Monday 27 April 2015

Stitching News

Stephanie Iceland sandwiched her wonderful wedding ring quilt
Wow is it lovely!
My Rebel Josie sandwiched her Batik Beauty too.
Sandwich Saturdays are a wonderful idea aren't they! 
While visiting, Josie brought in her Cat Quilt, that's what she calls it.
A fabulous and finished project, one more to tick off Josie's list,
She says she's going to finish everything on the list... you know, I believe her!

This is another customer who pops in for help with ideas and advice. She wanted to make a small lap quilt using the Peacock fabric, she's so 'in to' what she's making that the project is growing... there will be another two borders added now!
Lou Lou, amongst other stitching, finished two of her cushions, zips and all. She's also decided to finish a few things before starting another project...
Now then... there's not so much belief for Louise's statement! he he he
Barbie has a fabulous and finished gifting quilt... toot toot toot.
Barbie says her quilting life has been transformed...
 by the Serpentine Stitch on her Juki! ha ha ha
My Mum Gwynneth is making Ribbon blocks.
After declaring, a long time ago, that she would not make large quilts ever again...
she will be making thousands of these blocks for a queen size quilt!
As it was Uttoxeter Quilt Show this last weekend, I thought my lovely little quilt shop would be super quiet, it's so close to home so we flock there every year.. Time on my hands? I made a little quilt sandwich and set about sewing... YES! for my very own self!! Silly me, three rows sewn and the door bell pinged for the rest of the day with customers who had been to the show in the morning... I told you we were close to Uttoxeter!
There's a Bank Holiday weekend coming up so I can finish this lovely little bright beauty then.

Friday 24 April 2015

Jackie's A Winner

Toot toot toot, toot toot-etty-toot...
First Prize winner at Uttoxeter Quilt Show, made by our Princess Jackie

Thursday 23 April 2015

Stitching News... What A Lot!

I know... close your mouth! ha ha ha This is Christabelle's wall hanging
Her very own design... how clever is she... what an arty-farty lady!
Look at the back! Close your mouth! ha ha ha
Isn't it just fabulous... and it's finished, so...
Toot Toot-etty-Toot
Lady Judith has to make more kiddy quilts. The panel from the "About A boy" range, obviously I mean "About A Girl" selection in this case, is a perfect starter for making two quilts at the very same time... that's what's going on here...
Just Jan had continued playing with her blocks and finally decided on this setting. I can tell you that there must be 101 ways to place these blocks and Jan probably tried 89 of them! It's going to be a bed runner... bed scarf, you chose as they are both one and the same thing really.
Fruity Rose finished her Twister Heart cushion front, sandwiched it and started quilting it. She wanted to use bright spring like fabrics and, I think you will agree that she got the fabric choices spot on perfect.... The back has been made with a fully functioning zip too!
Monday Lynne has been given lots of little Disney Cross-Stitched pictures, extremely cute and very neatly stitched. Some will be made into cushions, like the one here and others will probably become a wall hanging... nothing is certain yet
Barbara added both her inner and outer borders, sandwiched all the layers and made a good start on her quilting. This lovely project, destined to become a cushion, with a zip, should be ready for tooting next week.
Crumbs and Mile-A-Minute blocks...they are rather like Marmite in that you either Love them or you hate them... I know that you already know I Love them...PM Pam loves them too... she chose sashing with corner stones for this particular quilt top... 
Monday Claire is coming to the end of quilting the second of her Memory quilts, they are quite large and the fabrics make it a little troublesome to quilt but it's all proving worth it... There might be fanfares of tooting very soon
Christabelle is piecing the blocks for another gifting quilt. It's a pattern from a magazine but I'm not sure which one. How lovely all those pink-y-pinks look together!
Jean Bean finished her beautiful quilt... All her very own design and it's going to remain un-pictured until after the quilt show next weekend... If you go there you will see it... so very very cute it is too!

Monday 20 April 2015

Stitching News

Morning Josie layered her little owl and made him into a sandwich...
Owl sandwiches? Oh my.... he he he
Good progress was made on the quilting during the class
Jeannette Dilly's quilt is fabulous, large and quite a hefty weight. She'll have muscles like Popeye's at this rate... thank goodness for the large 'hole' and great lighting on her Juki HZL 600 Exceed sewing machine... the 'humping' will all be worth while... what an amazing site this quilt will be on her bed!!
Di Butterfly also sandwiched her little quilts and started her quilting.
This delightful design, beach and huts, is not from a purchased pattern, oh no... it's Di's very own design! How very Arty-farty eh... We've decided that she found her wings, I wonder what she will come up with next?
Brenda Barbara's work table is full of bright prints... 
with co-ordinating, no...actually... well matching magnetic pin cushion! 
I see it now... I missed that until now looking at my photo! 
Brenda's quilt blocks are coming along a treat.
Diane's latest quilt top is almost done. She's going to personalise it but I can't remember whether it will be with applique or with shadow quilting...
ooooh... we will have to wait to see that!
This is a free pattern from the marvelous Moda Bake Shop, we tweaked the pattern sizes so Di could incorporate the About A Girl panel.
Annette came shopping, she needed help choosing sashing fabrics for her Stack-n-Whack Kaleidoscope blocks and I think we cracked it. A few ideas bounced about with a few mathemisms and all was sorted... beautiful blocks!
It's such a treat when customers bring back their projects to show how they got on making them... We try ever so hard to help whether it's designing, math or fabric choices... and I think the customers see that and feel we are part of their process. Toot toot toot, this play mat is fabulous and finished and deserves one of our fanfares!

Sunday 19 April 2015

Sue's Goodie Bags Workshop

Another fabulous Goodie Bag workshop run by Sue Oakley. Lots of fun for everyone. Here're the  pictures of the fruits from the day and I hope you notice the delicious fabrics and those fabulous zips... I have a lot of colours of these crafting zips in my very own shop and at 14" long they are only 45 pence each! A-Maaa-ZING!! ha ha 

Thursday 16 April 2015

Stitching News

Christabelle is first in the queue for a toot toot fanfare for her fabulous and finished wonky squares quilt. This was made with a Moda Layer Cake, Avant Garden, There're some great and funky designs in the collection. 
Update... for the free pattern click here
This is the back of Christabelle's totally toot-able quilt... Just look at the quilting! lots and lots of  tiny free-motion stitching... This fabulous quilt will be hanging at Uttoxeter Quilt Show this year where you will be able to see it for your very own self... it's much more stunning than my photo shows.
Toot toot toot-etty-toot... this time the fanfare's for New Sue's fabulous and very well finished quilt. It's another from one of the Pre-cut books that Sue seems to be working her way through... Once again there is some wonderful quilting for us to see
Taadaa... done with a walking foot... just fabulous!! Sue had every plate and bowl out of her kitchen cupboards to get the right size circles... ha ha ha
Who needs gadgets eh? This quilt will be gifted very soon.
Back to basics... I decided to have a smaller beginner project so that anyone new to patchwork and quilting could have a good taste of what's to come... all in one full day or two weekday classes... this cushion has been a perfect choice... Since I displayed my samples, with zips, everyone wants to make simple, and rather stunning cushions. New Sue mentioned how much fun it was being a beginner again...
well... she's no beginner is she!
This is the back of New Sue's cushion... yup... with a zip!
So there's another toot toot toot fanfare needed for Sue's fabulous finish...
And the good news is... she's keeping this one!
PM Pam made this fabulous Tote bag over the Easter break. It's made with Beautiful Batik fabrics... I have a huge selection of Beautiful Batiks... did I mention that before?
It's a lovely deep bucket-ty tote and there were whispers that everyone will be making them now! ha ha ha it's a free pattern from the internet.
Toot toot toot again... PM Pam made this lovely tote bag with the instructions from my Big Quilted Panel Bag but she made the lining separately as it's got co-ordinating pockets on the inside too... all of the fabrics were left over from a quilt Pam finished recently... what a great idea!!
Giggly Gillian is on a finishing roll... this lovely tree quilt was a special request from a family member... it just needs the binding hand stitching and the hanging sleeve stitching in place but we probably won't see it again... Love it Gillian!
This is also a project of Giggly Gillian's... She purchased the pattern and fabric kit from a quilt show, last year I think... the blue fabrics are Indigo dyes, lovely and rich. Gillian just needs to add the binding... she's keeping this quilt for her very own self!! 
Our newest beginner, announced that she had thoroughly enjoyed her class and was surprised how relaxed she felt... she booked herself in to come again. Barbara got the centre of her Quilted Cushion block finished... I love these fabrics!... 

Monday 13 April 2015

Saturday Sandwiches

I went to the SPQ (Staffordshire Patchworkers And Quilters) April Soup and Sew Day on Saturday to spend a luxurious day chatting and stitching with like minded ladies... it's a rare treat to have your lunch provided so more minutes can be spent stitching!

I  left my trusty Jean Bean and My  Mum Gwynneth in charge of goings on in my very own Patchwork and Quilting shop.
Two large sandwiched making sessions were booked for the tables too... So, many pins were put in place... a special thank you Jean Bean for remembering to take pictures for us... the quilts look fabulous.

I bet no-one even noticed that I wasn't there...
I could get used to having a day off you know!!

Sunday 12 April 2015

Stitching News

Not many pictures for Stitching News today... me forgetting to take photos... and there have been many great opportunities... life's busy-ness and my shop's busy-ness all have aided the lack of blog fodder... but here are the few I did manage to capture  
Jeannette Dilly very proudly held up her finished quilt top.
This has not been a problem free project... recently the decision was made to unpick and re-make that large centre star 
with new fabrics!!... she just did it...
"Hats off" to Jeannette for perseverance, determination and sheer stubbornness

"I will not be beaten by a quilt top"
Fiona Too was taking her time with Stitching-in-the Ditch of her inner border strip...
It's a 1" cut strip so finishes at only a half inch wide...  It looks fabulous Ditch stitched on both sides, of course... 'ditch hopping' looks great too! ha ha
Sister Sue is at the very same stage as Fiona Too.
Taking great care to get those stitches as close to the ditch as possible.
Now she knows why Shadow Quilting is so popular... it's much easier to do and far more forgiving.... Matching thread colours to the border fabric strip is a great top tip!
Farmer Lynda finished her applique ducks... very sweet, they came to life once the tiny eyes were stitched, ahhhhh. Right, after a few ideas were tossed about for quilting, Lynda marked a few lines with a water soluble pen then used an iron on, tear away stabilizer to write words. They will be stitched through... no decision was made for the question... machine stitching or hand embroidery? Either way, it will be fabulous... I am sure of that.

Thursday 9 April 2015

Getting Back To Normal...

That's it then for our Easter break... today my lovely little Patchwork and Quilting shop will be open as is normal and we will be waiting for you! 
This next Saturday, 11th April, we have a sandwich making day planned. You do have to book your slot... bit like an appointment really, though you are allowed to come early to help pin the sandwich in front of you... or you could wander around shopping for fabrics while you wait, ha!

Next Saturday we have a workshop with Sue Oakley, her expert workshops are always popular. This one is labelled Sue's Goodie Bags and below are some the ladies made during the first of these workshops.

The fundraising raffle ticket details are now finalised and tickets will be available very soon.
Here's the information for you....

If you would like to buy some tickets online for the raffle you can do so by  making a payment for your tickets via the blog
Tickets will also be available from Sue Oakley & her team from April 20th if you wish to buy in person.
Please, please feel free to publicise this as much as you would be able to.

I better get my very own self down to that shop of mine... see you later?