Monday, 13 April 2015

Saturday Sandwiches

I went to the SPQ (Staffordshire Patchworkers And Quilters) April Soup and Sew Day on Saturday to spend a luxurious day chatting and stitching with like minded ladies... it's a rare treat to have your lunch provided so more minutes can be spent stitching!

I  left my trusty Jean Bean and My  Mum Gwynneth in charge of goings on in my very own Patchwork and Quilting shop.
Two large sandwiched making sessions were booked for the tables too... So, many pins were put in place... a special thank you Jean Bean for remembering to take pictures for us... the quilts look fabulous.

I bet no-one even noticed that I wasn't there...
I could get used to having a day off you know!!

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