Monday 29 April 2019

Stitching News With Tooting

A Quilt Of Dwights
LouLou was so happy to add the last few stitches to this gifting project.
Each Dwight has been quilted separately then joined together with his bright and cheery chums with the addition of those wonderfully liberating, sashing strips. Lou Lou found them a little tricky but she stuck with it and now we can Toot Toot Toot for her fabulous and finished quilt

Look how quirky the back is!!!
Spectacles! One pair for each Dwight... fun eh!
Well done Lou Lou, you ate this elephant, one bit at a time!! x

Toot toot toot also for Christabelle's fabulous and finished gifting quilt... a play mat actually as Chris has given specific instruction that the quilt should be well used even if, and especially if, it's played with on the floor. Washing instructions are on the back... cotton washes and dries so well. This quilt will be going to live in a furrin land... how exciting.

We had a wonderful Sunday Funday Sewday. Great atmosphere, fabulous Chinese style food and really lovely people... even the weather improved it's very own self! This picture is mine, a quilt I started years ago... I've knocked the dust off it and decided to get it done... It took me ages to remember what the plan was for the borders!! I could do PMS... Pleasing My Self, and I just might!

This quilt has been going even longer than my bright one... It's the complete opposite too. Subtle shades of cream made it tricky to see but that fabulous Long Arm quilting stands out a treat... I wonder whether Kate's Lynda will finish her long time quilt before I finish mine?

Friday 26 April 2019

Quilty Quarters

I've had a little break from my shop...
Back to work today...
It's Friday Quilt Club in the classroom... 10am - 3pm.
Not a club really, it's just a fun day of sewing with good company, anyone can play!
 spent quite a few hours in Quilty Quarters and FINALLY finished all the quilting on my 'Trip Down Memory Lane' quilt.

Just 3 miles of binding to do now... Faux Piped, of course...
It's lots more fiddling but it will be worth it.
Sunday Sew Day is this weekend. 
Our wonderful caterer Chris of is making us a Chinese menu. 
Hope you remembered to book your spot.

Tuesday 23 April 2019

Stitching News

Farmer Lynda has finished the front of her Harry Potter quilt.
She's working on the backing now... This quilt has been especially requested, it's funny really, Lynda has never seen a Harry Potter Movie nor has she read a book... so it's a good job we have the magical internet!

Fiona Too and Sister Sue are making the "Nap Mats" from this wonderful book. There are so many lovely projects in it... I didn't realise quite how many until our little Faye came along!!
This is Fiona's progress so far....
Look at the little ruched stems!!!

This one belongs to Sister Susie.
They are both so different... just with colour and fabric choices.
I've just noticed... this Nap Mat is for a VIP!!! 

All Day Di was making a quilt in a day...
It's a good job she only needed a cushion sized quilt as it needed to be finished lick-etty-split for a spot of birthday gifting.

Jean declared that her fingers were sore from quilting... no pain, no gain?... No, it was "No gloves, lots of pain"... but she's had good advice now and will be popping over to Wilko for some cheap gardening gloves!!!
We had a great weekend with the Uttoxeter Quilt Show
We all met loads of people and the Crumbs demonstration booth was very, very busy the whole time, so I have no pictures of the fabulous quilts.... Just this one of some of the many wonderful Quilt Angels... I've booked them all for next year too!!

Thursday 18 April 2019

Easter Weekend

My shop will be open on Good Friday.

Every Friday is good in my shop... it's Friday Quilt Club 10am - 3pm to work on your own projects in my wonderful and very well stocked shop with a fun atmosphere and with like minded people.

It's Sew Simple Saturday this weekend. 

That's like Friday Quilt Club but it's Saturday!

Also on Saturday 20th we have Crochet For Beginners with Lynda. 

All levels welcome. Crochet is 10am to 1pm

My shop will be closed on Bank Holiday Monday, 22nd.

Sunday Sew Day is our next fun thing... 
Sunday 28th April... Have you booked your table?
Final catering numbers' deadline will be Tuesday 23rd

Monday 15 April 2019

Visitors Choice!

Toot toot toot!!! Toot toot-etty-Toot!
Our Rose won Visitors Choice at Uttoxeter Quilt Show, how absolutely Fantastic.
I am feeling very proud. Rose didn't want to enter a quilt at all but PM Pam and a few others insisted she did it... and now... She won! 
Hundreds and hundreds of visitors voted over the three days... 
Such a lot of lovely competition quilts and Our Rose won with her Moorland Hares... 
Hare-ray! Hare-ray!!
No less than 23 quilts entered into the 2019 show were my customers' works of art. Not one of them entered their quilt because they wanted to.
Every single lady to persuaded that their project WAS GOOD ENOUGH after I received a call from the show organizers, well after the original deadline has passed, that they would have liked a few more quilt entries.
I set about convincing folk that I would deliver and return the quilts to and from the show. I would also remove all judges comments before returning them... Gosh, I even offered to pay the entrance fees!!!
I'm just saying this in hopes of encouraging you for next year... because all of the judges comments were positive and constructive. All of the show visitors loved seeing the plethora of different works and all of my ladies, well...  those that I have had feedback from so far, have said that although they felt very nervous entering their quilts, they WILL do it again next year as they had thoroughly enjoyed the experience, over all.
So, it's now here in writing...
All of us will be entering quilts next year... BEFORE the official closing date for 2020! Won't we ladies??!!

Sunday 14 April 2019

Uttoxeter Quilt Show

It's the last day of the show today and so far we have met many interesting people... 
We've demonstrated Crumb Piecing, Apartment Joining and Quilt-As-You-Go and chatted none stop! Not to mention the Coiled Fabric Hats and Bucket popularity!!!
What a wonderful way to spend a weekend!!

Lot's of my shop customers have pitched up to do Angel Duties and to help man the stands... 
Thank you all of you! 
Here goes Sunday....

Friday 12 April 2019

Uttoxeter Quilt Show

We are all set up and ready for 3 busy days of stitchy chatter. We have a great location for the Crumbs & Mile-A-Minute demonstration booth this year. We're upstairs by the competition quilts. 3 Juki machines have been sent, so we get to play on brand new ones... always a treat. Hope you can pop over for a visit.

If you have offered to be a Quilt Angel (thank you!) this is what you are looking for...
The Quilt Angel co-ordinating table... adorned with Spring coloured quilts! It's located upstairs, turn left as you enter from main/first stairs and right from the other stairs in the middle bit (or up in the lift!) Just walk around the edge, you will find us!

Pam has been thinking up great "Use Your Scraps" ideas!!

Sunday 7 April 2019

Sandwich Saturday

It was a very busy sandwich making day.
There were two other quilts pinned, but I missed them with my perfect purple camera.

I also have quilts rolling up ready for the Uttoxeter Quilt Show next weekend.
Getting excited now!
If I am to deliver your quilt to Uttoxeter for you, the deadline is Tuesday 9th before 4pm.

Happy new Tax Year!!!

Thursday 4 April 2019

Stitching News

Brenda Barbara has been working on this little wall hanging for a few weeks, the pieces are tiny which made it a bit tricky to place each detail in the correct position. Made with Beautiful Batik fabrics.... it's almost finished with just the hand stitching on the binding to be done.

This is another one of Judy's little quilts. She purchased a book of what I call 'Inchy Paper' (it's 12" square graph paper sheets in inches!) from my shop a few weeks ago so now she gets out her new colouring pencils and makes up her own designs, she's having such fun.

PM Pam is using up her strip shaped scraps to make these Quilt-As-You-Go blocks. She will be demonstrating them next week at Uttoxeter Quilt Show, we have a demo table again for using up your scraps... Hope you get to visit this year?

At the very same time, Pam is still making up little gifting quilts for the premature baby unit. She has quite a pile now. For a little rest from piecing, Pam decided to do an applique block, this will be a little quilt centre, cute eh! 

Rose made this lovely cushion for gifting to a rather romantic couple... It says it all with those two cute, little cats hugging... then the hearts around the border too... gushing! Pattern purchased during a Quilt show a while ago, She's ever so chuffed with the result.

Princess Jackie is also making a gifting quilt. Usually, we'll find Jackie appliqueing intricate little bits but this time she's challenged herself to to a bit of Proper Patchwork, Jackie's very own words.... success! Can you remember those Rhubarb and Custard sweets?? just saying, he he he

New Sue is trying to use up some of her scrap stash. She's given loads of it Pam and still she has enough for scrappy block making... these blocks will be made into a very modern quilt from the Jen Kingwell book, Quilt Lovely.

Wednesday 3 April 2019

Fabulous And Finished

Dogs In Sweaters, another pattern by Elizabeth Hartman
 Quilt made by Lynda, of wonky border fame... tee hee
It's a fabulous and finished project, free motion quilting all over (which caused the need for a phew physiotherapy appointments, but I didn't tell you that!!)...

Lynda chose this spectacularly scrumptious floral print for her backing, it's super soft, as are all Art Gallery fabrics. Toot toot toot Lynda, for your fabulous and finished quilt.

Judy is making small project for a while... She says she wants to improver her patchwork piecing precision, just because she wants to. Hooray for PMS (Pleasing My Self)!! A fabulous and finished Festive Table Topper with Log Cabin blocks, ready for the next Sewing Prevention Season! Toot toot toot Judy.

Last but by no means least.... Christabelle has been working on this baby gifting quilt in between all the stresses of working on her PolkaDot Bikini project. It's all ready in good time for new baby. Toot toot toot Chris.