Monday, 25 June 2018

Stitching News

Princess Jackie has so much patience... this design has a lotly-lot of little circles and teeny-tiny curves. Her Juki DX 7 has the fabulous hover foot luxury and it's up and down with every stitch. Such a beautiful piece of work... as always from Jackie. 

Fran finished her Woodpecker cushion. The base/background is all made of woven wool fabric, as is the stem. The Woodpecker and leaves are cotton fabrics... is he a smart fellow!!! Toot toot toot Fran Cupcake, a fabulous and finished Cushion... I hope you will keep this one for your very own self.

I got to babysit Our Little Faye while Lilly sewed the afternoon away. When I say sewed, I mean planned and cut out the letters, it took a longer time because there were so many things to say... the sewing was done another day... but the project was finished just in the nick of time!

Gail was stitching her Santas... We are all cringing a bit these days as we know it's time to get on to our festive projects if we want them finished for Sewing Prevention Season. What a great background I chose to show you Gail's festive table runner!!!

Queen Jacqui continued to work on her applique flowery project in beautiful Batik fabrics... this is a pile of blocks put as they are for my picture, it's not the setting for the project.

Sister Sue and Fiona Too are both making a gifting project... a set of table mats that will all be different but the same size... how very quirky... I love quirky! The ladies decided to learn how to mitre their borders, another skill conquered.

As I mentioned... It's a great idea to start on Festive projects, so I've started to add the theme to my workshop calendar. This Festive Cushion has been re-named with Bunting Cushion ... you can write Happy Birthday or Congratulations, or Welcome Baby/New home... whatever you want... you don't have to write anything at all... Bunting is enough and it's bang on trend!

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