Tuesday 26 June 2018

Saturday 30 June

We have another treat for this coming Saturday.
Crochet For All including Beginners.
You don't have to be a beginner to come, of course.
Lynda is on hand to help you with any kind of crochet.
I seem to be a permanent beginner, I can't get the hang of counting. I will persist!
Social Stitching is a great tonic.
If you prefer knitting, that's OK too.
If you would like to join us we start at 10am, Just call to book your place.

Monday 25 June 2018

Stitching News

Princess Jackie has so much patience... this design has a lotly-lot of little circles and teeny-tiny curves. Her Juki DX 7 has the fabulous hover foot luxury and it's up and down with every stitch. Such a beautiful piece of work... as always from Jackie. 

Fran finished her Woodpecker cushion. The base/background is all made of woven wool fabric, as is the stem. The Woodpecker and leaves are cotton fabrics... is he a smart fellow!!! Toot toot toot Fran Cupcake, a fabulous and finished Cushion... I hope you will keep this one for your very own self.

I got to babysit Our Little Faye while Lilly sewed the afternoon away. When I say sewed, I mean planned and cut out the letters, it took a longer time because there were so many things to say... the sewing was done another day... but the project was finished just in the nick of time!

Gail was stitching her Santas... We are all cringing a bit these days as we know it's time to get on to our festive projects if we want them finished for Sewing Prevention Season. What a great background I chose to show you Gail's festive table runner!!!

Queen Jacqui continued to work on her applique flowery project in beautiful Batik fabrics... this is a pile of blocks put as they are for my picture, it's not the setting for the project.

Sister Sue and Fiona Too are both making a gifting project... a set of table mats that will all be different but the same size... how very quirky... I love quirky! The ladies decided to learn how to mitre their borders, another skill conquered.

As I mentioned... It's a great idea to start on Festive projects, so I've started to add the theme to my workshop calendar. This Festive Cushion has been re-named with Bunting Cushion ... you can write Happy Birthday or Congratulations, or Welcome Baby/New home... whatever you want... you don't have to write anything at all... Bunting is enough and it's bang on trend!

Thursday 21 June 2018

Stitching News

Josie finished her hand quilting. She's done Big Stitch Quilting with the wonderful Presencia #8 Perle cotton thread... I might have mentioned before... It's my favourite!

We're not technically ready for a toot toot toot fanfare, the binding isn't quite finished... almost there though, but I wanted you to see how fabulous the back of Josie's quilt is. All the Hexagon leftovers were used.

This is a toot toot tooter.... or rather hoot hoot hooter!!! ha ha ha
A fabulous and finished, Woven wool fabric owl cushion... take a look at the lovely Hand done Blanket Stitch on Rose's cushion... What a lovely way to finish eh?

Our Carol was pondering whether to have this beauty Long Arm quilted. But now, finally, Carol has decided to do it all by her very own self... good for her!! A sandwich has been made so... now she just has to get on with it... or is she going to wait for my fabulous new and huge Juki demo machine to play on?

Farmer Lynda finished her bias strips so she moved on to cutting out all the birds with their quirky little poses. They got stuck on too, ready for a little Blanket Stitch attention.

Monday Sheila used another of my Angie's Six Packs. 42 x 6" squares all accurately cut for you. Like a Charm Pack but not a Charm Pack! We hadn't thought to put them in an On-Point setting before... Loving this!

Busy days folks... I'm not remembering (which is like forgetting) to take pictures! Sorry-ish
I love it when we are busy!

Little reminder now...
It's a Sunday Sewing Patchwork Party on 1st July so if you are coming you will need to have paid by Saturday as I confirm the numbers for the caterer on Monday. We are up to 26 Stitchers so far!

Wednesday 13 June 2018

Stitching News

Kate finished this big and beautiful quilt top, it's one of her gifting projects. She's decided to have it professionally done by a Long Arm Quilter. So the day was spent piecing a fabulous and co-ordinating backing.

Monday Sheila arrived with two Layer Cakes and a plan to make a gifting quilt in a hurry... she didn't want complicated. We laid out the 10" squares to get a good mix and before we knew it... it was border time... Sheila sews fast!! The blocks didn't stay in the right order... but do they ever!!

Lou Lou finished her second baby gifting quilt top and was able to make a little sandwich. This quilt has become a priority now as Baby arrived already... It just needs simply quilting, no need to complicate matters.

Monday Sheila finished two quilt tops. The layer cake one above and this baby play mat sized one... So now she has two sandwiches to make and get quilted... if she hasn't finished them already that is! 5 strips of fabric to a quilt top... Lick-etty-split!

Toot toot toot time.... Annbacan finished her fabulous festive table runner... I hope you get an idea of how long it is from this picture?  It's been embellished with little doo-dads too. Made for a giant table and I'm sure it will look great.

Gail added a few more quilted shapes and just has the ends to tie of and thread through before we can toot for this lovely little gifting quilt. It's a perfect baby play mat size... 

Rose finished her cushion front... have a closer look if you can, she's added a few wonderful little hand stitched details using a lovely grey Presencia Perle cotton, size 8... my favourite!

New Sue has finished her quilt top too, it's going to be a wall hanging. She used beautiful Batik fabrics for both background and flowers, always a winner. So, that's another sandwich needed... Sue's booked in for our next Sandwich Saturday but there's a holiday to survive first!

Taa-daaa, PM Pam also finished a quilt top. This was one of the projects Pam was working on during our wonderful Westhope retreat recently. Bright and beautiful Batiks... such a happy project. Pam's going to make a spectacular backing with the leftovers.

Sunday 10 June 2018

Wearable Sewing Workshop

A wearable sewing workshop for those who have never even looked at a pattern, let alone make anything to wear....
Carol got them all through it!! From measuring all the lumps and bumps and the bits that go in and out.... we all have them!
Ladies in lovely Cotton T-Shirts all had a great day.

Some need a little extra time to finish hems but, all in all.... don't they look smart!
Thank You for teaching the workshop Miss Carol.

Saturday 9 June 2018

Stitching News

Sporty Sue left her sewing machine at home... She spent her Friday Quilt Club time hand piecing Hexagons for a gifting project

Kate has another 47 or so 10" Orange Peel blocks to applique... we are all watching with great interest as this project comes together. It's all for a giant gifting project.

We have a few quilters making this Twisted Heart cushion now... isn't it great how we inspire each other with what goes on in classes... Whether it's a design or a fabulous collection of fabrics or the wonderful colour combinations. This particular Twister Heart is Princess Jackie's. 

Woven wool, I think... A few ladies purchased small kits to play with this luxurious fabric. There were many birds to choose from and the most popular was the Owl. This owl is Rose's. He's about to be pooooophed... with wadding.

Queen Jacquie is ever so chuffed with her blanket stitching now... She's been collecting top tips and practicing with them to see which ones work for her... I am smugly happy to say that my 'top tip' about grazing your knees worked very well!

PM Pam finished all the block components with her beautiful Batik fabrics and has now started to stitch them together in to large blocks. These colours are all scrumptious aren't they.

Sadly (for you, not me) the perfect purple camera had no other pictures.
It's been another busy ol' week in my little classroom... Lots of folks needing help and guidance with their stitching and cutting and planning and plotting so I quite forget about taking photos. You will just have to pop in more often to see what's going on... if you live close enough of course.... I am aware of how many of you are just too far away.
Thank you for reading my blog by the way... I'm not sure blogs are all that popular now what with all the other means of sharing our stitching pictures. Personally, I love a quilty project blog.

Thursday 7 June 2018

Fabulous And Finished

Inspired for colour choices by the rainbow design on her fabric, PM Pam made this lovely bright gifting quilt. It's a wonky 9 patch design on purpose!! Piano Key borders to finish...

Then the back was made to co-ordinate... Rainbow stripes!
It's a fabulous and finished quilt, all ready for gifting with time to spare...
Toot toot toot Pam

This is a rubbish photo, it doesn't do justice to the colours in this second tootable quilt of Pam's. The quilt was held facing the sunny day window so it's bleached out my picture, how rude!

This is the back of PM Pam's Fabulous and finished kiddie play mat, what fun eh!!
Toot toot toot-etty-toot Pam. Your lucky gift receivers will love your quilts.

New Sue finished her Twister Heart Cushion. She free-motion quilted in the pink bits with lovely curvy lines and got the walking foot back on for the purple bits... which are quilted with straighter lines. Toot toot toot Sue.

This lovely Heart Cushion has also been made for gifting. It belongs to Rose... at least is does until she gifts it. A very sweet cushion don't you think?

Zooming in a little closer to this detail... aren't those little kisses adorable!!
Toot toot toot Rose, You've made another fabulous fand finished beauty

Tuesday 5 June 2018

Wearable Sewing Workshop

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On Saturday June 9th we have a great workshop....
 Wearable Sewing with Our Carol. 
Suitable for a beginner. 
Make a simple top using a commercial pattern.
Learn what all the markings are for and how to use them
10am - 4pm £35.00 plus fabric

Friday 1 June 2018

Stitching News

Here's an opportunity to dust off the trumpets... Toot toot toot time for Roses fabulous and finished lap quilt. Such a lot of cute things and little details... Complete with beautifully stitched Faux Piped Binding. Rose made this quilt for gifting to a special lady, who is sure will love it.

My Mum Gwynneth was going to make this quilt in sections, like apartment quilting, but then changed her mind and got the whole top stitched together... There's been a big sandwich made now... simple shadow quilting along the rails shouldn't be too tricky, not too much quilt turning? 

I've been repeatedly asked for a picture of you know who...
This is where all the sewing time has been going.
She's loving her quilt though, one of her quilts that is, ha ha ha
It's a little gem... Faye is lovely too!