Tuesday 28 August 2018

T-Shirt Commission Quilt

Last, last March, yes 2017, I received a box of running shirts with a request to make another T-Shirt sofa throw quilt for a lovely chap in Portugal, I've made a few quilts for him in the past.
I chopped up the T-shirts one Sunday Sew Day.
Got the interfacing ironed on on another couple of Sunday afternoons... but I hadn't found time to progress any further, until now... because I needed to spread out the blocks to get them to fit, with all the different sizes. 
I stayed until 7.30pm on Saturday to play with block placement...
Being able to use lots of tables helped...
My lovely shop was closed on Bank Holiday Monday 
So, I went there for the whole, whole, whole day, to use the table space.
Not only is the top done.... I made a sandwich too!!
So now I will get on to the quilting... It's 58 inches wide and 84 inches long.
Hope you enjoyed your Long Weekend?

Saturday 25 August 2018

Stitching News

All Day Di chose these lovely colours from my beautiful Batik fabric selection... making a bright and breezy, absolutely fabulous, almost finished Toe Bag !!! 

New Sue's Penguin blocks are almost finished.
An extremely cute design from my Elizabeth Hartman pattern selection.

Carol decided to play with her fancy stitches to quilt her Unicorn's mane... a diamond repeating pattern that Carol elongated to achieve the diamondy-longy shapes. A wonderful coloured thread from Superior's Rainbow selection. 

Susan's done all the easy sewing to get her strip sets sorted... now comes the tricky job of adding the sashing, being really careful lining up the short sashings... not for the faint hearted!

Gail was making a cushion, one cushion... when she realised she had cut too many bits out, she decided to make two cushions... nothing wrong in that eh!

Princess Jackie has decided to practice her piecing skills.
Just because she wants to, like pleasing her very own self!!
Lovely bright colours make these blocks look very 'Jackie' don't they.

Friday 24 August 2018

Fabulous And Finished

PM Pam had been gifted these fabrics. They are not quite Pam's 'cup of tea' so she decided to make this quilt to donate to the Refuge we have been helping recently. Its still fabulous and, of course it's finished, toot toot toot.

New Sue is next up for a toot toot fanfare for her fabulous and finished gifting quilt... A Batik Beauty, most of the Batiks are from my very own, and rather wonderful shop. Complete with faux piped binding which gives a perfect little pop of colour on the borders. It's been made to be used as a wall hanging...

This is the back with the hanging sleeve already stitched in place.
We get to see the fabulous quilting better from the back.
There must be a label somewhere?

Monday 20 August 2018

Bank Holiday Weekend

Angie's Patchwork and Quilting Shop, 
3 Queen Street, 
Cheadle in Staffordshire, 
ST10 1BQ...

Open as normal on Saturday 25th August

Closed on Sunday and Monday 27th
Open as normal on Tuesday 28 August.
Yeeeeha for Bank Holidays!
A longish weekend for me maybe do a little stitching for my very own self!!

Last August Bank holiday weekend, a whole year ago, I sandwiched this quilt... 
Would you believe that it is still hanging over my banister waiting for me to finish quilting it!!
Anyway...as always I have lots of sewing plans for the extra day off... but the garden has to be done and the house-y chores and and and!!

Wednesday 15 August 2018

Stitching News

Beryl, who in the beginning wasn't sure whether she wanted to make quilts, proudly held up her fabulous and finished lap sized quilt and declared that 'they' were decorating her new sewing room!!! Toot toot toot Beryl, welcome to the wonderful dark side! xx

An opportunity cropped up for Gail to sandwich her almost 3 mile long Santa Table Runner. She got it taped and pinned licketty-split too. 

Wow... Gail again with her fabulous and finished Twister Heart gifting cushion.
Toot toot toot Gail

She insisted I show you her perfectly sewn in Zip flap too.
It's the easiest method. Find a tutorial by clicking on the tab at the top of my blog.

Princess Jackie is up for a toot toot toot fanfare for this fabulous and finished baby play mat... so cute and rather delightful! Not every finished quilt has matching shoes either!!  ha ha ha

This is also Princess Jackie's, she says Gail was racing her to get it finished first.
But Gail made and finished two cushions already... come on Jackie!

PM Pam got her very own self all distracted by the wonderful Unicorn blocks that people are making, she couldn't wait to get started on her very own project.... No pointy head bit on this fellow though, he will be a Rainbow maned horse. Watch this space...

Monday 13 August 2018

Hello There....

We have had such a lot of things happen this last week!!!
I've had scaffolding up and in the way of parking, because my Landlady has treated us to a new, highly insulated, roof on my lovely shop!! She's trying to help me keep people warm in the winter months and cooler-ish in the summer. Let's hope it works.

My goodness we have been busy in the shop this week!
Lot's of new customers taking full advantage of my EXCELLENT customer service. It's so much fun helping people choose fabrics that they didn't even know they liked or wanted, he he he.

Yesterday 42  of us enjoyed our Annual Pilgrimage to the Festival Of Quilts at the NEC in Birmingham. Lot's of new sewing machines, all Juki but different ones, were purchased, not to mention sewing machine tables, cabinets and Quilting Frames (watch this space). This next week or so, there will be a lot of deliveries!
After a fabulous and inspiring day of dingling around quilts and shop/stalls, heavily laden with bags of goodies, all the ladies trundled back onto the coach trying to fool me that they hadn't purchased much at all.... I had to turn a blind eye but, no doubt there will be a few confessions in the next few days!

There's been house selling, house moving, baby birthing, illness and life's family complications and joys and even a wedding... We might be heading for a "Stop the World, we need to get off" situation

Aha, that will happen in September, thank goodness for our wonderful Sewing Retreats!!!

Wednesday 8 August 2018

Stitching News

Judy came to make her quilt sandwich. We discussed lots of possibilities for her quilting, even the idea of Big Stitch with Presencia Perle Cotton, my favourite method for hand quilting. The pattern is the Gypsy Wife from Jen Kingwell.

Sue made her quilt sandwich too. There's a baby coming soon so she wanted a quick finish. By buying a panel she cut out all of the piecing time and moves strait to the quilting bit. Fun. 

Angela (yes there is another one!) came to the Bunting Cushion workshop last weekend. She's done her homework... which was to finish the applique stitching and to sew the binding on. It's time for a toot toot toot fanfare for a fabulous and finished project.

Kate collected her beautiful and huge quilt from the long Arm Lady, Amanda. She made three miles of binding and got it all stitched on but set aside the job of hand stitching for now. 

Norma is making cushions ready for gifting during Sewing Prevention Season which approaching far too quickly!!  She really enjoyed making the Railfence blocks. Each cushion will be different.

Just Edna wanted to use her leftover curtain fabric to make co-ordinating sofa cushions and, luckily, I had just the right fabric for backs. The covered zipped backings look great don't they

Susan is using this Tilda pattern to make a very special, gifting quilt. We laid the little diamond blocks out to decide placement then Susan cracked on with the block trimming, lots of block trimming!

Louise Merlot is super chuffed with her Unicorn block. She decided to use beautiful, brightly coloured Batik fabric for the Unicorn's magical mane. Louise will make more Unicorns and they will be made into a quilt.

Our Carol also chose to use a beautiful Batik for her Unicorn... using the rich, dark blue for the background makes the bright colours 'pop'. This block will be finished as a large cushion.

Rose is very happy with how her top turned out. She didn't want to stick to the pattern's instructions so had to make another plan. There had been much pondering and playing with colour and fabrics... a huge success I think you will agree.

Queenie played with my fabulous selection of Beautiful Batiks deciding on her borders. She started with purple-y colours then decided on neutral... with a tiny pop of green measuring only a quarter inch! Perfect me thinks.

Friday 3 August 2018

Stitching News, In Brief!

Lady Judith's Crown Of Thorns blocks.. dramatic!
Rose is 'inventing' filler blocks for her Stag quilt

Krafty Karen is buzzzzy with her Bee blocks

My Mum Gwynneth made some coasters from my new fabric.

Carol made this fabulous little carry all bag, a ByAnnie pattern

It's full of happy making things, very full!

I spy play mat made with a Six Pack x 30
Made to be gifted to a baby girl

I spy play mat made with a Six Pack x 30
Made to be gifted to a surprise baby, It was a boy!