Sunday 18 July 2021

Stitching News

Farmer Lynda came to make her Dinosaur sandwich. Isn't it fabulous with it's lovely bright colours. We talked a bit about quilting options, I think Lynda went home with her head spinning a bit so we will have to wait and see what she decides to do.

Truth be known, I don't have much other news really. There should be more interesting blog posts soon though as weekday classes are planned to commence in August, limited numbers and, of course, Government and Covid permitting... I should be able to take a few more photos to show you.

My shop is just about ticking along. I've had a bit of a Christmas Fabric rush, funny how that happens in the hottest weather isn't it. This hot weather doesn't help as the gardens call most of my stitchers to go and play. Thank you for the help making a bit of shelf space during my Bitty Bolt Bonanza, my shop looks a bit tidier again now. 

New fabrics arrived, not the best picture but they are on display with all Fat Quarters ready for picking! Like strawberries!
Enough waffling...
I'll be back later with a little Quilty Quarters update. I'm playing with scraps again... I drive my very own self nuts with the inability to waste fabric scraps!!!

Monday 12 July 2021

Stitching News


Princess Jackie came to make her duckie sandwich. She made a lovely backing to complement the front. You will be seeing that pretty soon I expect. This is such a cute quilt design with quite a few little personalised details for the cricketer it will be gifted to.

Hilary Hat wanted to make an easy-ish baby gifting quilt. The recipients like cats and Hilary loves bright colours so that was a simple sort out. The rail fence design for the top was ready lick-etty-split so Hilary came back to choose some border fabric.

Our Pam finished the second gifting pillow with more fabulous zig-zaggy quilting, which is perfect for the dinosaur design, me thinks. Both of Pam's cushions have now been gifted and the new Granny is super chuffed with them.

Shirley came to make her quilt sandwich. This is her first quilt sized quilt...  a table runner and a couple of cushions were great practice pieces. But Shirley also has a new Juki DX 7 so it shouldn't be too much of a tricky task.

In my shop.
The Bitty Bolt Bonanza will continue this week. Empty a bolt to receive 10% discount off the whole fabric piece price.
The Kids Quilts patterns will still have 25% off the marked price and I'm happy to help you choose the fabrics if you would like to kit up your project.

I have made a final decision on the Annual Pilgrimage trip to the Festival Of Quilts for this year.
The coach has been cancelled and re-booked for 2022. I'm sorry for those few who will be disappointed. There was no hope of filling the coach with enough people. The tickets are non-refundable. You need to have had 2 vaccinations and a negative Covid test on top...  All adding up to too much financial risk.
I've waited and pondered the whole thing but it's too close now and I still don't know whether I, me, my very own self, will go.

The Sunday Funday Sewday booked for Sunday 22nd of August is now fully booked and I have a waiting list in place, so it looks like we are all eager to get back to safe social sewing.

Monday 5 July 2021

Bitty Bolt Bonanza

Apparently, "I have too much fabric for you to choose from." 
It's said so many times whilst you're pondering your projects, ha!
I am trying to get to grips with my stock. 
Every year I promise to try, but it never works.
I have quite a few bitty bolts with not much fabric left on them. Each bolt that you choose to empty gives me at least one inch of space on a shelf.
Starting tomorrow, until panic sets in (and you know I panic when I sell too much fabric!!)  
When you Empty a fabric bolt, I will take off 10% from the cost of your fabric piece. 
While I'm being brave... I have an abundance of patterns on special offer too.

Lots of Kids Quilts Patterns, many different designs, with a saving of 25% each.
I have a few 'Sew Me Something' dressmaking patterns left with 10% off.
I'll give 10% off of my quilt hangers. Sizes ranging from a very cute 3" to about 12"

Would you like to buy a little (or large) piece of fabric? or a pattern? 
Something lovely that you had no idea you might need?
You might find something perfect for your projects or for your stash cupboard or fabric drawer, or just because!
I will wait for you to come.