Sunday 23 November 2008

Quilt Class

I had a small shock when I arrived at Paula's, it looked like the shop had been hit by a hurricane... but no.... it was just two cleaning elves!! Paula had two lovely ladies come to spring clean the shop...

Never the less, we had two new ladies come for lessons . Armed with a lovely new sewing machine and lots of enthusiasm. Of course I forgot to ask their names but they were Mother and Daughter, lovely ladies,and quite a team.

First we designed the quilt, this was followed by very accurate cutting and Mum at the machine sewing with a perfect 'scant' quarter inch so all the seams lined up very well.
These are the fabrics they were using, don't they remind you of Ines?? even though the picture is a little out of focus.... you can see the scribbled quilt design on those papers... oh dear, I hope they follow it....

Alexandra continued to work on her play blanket. She learned a lot about making points meet, focusing on even 1/4" seams and the importance of being very accurate when cutting. She said she will be coming to class on Tuesday afternoon with it finished and ready to make her sandwich!

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