Thursday 6 November 2008

Quilt Class

Two busy days for quilt class at Arco Iris A Metro...

Sandra came with her homwork complete, at Tuesday's class she added a 1" inner border to frame the railfence and an outer border, she also made the binding and got everything ready to make her sandwich and start quilting next week.
Anita now has all 20 blocks completed, this will be a sampler as each block is different...
we played with colour options for the sashing, this brings out the peach tones...
this is a stronger green than the first picture, it was the final choice. Anita didn't want the sashing to be dark. This will be a throw when it is finished.

A treat for everyone... Paula now has a coffee machine... no more need for popping out of class,
it was lovely too.... not the best picture of Ana, but my lovely quilt compensates for that eh! ha ha ha
Rosario was working on the trees last time and continued at home.. a very good student! She went home on Tuesday with two lovely Christmas cushions. She enjoyed paper piecing and will now make the Christmas tree... if I remember the pattern!
Alda's perfect pieceing, all of her our glass blocks were as perfect as this one.
Amalia comes to class with so many things. This is her fabric stash... wonder how long she will contain it in that 'little' box?, it's looking quite full already!

We had three new ladies join us this week, Claudia, Rita & Celia.....

They will be piecing by machine and after a tricky start to the class..... choosing the right fabrics is fun but tough in the beginning, they got this far with their their railfence projects.

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Rhonda said...

We love your blog. Lots of activities, plenty of colorful blocks and quilts. Your blog is highly favored.....Take care.