Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Brief Update...

My shop is allowed to open next week.
From Thursday 3rd December I will continue with the appointment booking system that was so successful before Lockdown.

You can call (or WhatsApp) to book your shopping slot 07807530441

You can email

Obviously, some of you use Facebook and Messenger... I'm not too fond of those but I'll do my best.

If you want to send your favourite messenger pigeon, that would be so cool! ha ha ha

A large box of new Batik fabrics has been delivered while we were on holiday enduring the lockdown... They were ordered in February!!!

Onward and upward... hope to see you soon.

Tuesday, 3 November 2020

Here We Go Again

Today is my last shop opening day... unless you've been hiding under a rock, you must have known that.
Once again we go into a lockdown but, thankfully, not quite as locked up as last time.
I've been very frustrated.... seen with my very own eyes many people not adhering to the Covid prevention advice. 
So many people wearing masks only covering their mouth, not the nose. Constantly touching the centre, most breathed on area, and therefore the worst area to touch.
I have walked out into the road to avoid closeness with pedestrians who carry on chatting without consideration. I've had a teenager step into my path to amuse his friends as I rapidly moved out of his path. I've been tutted at, had people say unkind things to me and some even be plain rude about what they consider my ridiculous actions, while I desperately try to keep to the advice to help stop the spread of the virus.
I've been to hospital with my dad and seen members of the NHS staff not adhering to the restrictions. I pointed it out to the staff, they looked at me blankly. I've collected prescriptions from the Chemist with the actual Chemist wearing his mask under his nose, some staff too and constantly touching the nose/mouth area of their masks.
I'm not going to rant about the stupid people who are gathering in large groups, though my goodness, I could.
I think most people are doing, or trying at least, to do their best, evidently we are not doing enough.

I can only know that I have done everything I could, what a goodie two shoes!!!
A clear conscience is a good thing. My hands are washed to death. I have so many masks I have a dedicated drawer! and I have kept my distance as much as I possibly could.
I've restricted my customers to one or an occasional bubble and had them all wash hands before being locked in my shop, stuff of dreams, ha ha ha!! 

Our Sunday Sewing at Checkley has been cancelled, obviously.
Most of us have cancelled our last Alison House retreat for December... May and September were cancelled for most of us too.
So with all this time on your hands, and not a lot of gardening to do, let's just be happy that we can quilt or sew.
Even I, my very good self, might unpack a sewing machine. 
I hope there will be inspiring pictures for us.

Thursday, 29 October 2020

Stitching News, Hooray!

This is Shirley's first ever finished quilt. She's made a Beginner cushion and a table topper or two but never a full quilt. Just as we were going into the first lock down back in March, she quickly purchased a book and some fabrics so she would have something to play with...

This is the back, it co-ordinates perfectly with the front. Well done Shirley here's your fanfare for the fabulous, faux piped, finish, toot toot toot.

Pam was asked to make a quilt with shirts of a friend's husband... it's such a lovely way to remember people. The shirts were much loved and therefore very well washed and worn, making it a tricky job for Pam. It turned out really well... thanks to Pam's great skill. Toot toot toot Pam, a fabulous finish and a lovely memory.

This is Jenna's first ever sewing project. She's been infected with a sewing bug now... The fabric was purchased a while ago, just because she loved it...

This is the back... Covered buttons and button holes! wow!! Toot toot toot Jenna, it's a fabulous finish and we can't wait to see the other cushions on your sewing agenda... Beware though... it's a slippery slope, Di will have you quilting soon!

Just Edna made a bit of a mess of the first part of lockdown as she fell and broke her flipper, making it impossible to cut and sew. She's back at it now and to help her bones she decided to make a Quilt-As-You-Go project... she's all ready to start joining the blocks together now, apartment-ly of course.

All Day Di made this Llama cushion, isn't it smart! 
She's done it all by her very own self too... woop woop

I'm guessing it will be gifted to Georgina!  There's a zip under that there pretty flap.The Moda Grunge is an excellent choice. Toot toot toot Di, a fabulous finish and another ticked from your long list.


Monday, 26 October 2020

Shopping Information/Rules

I really wish I did not have to write this, but I feel I must... 

I truly value all of you as my customers, thank you so much for being a customer. Please know that I am trying to ensure that we are all safe.

Shopping appointments are for one person at a time. I continue to provide hot water and soap for your hand washing before coming in to my shop and mask wearing is obviously necessary too.
Please use your very own loo before coming shopping as you are not able to use my facilities.

IF you are in a bubble with someone, or from the same household, you could both come in at the same time if you have informed me ahead of time. It is best if you do that when booking your shopping appointment. 
I must request that if you are not coming in to shop for supplies, please do not come in. It is/was much fun to accompany your friends, it's all part of the Quilting addiction, but while we have this virus, that fun has to wait.
The fewer people that enter my shop the safer it will be for all of us, myself and my family included.

I know this is not good for business but it is a small price to pay for your safety and for my and my family's safety.
Other shops and businesses are not being so restrictive with their customers, that's fine... 

I am truly sorry if you come to my shop without an appointment and you can't come in because someone else is inside shopping... If no-one is in my shop, or due to come shopping, when you arrive without an appointment, of course I can let you in to browse. 
Pre-booked appointments will always get priority... All you need to do is call me 07807530441 before heading over to check the situation.

Sometimes I can't be in my shop. I will always honour appointments though. 
Last time.... Please call before coming to my shop... 

Sunday, 11 October 2020

Thank You Ladies...

Thank you ever so much to all of you who have sent project pictures or have popped in to my shop, with an appointment of course, to have photos taken.
My blog is quite monotonous without project pictures... I might have to take a few pictures of my meals soon!!! ha ha, don't worry... I promise I won't. Lentil soup is not that interesting anyway.

So here we go... I still can't quite get to grips with the way they changed how to do blogger posts, very irritating!

Rose made her sandwich at home, all by her very own self. 
She made a shopping appointment to choose threads and binding fabrics. 
We had a good chat about quilting possibilities too and Rose left all excited to get on with it.
Lick-etty-Split, a few days later, I received the finished quilt picture. 
Of course we can all raise our trumpets to give Rose a fabulous and finished fanfare toot toot toot. This is an original Rose design from her "Wing It" company! A gifting quilt for a very special new addition to the Fish family. 

Jean Bean is back to her sewing after months and months of neglecting it... She's one of the dedicated gardeners you've heard me grumble about, it's just not on to put sunshine and gardening before your stitching, ha! There's another baby coming in the future so Jean has to crack on. It takes ages to applique each delicate flower.

Luna Twearly is a gardener too. She was happy to get a little stitching done. She sent this picture to me a while ago. Lots and lots of Flying Geese units have been made so I suspect there could be be a border soon?

Sister Susie has enjoyed a few shopping appointments. Like all of the ladies who used to come to my very own classroom, Susie is missing the great advice and funny banter but has surprised her very own self with how much she has been able to sew without a safety net. This will be a baby quilt.

Farmer Lynda has been sewing for fun and also making face masks for her family. 
This Batik beauty though, is all for her very own self as it is Lynda's favourite fabric.

Princess Jackie finished this spectacularly cute baby quilt. There have been many French Knots to stitch and there was plenty of Faux Trapunto to quilt around

You can see all the quilting from the back which, as always, is a quilt in it's very own right. Toot toot toot Jackie, another fabulous and finished project, ready for gifting, which can't be easy after all that work!!

Ta daaaaa... Farmer Lynda has been making this beauty for over 2 years and now it's all done, she is questioning why? There have been many projects made by Lynda over those 2 years so I know why... Clue? New Grandchildren, 2 of them ha ha ha. It's a fabulous finish... toot toot toot-etty-toot.

Christabelle has been so busy. A friend is having a first grandbaby soon so Chris was commissioned to make this fabulous Baby Bag, complete with changing mat and a plethora of different handles and pockets and gismos

Look how fabulous the inside is with all those useful pockets, some with zips!! There's a lot of hours of work in this project with such great colours and fabrics... all from my very own shop I should add! It's all made with a printed pattern from ByAnnie.
Toot toot toot Chris, a fabulous and very useful finish.

Our Pam has been swamped with family Face Mask requests. These were made for a Joiner! Perfect and quite quirky don't you think?
Toot toot toot Pam, they are fabulous and, of course, finished.

That's all I have for this post. Now that the days are darking themselves earlier and earlier, maybe more sewing will be done. I'll post more piccies, if I get any.

Monday, 14 September 2020

Stitching News

I have a few wonderful projects to share with you...
A few months ago Shirley attended one of the Beginner Cushion workshops. She thoroughly enjoyed. A few Thursday classes later she had made a table runner. She was hooked! We heard we were going to be shut down so she purchased a book and a few Fat Quarters to keep her going for a few weeks! ha ha ha, well none of us expected this situation to last this long did we.

Months later... Shirley has finished her first ever quilt top, woop woop... She is a gardener too so, like many others, time has been used outside... tisk! Didn't she do well!! She has purchased the backing ready to make her first ever sandwich... watch this space.

Princess Jackie made an appointment and came shopping. She brought this quilt to choose borders and backing fabrics, of course I had to take pictures... the cutest bees!!! Some little details have had the faux Trapunto treatment and the embroidery detail is beautiful.

Jackie also brought in this absolutely amazing project. The colours are so bright and cheery. Jackie had started to make pieced blocks ages ago, with no real plan... during lock down  she was inspired to work on it. It is a fabulous and finished, absolutely beautiful quilt so... toot toot toot Jackie
Of course the back is fabulous and you can see all the quilting Jackie did. Just wonderful, thank you so much for bringing your quilt in to visit my photo step Jackie.

You surely can't have missed the latest news about Covid-19. 
I will continue to offer shopping appointments, it's all worked out well so far, good and safe!
Thank you for shopping in my wonderful, very well stocked and now Quite Tidy little Quilt Shop. 
You just need to call me 07807530441 
You can book appointments in advance and most of you are doing that, or just call me before setting off to come shopping and if I can help you, if I can let you in, I will.
Remember to use you very own loo before coming as my facilities are strictly NOT available for you... Where do you think I put all the stuff to make the shop look tidy!!! ha ha ha

Sunday, 6 September 2020

I Spy Six Packs

In between offering excellent customer service in my shop, I've been cutting lots and lots of six inch strips of fabric to sub-cut them into 6 inch novelty squares. Each of the Six Packs contains 31 different fabrics making them perfect to play "I Spy". You only need 30 squares really but I like to put in one extra just so that you can have a spare. £15.95 per pack. With two packs you could make a pairs game! One pack for the quilt and one pack to make little quilted counters... that idea just came to me, genius?

 My Mum Gwynneth helped me sort them out ready to put in packets for you. Thank you Mum. 

Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Stitching News

A couple of projects to show you. I'm finding the new Blogger system tricky to use. I'm hopeless with changes to computer stuff... could be an age thing? My head is rather full of fabric, projects waiting and colour choosing... so there's no room for learning technology, ha! I can't even get the writing to be the same size... there's no hope!

Linda succeeded with her quilt making marathon. As a teacher, she knew she only had her summer holiday do get it done and boy did she work hard on it. It's a Jelly Roll pattern, from one of the many books, but no Jelly Roll was used, Linda used yardage and cut up the 2 1/2" strips, all by her very own self. She was able to choose every fabrics and it worked out way more economical too.

And the back.... Taa daa Beautifully co-ordinated. So we can raise those trumpets, this is a fabulous finish so here we go... a toot toot toot fanfare for Linda... good luck with the getting back to school too. 

Farmer Lynda made a second Elizabeth Hartman Llama pattern project. This one is going to be a grand baby pushchair quilt. Lynda is going to add a lime green grunge strip to the top and the bottom before sandwiching and quilting... She will be keeping this one for her very own self!
There you go, I can only find these few pictures. I know I have taken more. They must be here in my computer somewhere, ha ha ha ... I''ll have to ask my Lilly to help me find them....

I have been trying to sort out the new Quilty Quarters... what a job!
A total pleasure and a blooming chore, both at the very same time.
These are a few of my hand dyed fabrics. It's ridiculous to have dyed so many fabrics when I avoid using them... so I am going to, use them all up that is... don't hold your breath though, I never said WHEN!!

If you are still here... Just to clarify about my shop... 
I am continuing to operate my appointments system with hand washing on arrival.
It is working very well. 
I am truly sorry if you have turned up without an appointment and you couldn't come in because someone else was shopping... We have to be safe. This is all I can do to keep us ALL safe. 
If no-one is in my shop, or due to come shopping, when you arrive without an appointment, of course I can let you in to browse. But pre-booked appointments will always get priority.
All you need to do is call me 07807530441 before heading over to check the situation.
Hope to see you all soon.

Tuesday, 25 August 2020

A Few Things To Note

It's a Bank Holiday Weekend, which always disrupts us.
I'm going to continue using appointments and virtual queuing to keep us all very safe.
Please call me, 07807530441.

Monday 31st Bank Holiday Closed.
September:- Tuesday 1st closed & Wednesday 2nd closed.

From Thursday 3rd.... open daily from 10am to 2pm, unless there are appointment outside of those hours.

Classes and workshops are still on hold and will not be happening in September. It is still not safe enough.
Any updates will be posted here on my blog.

Wednesday, 19 August 2020

Temptation Trolley or Rooting Rack

In between giving excellent customer service and keeping things as safe as I possibly can with my one person at a time virtual queuing system, I've been sorting. You know what that means don't you...
I can't find things!
The shelves are looking might tidy though it has to be said. Lots of the cardboard bolts had only a short piece of fabric on them so they have been added to the temptation trolley, except were so many that my little trolley was quite overwhelmed. I purchased an old fashioned rack, you know, for drying and airing clothes, it was just perfect, so I now have A Rooting Rack, I know, very cool and I should have remembered to take a picture for you eh!

I'm trialling bubbles in my shop. That means that IF you are from the same household or you have been bubbling with a friend or family member and you both wish to shop, two people can come in at the very same time. Please only do this if you are both shopping though... that doesn't sound good but the fewer people that do actually enter my shop, the safer we will all be.

There are a few items out on the tables with reduced prices, like quilt hangers. Just to clear a few little spaces.

It's time to be working on your Festive projects  (that's like Christmas stuff, but I was trying not to use the C word!!) I have had a good sort out in Christmas Corner. There are lots of festive panels for you to choose from, including Advent Calendars, large stocking panels and the ever popular, mini advent bunting stockings. 
Now it sounds like a shop advert so I'll stop... I will let you see for your very own self when you pop in.

Monday, 10 August 2020

Stitching News


Linda only came to my very own shop to get these fabrics about a week ago and already she was back to choose backing fabric and to get her wadding. The pattern is from one of Linda's Jelly Roll books, I think she's going to make every quilt in the books as she finds them very easy to follow.

Princess Jackie's quilts always leave me with a dropped jaw WOW!! they're stunning. She fussily cuts all the applique pieces so they have extra details. Jackie says it makes a blooming mess of your fabric though... funny shaped holes all over it! Toot toot toot for another fabulous and finished quilt.

This is the back, you can see all the quilting detail too. 

Yes, as you might have spotted, the photo step is still being used but with no-one to help hold the quilts up, they have to have floppy corners, ha ha ha better than no photo at all eh.

Blogger has changed a few things so I'm getting frustrated with it, I don't like change... because I am lazy I guess, I don't mind learning all sorts new and different things and methods in patchwork and quilting but I really hate learning how to use the computer stuff.

Social distancing, hand washing, face coverings, virtual queuing and appointments are still the way shopping is happening in my lovely and very well stocked shop.
I've been tidying, sorting, stock taking and re-arranging... a lot... I can't find anything now, ha!

Sunday, 2 August 2020

The First Three Weeks... Quilty Quarters

This is something I was going to blog about at the end of April but I was so busy painting and grafting on my new Quilty Quarters that I forgot. I found these pictures in my perfect purple camera along with those in the last post. So, better late than never, I'm doing it now.
You will remember that lots of NHS staff were being called back to the front line at the beginning of our Covid 19 battle. I was out on Thursday evenings clapping tearfully with everyone giving our grateful thanks to our warriors.
A close family member to my Lilly, had worked for many years in ICU but had recently taken a career change to a different, calmer department. Obviously she too got called back to her old ICU department. Lilly relayed information to me, about how frightened all the staff were, worried not only for themselves but for everyone they know. It was so much more worrying hearing it from Lilly than from the news bulletins, and they were bad enough to watch... My applause seemed so empty, I was bursting to do something more.. 
If you are a quilter this might make sense to you... I really wanted to make a quilt to gift, to say a proper thank you. Obviously, I would never be able to make a quilt for every NHS member!! So my victim was chosen, I had a focus. and boy did I focus!! 
I asked my Lilly for a few details... floral or wacky? girly or bright? modern or traditional?... it's a bit more tricky when you are making a quilt for someone you feel connected to but you don't actually know much about them!
The answer... Quite girly, floral but loves lots of colours... I think this fit the brief!! 
I had one of my Floral Angie's Six Packs at home, they follow me up from my shop you know!!! and I had a Tilda Charm Pack (a sample of the fabric range) So I framed the 5" squares with a lovely, solid off-white to make them all up to 6"... the rest is a bit obvious

It took a couple of weeks from start to finish.
All day, every day... with nowhere to go, no-one to talk to.
No schedule to keep... lots of PMS (Pleasing My Self) it was quite easy really.

A mixture of Free Motion quilting and Walking Foot Ditch Hopping...
With hearts and loop-itty-loops...

The back.

The label with a little poem waiting to be stitched on.

A quick trip to the Post Office and my work was done. 
I felt so good making the quilt. I had to hope the lovely lady I was sending it to didn't think I was a bit weird for making a quilt... gifting her a home made quilt to say thank you for looking after people I don't know... it does sound strange now... but I loved making it and gifting it... I felt much better for having done it.
The lady received it a few days later, she loved it, she understood my why!... That's all that mattered in the end.

Saturday, 1 August 2020

Stitching News

Over the weeks since my shop was allowed to re-open, I took a few photos, mainly with my phone, as we do these days.These photos though, were taken with my perfectly purple camera but my routine of blogging and picture taking has disappeared so I forgot all about the photos. I finally remembered to bring my camera home to look. 
Brenda Barbara had been busy using up her beautiful scraps. This is a great design for scraps. You can't beat a large, multi-fabric project can you? Unless you don't like playing with scraps, like our Beano. It's this pattern in much brighter and happier colours. Well done Brenda!

I know you have seen this quilt already, it was a floor photo shot. Now we get to give out a toot toot toot fanfare for All Day Di's William Morris prints quilt in it's full glory held up proudly from the photo step... 

This is the back so you get to see how Di quilted.
It's a fabulous finish Di, lovely binding corners too!

This lady came to buy backing fabric for this fabulous quilt top. The fabrics used are a mixture of American and British themes. She had such a lot of fabric left over that we came up with a plan for the back without purchasing any more fabric... yes I know I am a shop and I could have sold her 3 or more metres but she had enough left over fabric to make a pieced backing so that's what I advised, great customer service!!. 

Farmer Lynda finished and gifted her cushion already but I took this picture when she came in to buy the fabrics to make the Llama into a cushion. Such a smart fellow. Lynda's making another Llama now in different colours.

This is another of Our Pam's hospital gifting quilts. They have to be 24 inches in both directions for the unit Pam is supporting.  So we need a toot toot toot fanfare for a beautiful and fabulous finish.

And another from Our Pam. She's always super pleased with the quilts when she holds them up. Made with such care and genuine pleasure... Toot toot toot Pam... But, between you and I, she still has some huge projects on her back burner... Don't be thinking we have forgotten about your piles Pam!! h ha ha

I love this quilt. It is one of the best little projects I've seen using the Peter Rabbit Panel available in my very own shop. The customer used up stash scraps to make up the Half Square Triangle border. It's fabulous and finished, toot toot toot.

Thursday, 30 July 2020

Shop Update

I will/should be in my shop from 10am until 2pm most days going forward.
I've decided to try virtual queuing alongside the appointment system.
That just requires you to call me before heading over to my shop to check on availability so I don't have people waiting outside for over an hour to come inside to choose your treasure.

I'm ready with my face coverings, are you?
This link will take you to an excellent pattern with instructions...
.This link will take you to a YouTube tutorial.

Obviously you can make appointments to shop for treasure outside of those hours, if I can be there for you, I will. 
You will still be greeted with a bowl of hot water and soap and you WILL need to wash your hands thoroughly before entering my wonderful and extreeeemly well stocked shop, wearing your mask of course.
Hope to see you all soon.

Saturday, 25 July 2020

Fabulous And Finished

I'll be in my shop, tidying and pottering, most days now, just between 10am and 2pm. Unless you make an appointment out of those hours, which is allowed.
It's still very much easier if you book a shopping slot as it helps me to keep us all safe!
I've been doing order and collect from a table at the door too, quite strange!
Anyway, we are all in this together so we just have to do, what we have to do... 
Because It is, what It is!! (A regular Beano Quote.)
A while ago All Day Di purchased a Moda Charm pack in the William Morris designs and made a lovely quilt with it for gifting to a very special friend. The trouble was, Di didn't find it easy to part with the quilt! I know that feeling... so, the only way around the predicament was to make a very similar, and just as lovely, quilt all for her very own self to keep... This fabulous & Finished Fanfare is for that very quilt, The Keeper! Well done Di, toot toot toot

The Elizabeth Hartman Unicorn Quilt pattern is still making people very happy... we thought the Unicorns were a phase, like many others, but it looks like they are going to be popular for the long haul.
Yet another fabulous and finished quilt, toot toot toot.

Christabelle made this cushion. I think she made it for gifting but she sent me the picture so long ago that I have forgotten all the details, shocking! (feel free to message me Chris?) Anyway, toot toot toot , it's a fabulous, free-motion quilted and finish project.

Our Carol has been busy playing... she really enjoys playing with fabric, no shock there though as we all do. Carol has made fabric books before so she had a good idea of the end result...

The Makower Alphabet panel was perfect for making the pages... Yes!!! I have more in stock if you fancy making a fabric book like Carol's. Toot toot toot , it might not be a quilt but it's still a fabulous finish.

Farmer Lynda made this cushion. Once again it is an Elizabeth Hartman pattern. Lola. Very detailed instructions that can look a bit daunting, ask Lynda!!! A great success and a second cushion is already on the production line. Toot toot toot Lynda, another fabulous finish!

Rose absolutely loves Tweed fabric. She collects it while away on her travels (when she used to travel of course!!) It gets saved, I mean squirrel's it away, for special projects. Here is one special project. A beautifully made Lap Top wallet. I hope you have noticed the pattern is perfectly lined up. Toot toot toot Rose, a fabulous finish.

Poppy's Nan is the owner of this bright and beautiful quilt. She's been working on it for a good long time and was able to finish it during Lock-Down. Made with carefully selected solid fabrics from my very own shop, most are Moda Bella Solids or Pure Solids by Art Gallery Toot toot toot Janice, a stunning and fabulous.... and finished! project.