Monday, 27 April 2015

Stitching News

Stephanie Iceland sandwiched her wonderful wedding ring quilt
Wow is it lovely!
My Rebel Josie sandwiched her Batik Beauty too.
Sandwich Saturdays are a wonderful idea aren't they! 
While visiting, Josie brought in her Cat Quilt, that's what she calls it.
A fabulous and finished project, one more to tick off Josie's list,
She says she's going to finish everything on the list... you know, I believe her!

This is another customer who pops in for help with ideas and advice. She wanted to make a small lap quilt using the Peacock fabric, she's so 'in to' what she's making that the project is growing... there will be another two borders added now!
Lou Lou, amongst other stitching, finished two of her cushions, zips and all. She's also decided to finish a few things before starting another project...
Now then... there's not so much belief for Louise's statement! he he he
Barbie has a fabulous and finished gifting quilt... toot toot toot.
Barbie says her quilting life has been transformed...
 by the Serpentine Stitch on her Juki! ha ha ha
My Mum Gwynneth is making Ribbon blocks.
After declaring, a long time ago, that she would not make large quilts ever again...
she will be making thousands of these blocks for a queen size quilt!
As it was Uttoxeter Quilt Show this last weekend, I thought my lovely little quilt shop would be super quiet, it's so close to home so we flock there every year.. Time on my hands? I made a little quilt sandwich and set about sewing... YES! for my very own self!! Silly me, three rows sewn and the door bell pinged for the rest of the day with customers who had been to the show in the morning... I told you we were close to Uttoxeter!
There's a Bank Holiday weekend coming up so I can finish this lovely little bright beauty then.

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