing... one block done 11 to go.

Brenda Barbara had lots of blocks completed so we had a review.
Pineapple Blossom blocks are fun to play with... like log Cabin blocks are.
Changing block directions gives different secondary patterns

After much playing and pondering this is the design Brenda chose.

My Mum Gwynneth hasn't made a quilt for ages. Spring has sprung and new curtains have been purchased so a new quilt was needed to complete the new, light and bright look. Railfence blocks... always a winner... especially in Beautiful Batiks...
Did I mention that 12 more beautiful Batik bolts arrived in my shop!!!

Sunday 8 April 2018

Sandwiches & Beginner Workshop

This is Josie's sandwich. She's had the top ready for a while but she's taken the time to make a fabulous backing with her left over hexagons...  You will see it at the tootable reveal... Josie is pondering the quilt design next.

New Sue's sandwich. This also has a great backing. Sue will machine quilt this one. Knowing her is will be finished by next Tuesday's class.

So... technically this is not a sandwich... very observant of you, ha!
It is a sandwich now though... but the shop was so busy when the last bit of pinning was happening, that Sporty Sue had it all packed up before I could get out the perfectly purple camera.
 On the window tables we had the beginners learning excellent basic skills, including, pressing, rotary cutter safety... "Close your blade!!!" and unpicking!!! They had a great, fun day and all went home with their very own finished quilted cushions with zipped backs.

Thursday 5 April 2018

Uttoxeter Quilt Show

If you are passing near my wonderful, and very well stocked, quilting shop, please feel free to pop in to choose your Angel Duty slot...if you haven't already...  and to pick up for your complimentary entrance ticket... you might find just the right piece of fabric that you didn't know you were looking for!!!

Wednesday 4 April 2018

Two Cushions..

Fran Cupcake made a rather splendid cushion for her rocking chair... using my beautiful, new Tapestry fabric, there are 4 designs in stock and this is my personal favourite!... and Fran piped!!! Oh this lady is very talented! Toot toot toot Fran Cupcake your cushion is finished and absolutely fabulous.

A tiny bit of sewing has been done in Quilty Quarters over the long weekend... I am ready for our upcoming cushion bombing now!! Made using my Dresden ruler with fabrics that customers have thrown away!!! Yup... I save all the bits you throw out ladies!!!
So that sees the end of the disruption for Easter break, hopefully we can get down to business again, stitchy business of course.... until all the Bank Holidays in May... I wish we could move one of them to October!
I've had a very busy and emotional time in the Birth, Death and Marriage department and it's about time for things to settle down a little bit.
Perfect Purple Camera.... get yourself charged up and ready!!!