Thursday 30 September 2010

Caverswall Village Hall

Diane finished her 12" Ohio Star block, bordered it and sandwiched it ready to be quilted. She'll make another with the fabrics in a different order, then both will be joined to make a double sided kiddie cushion.
Annie made her log cabin quilt a while ago. She's been pondering how to quilt it. When it was laid out on the table, we all thought it looked like a map... so as the blue-ish dots looked like the ocean, Annie is quilting boats... Love it!

Lacey Anne finished her Bento Boxers, made this fabulous pieced backing and sandwiched... now to quilt... finished next week maybe? )I'm a BIG fan of pieced backing!)
Chris has decided to make a table runner, she had printed off the instructions from t'internet and they were a little different to mine... confused me sufficiently... but Chris knew what she was doing!
Mum was working on her Lilly's Colours quilt. She got all of the rows stitched together by the end of the day.. I feel a sandwich coming on here!
Joan The Shop had finished enough Daizies to complete the centre of her quilt. She needs about 50 of the 6" blocks now , to do the borders... keep up the good work now Joan!
Irene also started a quick table runner, not at all Christmassy which is brilliant... she can use hers immediately!
Gilly's blocks are coming on very nicely... I think that thin cream border had made the blocks extra blooming lovely (don't worry about my grammar, I don't!)
Foxy Margaret is not a beginner in patchwork, but would you believe it... she decided to make a Railfence quilt, lap size for a lovely friend! Good old Railfence... this time with 4 strips per set.

Please remember that we cannot have our lovely Caverswall Village Hall next Wednesday, 6th October NO QUILT MEETING... you have to stay home and sew... oh... wait a moment... you could come on Friday 8th instead!!!

Wednesday 29 September 2010

Uttoxeter Quilt Class

So, who says we have to use the traditional Christmas Tree green for a Christmas Tree quilt? Jenni has chosen a brighter option and it is looking fabulous. She used the Bernina blanket stitch to applique the pieces and I have to say... she did a most brilliant job of it... whilst stitching Jenni was super quiet, it was like she had gone off into another world... concentrating is so good for the soul!
Gillian finished off her two Christmas Tree wall hangings, binding, hanging sleeves etc. She has been busy making up 36 x 12 1/2"  Churndash blocks, she just needs to find 'just the right fabric' for her sashing.
Lizzie was quilting her blue and white sofa throw and AJ started cutting strips for a bright purple Pineapple Blossom quilt.  Sorry there aren't any photos to share.... next time I will try harder to remember to take some, he he he.
We meet again next Tuesday, 5th October, 10am - 3pm.

Monday 27 September 2010

Portuguese Tiles

There's something to be said about an 'all over' quilting design... it's way faster to do than to quilt each block based on it's pieced design... When I started my Portuguese Tiles I had no idea I would still be quilting it this many hours down the line... still, only six blocks to go now, followed by a border design ... I guess this could be called 'the home straight'....
I'm still not getting on with this new posting system from Blogger, judging by my emails, lots of you agree with me... I hope they give it up and revert back... Though I must confess, 'twas I who took the blurred photos, he he he, I can't blame Blogger for that!

Saturday 25 September 2010

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Lauren is back from her travels and is back to work on her very bright project, it's an "Invent-as-you-go"... love them! The black sashing is a great addition, this top was almost done by the end of the day.
Barbie wanted to start something new, she brought it lots of fabric combinations so we had lots to choose from. She's going to make a Chunky Churndash quilt... but first... A Pineapple Blossom, that yellow you see is more of a mustard colour really... This is one of my many favourites from Quiltville
Dotty Maureen is working on her Shakespeare In The Park, she changed her mind about one of the fabrics in a star block, which is easy... she just made more stars!.. the fiddly bit now is that she is cutting all the little pieces down to make other, smaller stars for the border... this lady has a lot , A LOT, of patience!

Helen is on track to finish her commission quilts, she was heard many times grumbling about the gold thread... it kept shredding and breaking. I did find a burr on the needle one time, so we changed it. Then we found lumpy irregular bits on the thread, so that didn't help... I don't think Helen will use gold thread EVER again after this....
Ann joined us for the first time, she's already a quilter so no beginner Railfence was needed.... curiously though, she was working with the Railfence design anyway! That's how you make the stripey bits here.... fantastic colours that had me glued to Ann's progress... The design (which is not too obvious here) happens all by it's very own self....very clever.... it's a great design to use when you have a large print that you don't want to cut up... oooooh now, how many of those do I have????
Barbie brought in her Split Hearts quilt, the one she finished last week, to show us this fantastic quirky label... very funny eh, and original too boot. Sylvia is absolutely thrilled with her new quilt!

I wish the Blogger people hadn't changed things... sorry but things are wonky folks.. photos too small, writing horrible colours.... this will have to do for now...

Friday 24 September 2010

Quilty Quarters

I've been practicing some new to me, quilty designs... just two for you to see... It's Caverswall Quilt Cave today so I'm a little short on time... and time is needed to post today because.....
Blogger has changed the way we have to post stuff... I wish they hadn't... it's all a bit beyond me! I was so used to the other way... now I have to learn stuff... moving photos etc.... keep up... I will get it soon enough ....

Thursday 23 September 2010

A Quilty Announcement

There's a Quilter's Guild of the British Isles event
It's the
Warwickshire Quilters' Area Day on Saturday 2nd October... here's the advert
10.00am - 4.00pm
Guest speaker -
Effie Galletly (click to see her work)
Quilt Exhibits, Traders, Demonstrations, Refreshments, Raffle Quilt...
Please bring your own lunch and sewing kit for mini workshops

Admission - £7 Quilt Guild members: £10 for none members
Or save with advanced tickets at £6 and £9
Venue: Kenilworth Methodist Church, Priory Road, Kenilworth, CV8 1LQ

Dotty and I are going... do you live near us? Do you want to come too? We can car pool.
These Quilty days are very much fun... as I find most quilty days are....
So.... Let's make a plan? my email address is

Wednesday 22 September 2010

Caverswall Quilt Cave

Joan The Shop is going to make her Jennie Rayment project into a cushion. It's going to have a purple inner border followed by a stunning custard-y yellow fabric... I know it sounds awful... just wait till you see it!
Irene is on the home straight with her second Jennie project, Twitch Twiddle & Tweak, I think it was called... she will be an expert soon eh....

Annie made a sandwich... woooo hooooo. After much considering and quite a few 'cuppa teas' she decided to try this star design.. it's going to look great.. hope you can see the quilting, click and get closer?
Shirley Lerly and her daughter Lizy are both making this popular Christmas tree, "sticky stuffing" the pieces onto the background gives instant gratification... now to applique it all with fabulous gold thread... 'twill be impressive me thinks.... both of them!
Joan The Shop only has a few more 6" Daizie blocks to make now, all for the borders... these little ones seem to take forever to put together... but well worth the effort and fiddle.
This makes me smile... Bento Boxers! Lacey Anne has been busy with applique adding interest to a few of the filler blocks, again... please click on the picture for a closer look....
Arty Beryl quilted a whole lap size quilt today... once she finished that she continued to work on her Christmas stockings... believe me... she will be ready in plenty of time... and they are gorgeous! She loves playing with the fancy stitches.
Gilly has changed tactics a little bit... in place of making one block at a time she's going to work on all of the blocks at the same time... once all the centres have their first border, she will move on to the next 'job'... I like to work this way too... it helps with accuracy I find... though it may very well not work for you.... we're allowed to be different eh!
Helen is on target to complete her commission quilts in time.. just three more weeks to the deadline. She had a bit of a fight with the gold thread but was rescued by Lacey Ann, who had some of a better quality to share.
Chris is back to making these lovely blocks for her Tennessee Waltz wedding quilt... just as well as there are only eleven months to go before it has to be finished....
There were other things going on too, but with my Mum away on holiday, (it's her birthday today!) I don't seem to have pictures of every one's work... no matter, there's already lots here to inspire you isn't there.

We meet again in Caverswall Village Hall on Friday 24th, 10am - 3pm. My shop will be open too so if you need anything, like wadding or thread, pop in... kettle corner will be happy to see you.
Oh, I know my photos are all smaller than usual, there was a box to tick but I missed it..... if you click on the pictures though, they grow so you can see everything in better detail

Uttoxeter Quilt Class

Lizzie added borders and after a quick visit to the Craft Locker, to buy the backing, she was able to make a sandwich, she'll quilt it at home starting with stabilising each block on the sashing lines.
Jenni's project for the day was a Christmas tree wall hanging... this cutey is proving to be very popular with my ladies... even Shirley Lerly popped in to get the fabric requirements....
Jenni brought in her real Amish quilt to show us. She bought it from Amish ladies in Pennsylvania a few years ago, the hand quilting is lovely. Jenni says she never tires of looking at it.
Lizzie made more Ohio Star blocks, she has 24 in total now and she has decided they will need sashing, I guess we will go to the Craft Locker again next class... it's only a one minute walk from the Bank House... very convenient!
We had a new lady join us, Pat. She brought in lots, and I mean lots, of embroidered things.. tray cloths, table cloths, handkerchiefs, cushion covers and pillow cases. her mother had embroidered most of them, some when she was 90 years old. So, Pat wanted to make a quilt out of them.... first to add a little starch, these fabrics are very soft... then we started cutting... it's going to look so lovely.... there's lots more cutting to do yet though... then we will plan the layout.. maths ewwwwww!

We meet again at The Bank House, next Tuesday, 28th September, 10am - 3pm, there'll only be one spare place for that meeting.

Tuesday 21 September 2010

Round Robins Revealed

I went to the Alton quilter meeting yesterday and it was our 'reveal day' for our Round Robin projects, and here they are, in no particular order...staring with mine....
Every one completely different. These kind of projects are so much fun to do.

I've just noticed that there is one missing, not sure how that happened... belonging to Carol.. I'll get a picture of it next time..

Monday 20 September 2010

Portuguese Tiles

Its quite difficult to see where I've quilted, I guess if you click on the picture you might see more... the areas with no pins are quilted bits... so, I flipped it over to the back for you, it's quite obvious where the quilting is now... but this is just the blue thread and the yellow thread... there's more blue to be done and then I shall start on the white bits... each block has a different design, some are stitched following the piecing, some with shadow quilting, choosing how to quilt each one is time consuming... a cuppa tea for every decision, tee hee....

Sunday 19 September 2010

Rocheberie Schoolhouse Quilters

As usual, it was a fabulous day with the Rocheberie Schoolhouse Quilters... they really know how to organise a fabulous quilty day. Ferret was the speaker but she asked us not to use photographs of her quilts on t'internet unless we can do 'low resolution'... I don't even know what that means, let alone how to do it, so I better not post any. Fair to say though..... she was a very good, clear speaker... amusing, very... very... and a bit more 'very' talented and inspiring free-motion quilter .... just how we like 'em! wonderful lecture.
So I share with you a few pictures of my favourite bit of the day... "Show & Tell".... It's great how the Rocheberie ladies handle Show & Tell actually... there's a couple of lovely ladies who hold up the quilts at the front of the room....
... then the maker of each one shouts up... "that one is mine" followed by a brief explanation about it, any story behind the making of it and they tell us who the quilt is for... lots are for the Linus project
... some are from workshops, some are their own designs.....
There are loads too... all very inspiring... it remains my favourite part of quilty gatherings... I love to see what other people are up to, don't you?