Friday 29 July 2022

Stitching News

Lets start off with a fanfare
Another beautiful gifting quilt made by Jackie. I think it is safe to say the little recipient will be a girl... Jackie has made this pattern before, it is SO CUTE!! Toot toot toot Jackie, a fabulous and finish 

Using up all the little bits on the back is very lovely. 
Can you make out the quilting. Jackie has a lot of patience.

New Sue has been working on this quilt top for quite a while... but it is now done! Getting all the centre Pin Wheels twirling the right way has been a bit of a challenge for her... probably missing class for too much golfing!!!

These blocks are part of Christabelle's longer term project. She has made so many lovely gifting quilts of late and this one is her 'in between-y'. Reverse applique too. It's an Ann Maria Horner pattern.

Rose put together her winter section in the year. 
There will be wintery embellishments added next, I heard talk of spiders and webs!

Gail has almost completed all of her Snail Trail blocks... 
Many Stars will be made next.

Jackie proudly held up a portion of her latest Lap quilt. She is enjoying piecing all the little bits together, it's a very different challenge to applique, and she's doing a great job.

 I now you can tell I am rushing.... but it is what it is.... 
Checkley Sunday Funday this weekend!!!
I'm off to open my shop now!

Sunday 24 July 2022

Stitching News

 Firstly, this is the last week for booking a place on our coach trip to Festival Of Quilts. I will be ordering the show tickets on 1st August. After that I might be able to fit you on the coach but you will have to sort out your own entrance tickets.

Rose spent her morning finishing off little details on her gifting project. It's been a very lovely make for Rose over the months, a real deep and meaningful Wall Hanging... The white areas with dog shapes will be finished with great skill and paints by someone else. 

Shirley wanted to make something simple... She's made several fabulous quilts recently, she's continuing with the quilting the Penguins quilt, we are excited to see that!!!  Making these few cushions is giving Shirley's brain, and shoulders, a rest.

Bev had all the stabilizing quilting done so was able to trim the crusts off her sandwich ready to add the binding. She's going to go back to do more detailed stitching without all the extra bulk on the edges, which will make it a bit easier.

Our PM Pam loves to do a simple project every now and again. They don't come much easier than a pre-printed panel... this Makower Christmas Cats is great as you can have two panels to make a good size quilt... purchase and sandwich... Lick-etty-Split!!!

I am still a bit lost in my knitting but I really will try not to touch it in my morning blogging time... that's if I remember to take any photos to share... I know!!! It gets worse!! ha ha ha

Last but not least.... Next Sunday 31st July is a Checkley Sunday Funday Sewday so if you plan on joining us, please contact me as soon as possibubble.

Messenger Bag Workshop

 I think I'm pretty safe in saying that the ladies enjoyed a lovely day. Carol kept everyone happy as they were bag making, most of the time at different stages... which is quite normal. We all work at different speeds. Each went home with an almost finished bag... here they are...

We will be adding another Messenger Bag Workshop date soon. 
If you want to book on to do it, email me and I'll give you first dibs as we only take 5 per workshop, so you receive the best help! As we haven't decided which date yet, we might even be able to let you choose the date!

Wednesday 20 July 2022

Stitching News

Busy busy busy... KNITTING again! I actually finished my project but it was too snug for my liking (bumpy bits) so I have unravelled it all and I am starting it all over again! So I may be slow blogging for a bit longer, ha ha ha Well it's not like it's important is it.

Pam is having go with improvisational piecing.
This Purple Cow, in one of my own books, inspired her, Pam not the cow!
It's a huge fun and quilt and Pam is now stitching improvisational letters... She won't mind me telling you that they are taxing her brain!

Bev finished all her applique stitching, good old blanket stitch... 

There was a brief spell with a space large enough for a quick sandwich making session, all hands on the job to get it done before the afternoon class arrived. It's great to have a little extra help. Bev spent the afternoon quilting with the walking foot.

Norma laid out her blocks and, after a little bit of remedial work we had all the blocks trimmed up and with a good layout, planned by Norma's Daughter It's looking good isn't it! 6 further blocks are needed. We decided to make more blocks to get it up to the required size, rather than adding huge borders

Thursday 14 July 2022

Stitching News

Pre-Printed quilt panels are great for practicing your quilting skills... no piecing to do, just a sandwich to make and away you go. They don't need a lot of quilting but if you go to town on it, boy does it pop the details... Christabelle quilted around every detail on this one, and now it's a fabulous and finished toot toot toot-a-bubble gifting quilt.

Princess Jackie has really enjoyed making this reading pillow. That there pocket is perfect for storing the current book of choice. There's a hidden zip too, we all know a kiddie reading pillow is destined to get grubby and need to be washed so that's very practical. Toot toot toot Jackie.

This is Rose's Autumn inspired panel. You can see she has nailed the curved piecing, there's applique, couching work and felted leaves... some liberated quilting and all... very artsy-fartsy eh!!

And Our Beano is still in full production mode... it's since she had Covid... a special and rare side affect? Let's hope it's the long version, ha! We laid out the blocks so Jean could make a list of which fabrics to use in the last few Log Cabin blocks.

I put a little reminder for you, at the top, right side of my blog, about our annual pilgrimage to the Festival Of Quilts. It really is time to pop in and pay for your seat if you will be joining us on the coach. The tickets need to be ordered soon... we get a discount for group bookings so for £35.00 you get taken there and back and you can enter, winner!

Wednesday 13 July 2022

Stitching News

Remember me?
I am re-learning how to knit so I keep using up all my morning blogging time knitting then, come the evenings, when I'm not working the bar, I forget to blog... no excuses that's all the real truth!
Since I started up the Social Stitching on Monday evenings I've been totally consumed by needles and yarn!
When I say knit... I seem to spend a lot of the knitting time un-knitting down to my mistakes, ha! But I do make splendid quilts... we can't be good at everything eh. Speaking of splendid quilts....

Susan finished her big bloomers quilt, sorry that's Big Blooms!! People are getting very clever with circular patterns aren't they?? This beauty is made up of Drunkards Path units... it's all about the fabric placement in this bouquet. Susan has been challenged in it's making but she got there....
And lookie here!!! She made binding that was just the right lengths of colour for them to line up with the flowers... I am super impressed, are you?
Toot toot toot Susan, It's a truly Fabulous Finish.

Monday 4 July 2022

Scrumptious Scraps

 A few pictures from the workshop on Saturday

I'll arrange this workshop again for later in the year... sooooo much fun!