Friday 28 November 2008

All Day Sewing

Jutta bought her Christmas cushions in to show us.
Sally's cushions finished too....
Sally started a new project, here she is doing a little bit of math... my favourite part of patchwork... not!
Irene was making the tiniest little doll I ever saw...
Ladies multi-tasking....
Amalia finished quilting one of her twin quilts.... she was very happy using my Bernina.

Sofia had two new Jelly Rolls from The Cotton Patch in the UK, we cut the strips into smaller lengths, mixed them all up and....

sewed them back together again ready to make a big Bargello quilt... rainbows!!!

This is Amalia packed up ready to go home... she brings so many bags with her, each one has a different project to work on as the fancy takes her!

Thursday 27 November 2008

Quilt Class

I almost forgot to take any pictures at Quilt Class. Amalia used her paper pieced tree to make a table place mat. By adding uneven widths of log cabin pieces she was able to make it rectangular. Amalia is considering doing free motion quilting on this small project. Anita made a sample of the Jeans Circle quilt. She has been saving jeans for a while now. We were laughing at the thought of her husband having lots of pairs of shorts next summer, as Anita trims off the excess from his jeans, ha ha ha This is my jeans quilt from the front. The centre squares are mainly indian silk, I thought it was a great contrast. This one is a sofa throw and it gets softer with time, as jeans do. and the back... I made this quilt two years ago from jeans which seemed to have shrunk over the years. It doesn't have any batting and it's very heavy.

Tuesday 25 November 2008

Quilt Class

Amalia working on her Pineapple Blossom quilt, she has completed 19 blocks so far...
Sofia ,with her first Paper Pieced Christmas Tree bauble and her first fabric postcard.

Sandra learned paper piecing and cut lots of 3" strips for the lasagne quilt...
Sandra also finished her fabric postcard, the embellishments are glued in place.

Alexandra completed her baby play mat. Today she mitred the corners and made the backing, all ready for a sandwich which she stayed after class to make.

Sunday 23 November 2008

Sunday Soup & Sewday

In the Quilt Cave today we had banana loaf, pumpkin bread, Creamy vegetable soup, home made bread with British butter, Tiramisu and other goodies... it's a wonder we had time to sew.. but we were very productive....
Therese started work on a Pineapple Blossom quilt, here she is cutting lots of 2" strips.
Regina working on the Quilt Bus Table Topper. A very chic lady matching her clothes to her patchwork, even though she hadn't seen the fabric until she arrived this morning!

Amalia is tying off lots of loose threads on the back of her project..

Ursula was free motion quilting her 8 Christmas table mats with metallic silver thread..

Amalia quilting with my lovely Bernina..

Ann deciding what goes where, with other busy ladies in the background...

Ann made a lot of progress this week, the quilt is over half way to finish line now....

Regina quilting the table topper already, it is a very fast project.

Therese piecing her pineapple blocks.

... she managed to finish 8 blocks, here we placed them on the fabric to be used for the sashing to get an idea of the end result.
Ursula holding Anabela's Square Dance quilt..

Anabela's Square Dance quilt...

Anabela's finished Christmas Tree, I've lost count how many have been made now and still we have people starting them.

Quilt Class

I had a small shock when I arrived at Paula's, it looked like the shop had been hit by a hurricane... but no.... it was just two cleaning elves!! Paula had two lovely ladies come to spring clean the shop...

Never the less, we had two new ladies come for lessons . Armed with a lovely new sewing machine and lots of enthusiasm. Of course I forgot to ask their names but they were Mother and Daughter, lovely ladies,and quite a team.

First we designed the quilt, this was followed by very accurate cutting and Mum at the machine sewing with a perfect 'scant' quarter inch so all the seams lined up very well.
These are the fabrics they were using, don't they remind you of Ines?? even though the picture is a little out of focus.... you can see the scribbled quilt design on those papers... oh dear, I hope they follow it....

Alexandra continued to work on her play blanket. She learned a lot about making points meet, focusing on even 1/4" seams and the importance of being very accurate when cutting. She said she will be coming to class on Tuesday afternoon with it finished and ready to make her sandwich!

Saturday 22 November 2008

Sunflower Blossom

Yesterday I was quilting my Pineappple Blossom quilt. Very much inspired by the fantastic sunflower border fabric that I found at Paula's I decided to call this project Sunflower Blossom, not exactly rocket science eh!
I've been pondering possible designs for days, once I decided on these sunflowers I practiced doodling them with a wooden skewer and finally had the time to get to the quilting yesterday.
I am really pleased with the results. I have 4 more sunflowers to quilt then I will have to do something to anchor the red fabrics as I don't like how the are right now.

I love the back too... it makes me smile... a lot!

It's Quilt Class this afternoon so if I crack on this morning I could get the quilting finished and be hand stitching the binding tomorrow at our Sunday Soup & Sew day

Thursday 20 November 2008

All Day Sewing

We had music, great food, good wine, lovely ladies and sewing... a perfect recipe for a fun day. We started off with the usual "show & tell"

Jutta's Kaleidoscope Quilt... WOW!!! this fabric was NOT pretty at all, it is a Portuguese Chita but it looks fabulous in this project.
This is the back, this fabric was from Ikea of all places.... very cool!

and this is a close view of the lovely hand quilting...

Sofia made a label for the first of the twins' quilts and got the binding sewn onto second one, they will be joining us in this world tomorrow... the twins I mean!
This was a busy table, these ladies were working away and singing along to the Mamma Mia soundtrack CD that Ursula brought in.

Arabela took a small break from patchwork to make a very prety dress for baby Alexia, using the new "Cut & Sew" she got last week. Ursula was a great help!
Sally was working on another Christmas project...
Can't tell you who this is, great disguise Regina!

Sofia, joining the binding strips....

Ann's long term project is getting bigger now...

This is me showing Sofia how to make the very popular Fabric Post Cards.

Irene made these... she loves the cute stuff, but it's very fiddley

Ursula is making placemats for Christmas, these are her own design. They will be quilted with silver metalic thread....

We have less than 5 weeks left to Christmas!

By the way, there won't be a quilting meeting on 25th December, even though it is a Thursday! he he he